Thursday, March 13, 2008

Isn't it moronic

I just saw some idiot step out of her car to get the mail and immediately slip and fall on her ass. What a douchebag. Oh wait. It was me.

My ass hurts.


Sizzle said...

Ha Ha Ha! Okay seriously don't mean to laugh at you but at first I was like, "Wow, that's kind of mean" and then I was like, "Wow that's totally fucking funny."

So like, are you okay? Seriously?

russ said...

On Sunday I decided the storm had passed and I didn't feel like going to all the trouble to put on my boots. So I slipped on some shoes and went outside and boy was that a mistake. First time I can recall a complete wipe out in ferever.

Stupid snow and ice.

Anonymous said...

Last week I fell in my work parking lot wearing a dress that went flying up in front of the CEO from NYC who is NEVER here.

I'm thinking that promotion is just days away.

Hope you didn't injure anything you need for your dance moves, because I'm ready to shake it tonight! -Steph

Idea #527 said...
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Idea #527 said...

My dad bought my grandpa some wire-like-stretchy things you put on the bottom of your shoes so you can have more traction. If you want me to find the exact name, let me know! :)

And if it makes you feel any better, my good friend from college emailed me last week and said "I wanted to let you know I was just thinking about you. I just looked out my window and saw someone bite it. And it totally made me realize I hadn't talked to you in awhile and that I miss you." A-hole. He is an a-hole.

urban princess said...

Ugh. I hate hate HATE falling. It scares me and makes me cry.

Off topic: I'm having to go back and reread all your posts that reference Lost because now I'm hooked and I need feedback and discussion on everything. I'm nearly done with Season 2 and am wary to admit that this show is like crack. Crack with hot, sexy, scruffy Sawyer.

Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, that was brilliant. I laughed out loud, scaring the crap out of Los Gatos.

russ said...

I blasted my head into a wall yesterday. Still have a small bump on my orbital arch.

I looked through a window into an office, got the wave to open the door, then didn't move my head over enough to get in the doorway. Rammed my face into the door jamb.


3carnations said...

I just fell a week or two ago. I slipped on the tiniest slab of ice, and I thought all the ice was gone.

When I first started reading the post, I thought "Wow, she's harsh." But you were talking about yourself. Heh.