Friday, September 28, 2007

OMG I love television

I passed out on the couch and am super sleepy and don't feel good, but I promise show recaps/discussion are coming. Obviously I will work on them while I'm at work. All I have to say is re: Grey's, Izzie's a bitch and a flake and re: The Office, YAY!!! I am squealing with delight. For so many reasons. Also I had no idea how much I missed Creed. I mean I really, really didn't. (SPOILER ALERT) Um, he's 82. Okay that's for real all I'm saying for right now. I love you, television.


Johnny Virgil said...

creed kills me.

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly sure the whole 82 thing was a scam, but I don't know.... still, D K'ing S the C with AH's in the F was good, yes?

10 points for figuring that one out :D.

Mon said...

amen to that! its about time all the shows started up again! hollaaaaa! I was pretty disappointed in the Grey's premiere. And...heros. wtf?

Anonymous said...

yes - Izzie = biatch. That premiere did nothing for me. Nada. I dare say Grey's may have jumped shark. I am so unhappy with the integration of the new residents, Mere's sister, Callie as chief and Izzie/George saga.

Sassy Blondie said...

Grey's was okay, The Office was fabulous as usual. Grey's better get on with it, but I'm still having a hard time believing Izzie and George are all the sudden in love. She's stupid bitch!

Hey Sarah, did you catch Chuck? Looks to be a good show!

Sarah said...

Seriously, Chuck is awesome. Highly recommended.

I love the Office.

George and Izzie in love = lame.