Friday, March 07, 2008

Juliet should "Get Lost". See what I did there? Word play.

Spoilers ahead

So here's my problem with last night's episode. I still don't like Juliet all that much. Yeah she is a captive and everything just like them, but she still knows so effing much that she's not telling anyone, and it seriously pisses me off. So a whole episode of her was too much for me. Although it did manage to add even another layer of creepy to Ben: "You're mine"? Um...ew!

So Mr. Whidmore is the guy looking for Ben. I think a lot of us thought this might be the case, but obviously the reason he's looking for him isn't entirely clear. All Ben does is lie all the time so we can't take his word for it. How stupid is Locke by the way. I mean seriously. Ben plays him like a fiddle and gets him to do whatever he wants always-just like Locke's dad. It's a horrible pattern in Locke's life which I hate because I think Locke is so much stronger than he thinks he is. Also he's always on the edge of being totally batshit insane, and I want him to scare Ben because of that. It annoys the crap out of me that no one scares Ben. I hope by the end of the series we get to see Ben get his comeuppance. And I hope it's from either Jack or Locke. And if it's Jack I hope he's shirtless.

Speaking of Jack, how long must I endure he and Kate making out with other people instead of each other? Last night when he kissed Juliet, I almost puked. Are you kidding me, Lost writers? Fucking Juliet? She sucks! No. Just no.

I LOVE the idea that the Boat People are on the island to help our Losties wage a war with Ben. Love it so much. So how's about some answers, writers? Why are they after Ben? Seriously what is the squirrely scientist guy's story? Farrity? Is that his name? I need to know more about him immediately.

Looks like we're getting some Sun and Jin action next week. I'm so excited. I miss our original Losties. Claire got some love last night, but I was really hoping we'd get to see her questioning Miles. And seriously when will she find out that she and Jack are related? I can't take it anymore.

All in all another solid episode-just no more Juliet and Jack please. Ever again. It makes me homicidal.


A said...

I thought it was a great episode! And I need to know more about Faraday too and I'm dying to know what else Juliet knows about Ben and the Others.

I wonder if Jin and Sun will both get off the island? Or maybe just Sun will be part of the Six. Hopefully it will be her flash-forwards next week.

And does Penny know about her father's boat or not know about it? Is she playing Desmond or really looking for him???

Carly said...

That kiss had zeeeeero chemistry. It was like he was kissing his old grandmother with bad breath (sorry, Nana).

I read that after next weeks episde we'll be pretty sure who the O-6 are and by the end of the season we'll know who was in the coffin.

I think Penny's father is trying to find the island because he bought that journal at the auction. It was written by someone from that boat that's on the island. I don't think Penny is bad.

I read somewhere that Jack wasn't supposed to survive the first episode in the original draft of the overall story. So I think the MAIN love story of the entire series is Penny & Desmond.

I think the writers decided to keep Jack and added the Jack / Kate / Sawyer triangle because they're all pretty hot.

Definitely watch the re-run each week at 8PM, because they put all sorts of captions in that explain things or help you remember stuff.

teri said...

Remember at the end where Locke asked Ben who was his guy on the boat, and he told him he needed to sit down before he told him?? WHO is on the boat? Sayid? Walt? Michael?

and Faraday is the right name--we use CC because my husband's first language isn't English and he claims with all of the accents, he doesn't understand Jack. (Ha, get it--I can do it too!)

Anonymous said...

This helps me out a bit: Lostpedia. Wikipedia meets Lost.

... and of course the enhanced episodes. It would save me so much speculation if they just captioned the regular episodes with helpful hints.

I absolutely think it's Michael on the ship, and Juliet is a hottie.

Golightly said...

This season is kicking every other television's show ass. I love it. I think it' Michael as Ben's man on the boat but then again is that too obvious? b/c LOST writers like to shock you from left field. I cannot wait. Thursday nights are now my new fave

russ said...

Juliet + Jack = BS

Mon said...

Lost, um, couldn't love it more. I am sad the writers had to ruin this season and make it shorter. Maybe someone will make their stay on earth shorter. Sorry. I didn't say that.

More importantly, how'd you survive that snowstorm?