Friday, March 14, 2008

Maybe I'm taking the Party Party part too literally

Here's what I had planned for last night:

Dance Dance Party Party
Blog about Lost
Go to bed

Here's what actually happened:

Happy hour with martinis
Dance Dance Party Party
Back to the bar for more
Keith's house with John, Keith and Dan
Played Rock Band for 2.5 hours
Got home at 2am
Ate Saltines and passed out on couch

I have no idea what the hell happened. Wait yes I do-martinis and no dinner happened. Dammit, Sarah! You know better than to drink martinis on a week night!

Let me just say, I am struggling today. Struggling real bad. My head hurts, I'm dizzy, I'm so hungry my stomach is eating its own lining-in fact, it's possible I'm still drunk. I'm not exaggerating about that. Work should be fun today. I'll tell you what, though. It was totally worth it. If just for the fact that I found out that I am an awesome Rock Band drummer. Except for when John and Dan yell out what colors I'm supposed to be hitting. And also when Keith isn't rubbing his junk on my shoulder. And not when I'm on any level higher than Easy. But seriously I'm an awesome Easy level Rock Band drummer when there are no distractions.


Anonymous said...

Because of your attempt to recreate the Footloose somersalt in "Let's Hear it For the Boy" suggestion is you should always drink martinis before Dance Dance Party Party. It was amazing.

You were also a rockin' DJ last night for the dance party. Well done! -Steph

Mon said...

Funny how drinkin on a school night isnt so easier the older you get. Props for keepin it real. It aint easy bein a pimp!

You watch Lost yet? OMGWTF?!!! I'm so freaking sucked in!

damon said...

Martinis, Dance Party, and Rockband, the holy trinity of school night partying.
5 extra points if you make it to class.

The Grand Wave said...

Happy hour martinis, dance parties, and rock band are generally awesome. It's also awesome to wake up for work still kinda drunky.