Friday, October 05, 2007

Godspeed. To both of us.

The blog has totally been neglected this week because I haven't been home and when I am home I'm exhausted from my new job. I should tell you guys what my new job is then you would understand. I train full time for this. You might remember me telling you that since I got my first Rubik's cube in the 80's, I already have one full side done. I quit my job so I could stay home and learn how to remove and reapply the stickers faster. You can't mess around at the World Championships, okay? I have to be able to change around the stickers without it being visible to the naked eye. My life will be meaningless if someone doesn't call me a speedcubist or a solution virtuoso after this is over.

I really shouldn't say that my life would be meaningless. I mean I still have my dancing:

P.S. I haven't watched Grey's yet, but, um, when Creed dyed his hair and called Ryan "bra" I swear I almost got in my car, drove out to LA and kissed all the writers full on the mouth.


Johnny Virgil said...

Also, your boys are back in town. Pretty good episode too.

ThatGirl7278 said...

I love Pam and Jim... but I can't help feeling sorry for Tobey!

Awwwww... poor Tobey.

"Well, let's just see."

Poor Tobey.

Carly said...

He dyed it with the PRINTER INK. It's so awesome.

Sassy Blondie said...

Creed!!! OMG I could have taken that trip with you, Sarah!

I love how Tobey kept putting Pam and Jim