Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Shirking my blogging duties

Saturday my friends and I came up with the best blog post idea ever. I was going to follow my friends around all day/night and write down all the funny quotes I overheard and put them all into one blog post. That lasted for about 10 minutes as I, shockingly, got way too drunk and started having D&Ms all over the party we were at. (D&Ms is Aloyd's term for "Deep and Meaningfuls" as in deep and meaningful conversations. But honestly how deep and meaningful can a conversation be about your favorite candy bar.)

I also got too busy listening to my friend Mike drunkenly explain to his girlfriend and Sharda, who grew up on cul de sacs, why people who grew up on cul de sacs were not well adjusted*. "It doesn't even have an end. You just keep going around and around." This conversation brought me to tears. Especially when he called them "cul de ball sacs".

So here is all I can present to you as far as quotes for the day:

"It's not about the ride. It's about the finish." - Drew, grossing me out by subsequently putting his arm around my sister and saying, "Yeah! You know!"

"You like married women. I like balls." - Steph to Aloyd

"The Blo Pop is 2/3 blo, 1/3 pop." - Aloyd

"I go after ribs." - Andy, Paul's 9 year old son after someone pointed out to him that his face was covered in barbecue sauce.

Clearly we were off to a good start. I'm sorry I couldn't finish the job. If it helps I was wearing a visor that lights up.

*Mike called Sharda the next day to assure her she was well adjusted which really just makes the whole thing funnier.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to be able to say you took the quote from me to Aloyd out of context, but you really didn't...that is what was said, verbatim.

I love Andy.


Anonymous said...

"You like married women. I like balls."

For. The. Win.