Thursday, January 22, 2009

We have to go back

Okay, my fellow Losties, did you watch it? I will borrow a quote from Matt Kennedy Gould, star of season one of "The Joe Schmo Show": What is going on here?!?

My friend Lindsay and I were texting the entire show and here is a summary of each text message: "Seriously WTF is going on?"

My thoughts (spoilers ahead):

- Holy crap did I miss my hot Lost men. Jack...oh my God I almost forgot how gorgeous he was. Sawyer should never have a shirt on. Sayid is a hot badass. pretty in all his sensitive and open-shirted glory. Yes yes yes.

- Seriously Sayid is scary badass. He's all, "How about if I kick your ass while I have a tranquilizer dart in my back?" When he threw that guy off the balcony, I could've done without the splattering sound when his head his the concrete. That's all I'm saying.

- Hey you know who else was kind of badass last night? Sun. What is up? She scared me a little bit. I couldn't tell if she was being for real with Kate about forgiving her for leaving Jin on the boat. I kind of felt like there was some threatening subtext to what she was saying, "I don't blame you...but I will cut you." P.S. Please let Jin be alive.

- I swear to baby Jesus if someone doesn't tell me why it's so important for all of them to be back on the island together I will lose my mind and start threatening people Sun-style.

- Hurley's recap of what happened on the island that he gave to his mom made me laugh so hard. I freaking love him.

- Funny conversation that I don't think was supposed to be funny:
Jack's looking around for something.
Ben: "Are you looking for your pills, Jack? I threw those out."
Jack: "Oh good. Yeah I was totally going to do that. That's why I was looking for them."

- Wait so they are just careening through time? What is up with that? And someone freaking tell me what is up with Richard? That guy never ages and knows everything. Lindsay called him the Puppetmaster and he so is!

- So Daniel nerdy physicist guy is kind of untrustworthy but also their only hope, right?

- Scary grandma lady from earlier seasons!? Remember??

- Sawyer kept calling that guy Frogurt. Best nickname ever. I could not stop laughing. Well, that's not true. I guess I stopped laughing when Frogurt took THREE FLAMING ARROWS TO THE CHEST AND BURNT TO DEATH!! Ew! Who was throwing those arrows at them?

- Seriously when are Juliet and Sawyer gonna hook up?

- John Locke...dead but not? More details please, Lost writers!

Please fill me in with your thoughts. Man I missed this show.


urban princess said...

So now that I'm all caught up on this show, Little Leah and I watched last night, and HOLY SHIT! WTF is going on?

I totally agree with these statements: 'Sawyer should never have a shirt on...Seriously, Sayid is scary badass.' OMG.

And am I the only one that doesn't really like Kate? I really try, but damn!

Here's the conclusion that LL and I came to re: Hurley seeing dead people: He's so pure of heart (like a child) that he can see them and he's NOT crazy.

Um, I think that's it.

PS: I lied, that's not it. Towards the end of the episode, when Sawyer and Juliet are "caught", did you for just a second wonder if the English guy pointing a gun at them was Charles Widmore?

Amy said...

I don't even know where to start!! So many things... First of all I think Sun is working for Widmore. And also why was her picture of her kid a newborn picture? That kid should be two years old by now. Also- I don't think Locke is dead. Maybe he got bit by one of those spiders? And- crazy jeweller/time travel lady in a church basement plotting where/when the island is/was/will be? WTF? Also- did Daniel mean it when he said they if it didn't happen, it can't happen, or was he just trying to get them to not screw everything up? And- does he not age like Richard Alpert or is he just time traveling in the first scene? And- is Charlotte dead (all the dead people's noses bleed) or is does she just need a constant like Desmond did last year? Ok there's more but my head is going to explode. So that's it for now.

Jamie said...

I miss your LOST recaps. You don't know me, but I live for them. Ha.

I'm pretttty sure Ben called Creepy Old Lady, "Mrs. Locke."

Dana said...

I didn't see the last half hour or so (I LOVE tivo!!) but until then I can join in and say: I love Hurley!

I really like Daniel too. He's got that slightly effeminate yet hot, big brainy thing I've loved since I was like 13.

If I'm ever stuck on a deserted island mine had better have a Desmond, a Daniel and a Sayid. Oh and Sawyer. Damn there are some fine men on this show.

And I agree, I don't know wtf is going on, but it didn't seem nearly as baffling to me as some of the early episodes. It's LOST land and weird shit happens. Just go with it.

Amy said...

He didn't call her Mrs. Locke -- he said, "Any luck?" I know because I went back and checked because it sounded weird to me too.

Also - I just finally posted on my blog all my thoughts (or at least the ones I could get out halfway coherently) on the episode!

Anonymous said...

Ryan and just kept saying "When the hell are they?"

This is going to be an amazing season.


Erin Jeannine said...

