Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I assume you came back for your bomb?

Okay who watched it? My thoughts below (spoilers):

- First of all, Katie, you blew my mind with this: "Wouldn't it be weird if all the whispers that the Losties kept hearing around the island were in fact their future selves stuck in the same moment as the island moves around in time and trying to warn them? Just a thought..."

-Um...JACK!? Hello??

- Okay what is the deal with Faraday? Just tell us what you know, Faraday! I don't have time for you answering direct questions like this, "Just don't worry. I won't let anything happen to you." Oh thanks. That clears everything up. Now I understand why you know everything about the island and what your mom has to do with all this and why you were able to get Desmond to help. Great.

- Speaking of Desmond. I like how Penny's like, "Desmond, don't go back to that island." And he's like, "Why in God's name would I go back there?" Hmm..foreshadowing much? Also Lindsay pointed out to me that he named his son Charlie. Oh my God that is so cute. He and Charlie really got close before the writers decided to rip out my heart and drown Charlie in an underwater grave. Also what was up with Desmond's groovy 70's look that he had going on? He looked hot but I needed a few more buttons open on his shirt.

- Brandi, it's not just you-Richard Alpert is hot.

- Miles is hilarious. More of him talking to dead people, please.

- Now we know why Richard came to visit Locke when he was little: cuz old Locke told him to! (Ed. note: holy shit)

- Holy poopstains! Charles Whidmore is the young kid on the island! Urban Princess, you are a fucking genius! I should've guessed, though, since he's so annoying and a total prick. I like how Locke's like, "It's nice to meet you." Locke's so creepy awesome.

- Charlotte is outta here, yo.

- An open letter to Juliet: Dear Juliet, You know, I hated you so much when you first came on the show, but finally toward the very end of last season, you started to win me over. And I actually liked you because you finally laid all your cards out on the table. Or maybe you're a gd liar who's still hiding stuff. The others speak Latin? Why? What are they doing there exactly? Also you know all about Richard and how old he is, but didn't tell anyone? Um, let's spill it, Horiet! Our friendship can still be salvaged if you just freaking talk. P.S You and Sawyer are totally gonna do it.

- So you know how now there's the possibility that none of the people who are dead are really dead? I've decided the greatest thing ever would be if everyone from Flight 815 who survived the initial crash ended up being alive in the finale. Like if they brought back Shannon, Eko (hot), Charlie, etc. Would that be effing awesome or what? Man I'm such a dork. Always wanting a fairytale ending. But seriously bring Boone back.

Okay, people, lay your thoughts on me.


Anonymous said...

After seeing that horrible, horrible outfit, my Desmond crush is officially over.

Anonymous said...

^^^^says Lo

Matt said...

I know I'm supposed to want them all to come back to the island...but man, I just want them all to leave already. I still like Juliet. I'm cool with her. I hope Charlie comes back. I want to know who the blond lady is that took Daniel to the bomb...theory at work is she becomes Mrs. Widmore, Daniel would have met her when she was older while getting his experiments funded at Oxford, and why she looks so familiar to him. Just a thought.

Fizzgig said...

i already think the people arent dead. last season, when sun had her baby jin was at the hospital married to another woman, remember?

this season first episode he is in bed w/another woman and a baby is crying. the future is altered. hes alive.

urban princess said...

Fizzgig, I disagree. The asian man at the beginning of the first episode was the Dharma instructional film guy...

When the young Widmore was revealed, AFB turned to me and said exactly what you did, I'm a fucking genius! HOLY CRAP.

If Richard didn't wear so much GD black eyeliner, he'd be more attractive.

Amy said...

Ok, HOLY CRAP. Another awesome episode. I think (in most cases) the dead people are really dead. But the time travel stuff is totally effed up. Daniel totally isn't in love with Charlotte. He just needs her to believe he does so he can be her constant.

CHARLIE!!! I love it that the kid's name is Charlie!

I am thinking the girl who has Daniel and Juliet and Sawyer at the bomb is actually Daniel's mom. He said she looked familiar. And if you compare faces with her and Ms. Hawking, they have the same face shape and similar features. SO. Possibly right now Daniel is being held at gunpoint by his mom who hasn't had him yet. Freaky.

Erin Jeannine said...

Richard is totally hot, but it might be because he is in charge, which is sexy. I love that the baby's name is Charlie, although since her dad's name is Charles, is it possible it's after him? Because that I would hate.

