Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stuff and things and shows

So today was the last day of my job. I got a little more emotional than I had anticipated I would. And now I am just sitting here pretty scared about this new job which starts tomorrow. I told you earlier it's a complete departure from what I'm doing now, and I know absolutely nothing so pretty much all I want to do is take my mommy with me and have her follow me around all day so if I get scared I can run to her and she can protect me. Think that would leave a pretty good impression? What-it's not like I would bring my blankie or anything. Hmm...I should bring my blankie.

Add this to the list of things to worry about: 6 die from brain-eating amoeba in lakes. Good Lord that's horrific.

Friday we went out for Meg's birthday. At dinner, Aloyd's and my cell phone totally had sex. Like the entire dinner and in lots of different positions. Turns out my phone is a complete slut. It wasn't without its tender moments, though, as they also cuddled and spooned for a while. Steph took a picture of some of the action and sent it to everybody.

Warning: This is not for small ones' eyes.

Cell phone! I am shocked! This is a family blog. If you're a family of drunks, that is.

Saturday we lost again at football, and Sharda finally came to a game to support us and then later made fun of us by saying that really all we do is stand around. We went to the bar afterwards, and Meg got stung by a bee then accidentally poured ice water all over my left leg and foot. Drew, upon seeing this happen, poured his beer all over my right leg. Saturday night was totally insane. Sharda and I went to Diane's house, and we watched two episodes of Three Sheets, an hour long episode of Unwrapped and then Sharda was like, "I'm going home and going to bed" and Diane and I were too passed out to stop her. It was wild. But did anyone watch SNL with Lebron James? The High School Musical skit was holy hilarious. We rewound it like 7 times.

Sunday we went to the Browns game and tailgated again, but I'm happy to announce no one ran into any parking meters. That's mostly because our friends Matt and Adrianne ran up to each one and covered them with their bodies so we could avoid them. Thanks for having our backs, guys.


The Office was so effing good. I am so so so happy about Pam and Jim. So so happy. Look how Pam is wearing her hair and dressing. She's in love. Yay! Kevin trying to figure out if they were dating was priceless. I couldn't believe he was hiding in his car at the end. "It's too bad they're not dating. They would be good together. They would go together like PB&J. Pam Beesly and Jim. What a waste."

I effing love that this show started off its entire season by having Michael hit Meredith with his car. I seriously can't deal with it because it's just too awesome. When Dwight said, "It's only Meredith." I lost my mind. Brilliant. Every single thing Creed did was amazing. Did you see how angry he was when Meredith didn't know what kind of painkillers she was on?

Oh God what about when Pam saw Michael naked. "I didn't see where it started, but I saw where it ended." YES. And then Jim with his shirt off, "Oh I'm sorry is this a working environment and not a French beach?"

"This is the face of rabies." When Darryl fed that squirrel a peanut, I pulled a muscle in my stomach. Then Michael pantsed Toby, and it was glorious.

Dwight. Cat. Freezer. So so sick and so so amazing.

There is way too much to mention here, but THANK GOD this show is back. I'll just say one more thing: Ryan: "I think I used to date a black girl."

Anyone else a tiny bit underwhelmed with the Grey's premiere? I know a couple of you left comments to that effect. I'm so utterly annoyed with the Izzie-George thing and with the fact that Bailey isn't chief that it was hard to get past it. Of course Izzie's interns hate her. Everyone hates her because she's horrible. Come on, Grey's-she spends the entire episode 1-being COMPLETELY obvious about George in front of everyone and 2-saving an effing deer? Are you kidding me? Lame. I think if they hadn't effed up her character so badly last year, I could think the deer thing was charming because in the first couple seasons that was her thing. She had a big heart and was goofy and did things like that. But last year she was so awful that when she spent all her time on the deer I was like, "Woman, you are the worst."

I'm glad they didn't for real break up Meredith and McDreamy. Oh my God his speech to McSteamy about how she has the right to be damaged and how he'll wait for her to come around was so amazing. Men like that just don't exist, and he completely lived up to and re-earned his McDreamy nickname.

Alex left the show looking hot and came back with facial hair and if we remember I am in my "beards are totally hot" phase right now so I was like whooooa mama. Hot hot hot. I liked his little moment with Christina, too.

Um...can your head actually be decapitated but still connected by skin like that? Is that for real? That is nasty.

Truthfully, this was a much more fun episode than the ones they ran almost the entire second half of last season so I appreciated that. I would like to get back to the funny. All in all I give this episode a B-. They really need to redeem Izzie's character. And I will need more McSteamy in future episodes.

Oh by the way I'm pretending that last scene where George went to Izzie's and said that didn't happen.

P.S. For those who asked, yes I watched Chuck. I loved it. It reminds me of all my computer dork lunch guys trying to save the world. Fantastic. And how cute is Chuck??


russ said...

Chuck looks like a poor man's Jimmy Fallon. That show lost me when the Firefly guy started working at the Buy More. Ugh.

Sassy Blondie said...

Yayy, Sarah! We share the same brain with the premieres. I was actually talking to the one cool person (okay, maybe the only cool person I actually like to talk to) at work about Creed from the episode.

Grey's? Izze=canceled. They need to get rid of her or turn it around...FAST.

And I loved Chuck! That's why I asked if you watched it. And he is kinda cute...reminds me a little of the Jim character in the office when he talks to some of the idiots around him.

Marti said...

OK, Grey's was MORE than a little sucktacular. The best part was McSteamy professing his undying guylove to McDreamy and them all but kissing and making up.
Izzie needs to leave the hospital. The rest of the new residents need to think about something other than themselves b/c Izzie WAS completely obvious and no one noticed. WHY did they make Callie such a bad character? She was so awesome when she first came on the scene. Whyyyyyyyyyyy?!
Internal decapitation can totally happen.
Chuck is pretty awesome. Adam Baldwin is made of win and Chuck himself is completely adoreable. He's no Hiro Nakamura, but I'd still pinch those cheeks. You can figure out for yourself which cheeks I mean.

As for The Office... I always expect that it can't get any better and that there's no way next week can compare, but then they go and make it better. Is there a limit? You tube has/had all sorts of bloopers and shtuff. Awesome.

CruiserMel said...

Man, I had to avoid your blog for a whole 2 weeks because I hadn't watched Grey's until this weekend! Whew.

I completely agree with you about Izzie and the damn deer-saving. Did they have zero storyline for her or what? Lamelamelamelame.

And yes, I do believe a person can totally sever their head from their spine without breaking the skin. Absolutely nasty, huh?