Okay, I knew I was supposed to know the cloak lady from the end, but who the hell is she?

And I have a crush on Miles, the Asian scientist guy that came with Dan and the ginger. I don't know what kind of scientist he is, but I think science is sexy, and he's a sarcastic ass. Also sexy.

And yes! WTF with Dan saying things can't change, but then things do change? If you can't change anything, how can Locke have a bullet wound in his leg? And why does he need a compass to give to Richard when he sees him again? How is it possible that Richard, who is seemingly omnipotent, won't recognize him?

And Juliet is not going to hook up with Sawyer because she's super smart and doctor-y, which is why she likes Jack. And he fucked everything up with Kate, so when Kate gets back, she will be with Sawyer and Jack and Juliet will hump.

And I think the person behind the lawyers that came to see Kate is Claire's mom. I can't figure out how she knows what she knows, but I think she wants her grandson. Probably has something to do with seeing Christian in her sleep. I just think her coming out of the coma is too big of a story line for the amount of time she was given last season.

Brandi said...

I'm totally pissed that no one has mentioned that Richard, the omnipotent non-ager is f-ing hot! No? Is it just me?
I go with Claire's mom behind the lawyers.
I also think Sun was a tad creepy to.
And who's the lady in the cloak?

I need to investigate..

Anonymous said...

The creepy lady is apparently the mysterious Ms. Hawking,according to EW's recap and a friend of mine pointed out that she was the lady from the jewelry store way back when we first met Desmond...he was going to buy a ring from her for Penny...remember? The whole hooded thing lab in the basement of a church is very mysterious indeed....ahhh!!! Where are our answers Lost writers? At least tell us what the heck the smoke monster is?? SOMETHING!! :) I'm so happy it's back!!


Fizzgig said...

whats going on? have you people been stoned for 5 years? Come ooooon! We're finding out the reason everything happened. When people showed up that were dead, they weren't dead, they were time traveling! When people died, they may not be dead for real. like they told locke the only way to live is to die.

Woa, that is deep!

Jin is alive. he is the guy w/the baby in the opening credits. remember like 2 seasons ago in a flash forward when sun had the baby, jin was there with a massive teddy bear, only he was there for another woman.

obviosly they be screwin with time travel and messin up the future.

they all have to be back because i believe if they keep moving time imagine whats going to happen to the people back on the mainland in real time. they could poof drop dead one day.

richard never ages cus hes traveling thru time. he went back to visit ben as a kid, went back to visit locke as a kid.

that one dude that was building jacobs cabin last season, that said "ive been dead for such and such years" was traveling thru time. cus his nose was bleeding like desmonds. and charlottes.

locke is dead in the real world. on the island he isnt dead. its time travel, their paths crossed.

the others are attacking the losties. much like they did circa season 1. cus they traveled back in time, and no longer know who they are.

Katie said...

Ok, so here are my thoughts- Sun and Widmore are playing each other bc both want to get back to the island- Sun to find Jin and Widmore to get to island (Miles said he had looked for 20 years before finding it the first time). The old woman, Ms. Hawking, apparently knows where the island is, but Ben only has 70 hours to get everyone there...before it disappears again?

Richard is traveling around time and gave Locke the compass he was supposed to pick when Richard visited him as a kid. Apparently what you have and your afflictions travel with you in time (Locke's bullet wound, everyone's clothes).

Also, it was stressed that you can travel through time but there are rules- like you can't change history...but maybe some people can. Desmond is apparently special in this way- because he turned the failsafe key when the hatch blew up? He may have the ability to change events. I think he is one of the key players here. Now he has to go find Daniel's mom??

Finally, anyone else think the guys that attacked Juliet and Sawyer (and who were killed by Locke) are the folks from the Black Rock? I mean- cutting off someone's hand- that's pretty intense- kind of like 17th century slave ship intense.

Ok, the real finally- wouldn't it be weird if all the whispers that the Losties kept hearing around the island were in fact their future selves stuck in the same moment as the island moves around in time and trying to warn them? Just a thought...

Erin Jeannine said...

Fizzgig, isn't the Asian guy with the baby in the opening credits the Dr. in the Dharma orientation videos? That's the only thing I disagree with. I think the rest of your analysis is GENIUS.

Acyd said...

my friend told me way back in the day that i should watch Lost because it was kinda like Twin Peaks, my favorite show of all time. at first i thought he was full of crap, because everyone i know likes Lost, and i am not a mainstream type of anything because i'm brooding and i listen to indie rock.

but man, Lost totally got me hooked.

Sassy Blondie said...

Okay, so I'm late to the party on this one, but I spent all this time recovering from the viewing of this masterpiece!

Sarah, I cannot argue with you on any of your points. And although you covet MY Jack and MY Desmond, I forgive you. But seriously, if you don't stop, I'm gonna cut you.