I am pissed at Juliet. How can you just bust out all of the sudden with the Latin? You can't not disclose that you guys all speak Latin! That's bullshit! I thought she was going to say it was because they were doctors. (Do doctors take Latin? I made that up.) Whatever, bitch. Sneaky, sneaky bitch. And I don't think Sawyer will sleep with her now. She's become untrustworthy and he loves Kate.

I think Daniel might love Charlotte, but I think in another time he did whatever to her that he did to the woman in the coma. I think that experiment worked better on Charlotte, but still didn't go smoothly. That's how he knows what her symptoms are, like double vision and dizziness.

And what if chick-with-gun-who-takes-Dan-to-bomb is Mrs. Whitmore AND his mom?

Katie said...

Definitely agree- The chick with the gun is Faraday's mom- Her name is Ellie...and Ms. Hawking's name is Eloise (a nice nickname would be Ellie, yes?) But then who is Faraday's father? Widmore? Richard? Or some other guy we haven't met yet (named Faraday?)...

I think that Charlotte is being erased as ever having existed. I don't know what is causing it- but something that the Losties or Freighter Folk did- a decision they made or a time leap, had some pretty bad reprecussions for good ol' Charlotte.

Loving it! Great episode last night :)

Erin Jeannine said...

I would just like to acknowledge that I now realize it's Charles WIDMORE, not Whitmore. I'm lame

And I was being a stalker and IMDBing hot Asian scientist guy, Miles, and his last name is Straume on the show. That's weird. Wouldn't it be more obvious for him to have an Asian last name? I think it means something.

Carly said...

Miles looks a little like the dad on the show Jon & Kate + 8. It bugs me.

The man on the freighter who was strapped to a bed and was mentally skipping through time (when we saw the various scenes of Desmond in military uniform) started having nosebleeds. That's why Daniel knows Charlotte is in bad shap. (He died. She's kind of snippy. But I think we don't know her whole story yet so we won't get rid of her that easy. Daniel has to be her "constant" or whatever)

Carly said...

Oh, and Jin was rushing to the hospital to deliver a gift on behalf of his boss... not to be with his own wife

When this is all done I would love to see a big long timeline of who did what on what date. Some geek will build that I'm sure. But I think we're going to have to suffer and wait for "a major motion picture" to get all the final answers.

Sarah said...

Fizzgig, I was going to write what Urban Princess and Carly did. The man with the baby at the beginning of the premiere was the Dharma video guy. And when Jin went to visit the baby in the hospital, that was for work. It wasn't his baby. But you are right on on everything else!

You guys are awesome. I LOVE your comments. You're all way smarter than me. I think you're right about that being Faraday's mom. Creepy!

Sassy Blondie said...

I totally agree that Ellie is Faraday's mom. And I totally won a bag of M&M's from my sister when I said that the whiny prick was indeed a young Mr. Widmore. Hah! And wtf? No Jack? Juliet is all giving Sawyer the goo goo eyes, so Sarah, they ARE so gonna do it. But I she's got more revealing to do still. You can see it in her shifty eyes.

Charlotte's a bitchy nobody. She's dead already, and I don't really care. Miles DOES look like that guy with all the kids! Good call! I still say John Locke is the most interesting character on the show. He both fascinates and scares me.
There just wasn't any Jack...I don't know if I can go another episode without him. Help me...

(Note: Desmond is scorching hot. He makes me feel all tingly, brotha. Also, Richard is all swarthy and sexy. I like him better here with out the stupid Suddenly Susan accent.)

Anonymous said...

Found this on lostpedia...timelines


Brandi said...

I got an f-ing shout-out in your blog. I feel like part of my life is complete. I'm glad to see that I wasn't imagining things, though he's not aging and he must be 500 years old. It's kinda creepy, but kinda Edward-in-Twilight hot.

Is anyone else's head spinning? I feel like ALL of this info is floating around in my head but I don't know where it's supposed to go. I totally missed the Ellie part but I'm glad I had you guys to help me through that one.

I jumped up from the couch when my boyfriend called the young dude Widmore (thanks Erin). I thought that would be something they passed by really quickly so I rewound it really quickly to make sure I heard it. Then I realized that Locke commented on it too and my "I heard it, maybe no one else did!" bubble deflated a smidge.

I need an hour alone with my thoughts now. This show frustrates the shit out of me but I can't stop.

Carly said...

OMG, Lindsay

SO much info