Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Bowl recap

To my Pittsburgh readers: you might want to cover your eyes for a second.

My thoughts on the game: Fucking Steelers. I'd respect you for being a great team if you weren't a bunch of dirty-playing thugs. Although Santonio Holmes is like from another planet where all they do is grow amazing football players. But seriously if I had to watch one more Steeler literally kick a Cardinal when he was down after the play was over, I was going to scream. Cardinal defense, seriously what happened to you? Browns, you were thisclose. And by thisclose I mean that my skee ball team had a better chance of making the Super Bowl. Let's hope our new coach can whip our asses into shape.

Pittsburgh readers: okay you can look again.

My thoughts on the food at Diane and Drew's party: The veggie pizza was, as usual, superb. Christy's Rice Krispie treats had an excellent ratio of marshmallow to Krispies. Meg made something called Bacon Explosion which was like bacon wrapped in sausage wrapped in bacon again. I think she should rename it to Heart Explosion. My overall impression of the food was that it is the best part of any Super Bowl party. I love food!

Commercials: There are a lot of movies coming out that I want to see. I even got excited about the new Star Trek movie. Star Trek! I am not really a Star Trek fan except for the one movie where they come to Earth and save the whales. I loved that one. But yeah-I want to see the new Star Trek movie. I will say this, I thought that the ratio of Shia LaBeouf to movie trailers was rather low. Also I never like commercials or movies where babies talk, but I love the e-Trade ones, and this year they added a new baby friend who sang "Broken Wings" by Mr. Mister, and it was glorious. The talking flowers that told the one lady that she looked bad naked didn't amuse the ladies as much as the boys, but it was still funny. The Pepsi ad with the MacGruber character from "Saturday Night Live" was hysterical. Plus they got MacGuyver to take part. Awesome. But my favorite ad was the one with MC Hammer and Ed McMahon. When MC Hammer said, "I can get cash for this gold medallion of me wearing a gold medallion!", I just completely lost it. It instantly became the best commercial of the whole game. You can see it here if you missed it.

The Office: Jesus H. Christ that show is hilarious. The first 5 minutes were absolutely fantastic. When Angela threw her cat up into the ceiling, and it fell back through, I think I stopped breathing. Oh my God. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

People in my office have this thing about bacon. We got the bacon explosion recipe in an email from someone that works here and it made my arteries hurt. No one needs that much bacon. How did it taste?

Fizzgig said...

GO STEELERS! ha ha ha. you might note I don't give a shit about sports, but I do give a shit about making steelers haters mad. I'm a button pusher. Sue me.

I totally missed that MC hammer commercial!!!!! But it didnt beat the career builder one.

Thatgirl7278 said...


(Esp w/regards to the Star Trek movie and the line from the commercial. I even quoted that one back myself at the time. Good stuff.)

C.W. said...

I know this is a really late submission for a comment on this post, but I just found your blog and thought you were hilarious. (Probably still are, because I think I just made it sound like you met with the big pie in the sky with the whole "were hilarious" thing. Sorry about that. It's after 3 am. I'm no longer responsible for myself.) So hilarious, in fact, that I am starting from the beginning, and by beginning I mean the most recent post, and then working my way back to the older ones. I will read this whole thing backwards when it is all said and done, which makes sense to no one but me and I am happy with that.

Anyway, my reason for commenting here is that I just have to tell you that I really loved your Super Bowl recap. Look, I'll be honest, I'm from Pittsburgh. But I have no team spirit. None. In fact, I'm tired of turning on the news to find nothing but Steeler information. I don't want Steeler information. I want the news. Dirty football players are not news. And then they have to practice right near where I live, so I have to put up with more Steeler stuff than I want to. So I just wanted to let you know that I am from Pittsburgh and right with you on this whole the Steelers are dirty players and suck thing. I've got your back on that.

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