Friday, January 23, 2009

One more reason to hate winter

Last night my sister was walking into her house and slipped on ice, fell and broke her nose. Holy crap. That is the second ice-related accident that has happened this year. I was on the phone with her when it happened, and all I heard was a loud noise, her yelling and screaming and then the phone cut off. Obviously I reacted calmly and coolly. And by that I mean I completely lost my mind and called her back 20 times. Finally I got a hold of Drew who said this to me, "Hey-Diane busted her face open. I'll call you back." Ah-busted her face open. Soothing. He called me back soon after to say that it was just her nose-no other part of her head or face. They went to the hospital to make sure it was nothing else. Diane, of course, didn't think she needed to go. Because she is normal.

My favorite parts of this story:
- Diane almost fell again leaving the house to go to the hospital.
- They stopped for Burger King on the way to the hospital.
- Drew almost fell when they got back from the hospital.
- I got a text message from Diane later in the night that said: "I look like the guy from Mask!!"

Now that I know she is okay, it's time to make fun of her. Just kidding, Diane. Don't worry-you look beautiful.


Fizzgig said...

its insanely icy in the cleve. its totally normal here in akron, but this wknd i went to the manfriends and im like hello, did the entire city run out of salt or what? everywhere was ice covered. What the hell?

Lollie said...

Bahahahaha! Just laughing at your Rocky link. That was great.

Nessa said...

you had me at horrendous facial deformity.

spaceface said...

That is AWFUL! That makes my whole body hurt! I hate ice. (But, again, I live in Florida...these things don't much affect me...and this is just the way I like it...)