Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lost in Lost

Tonight I blogged in real time. Well I mean I didn't post it in real time, but I did write this all while watching the show. So here are my thoughts on the show as they came to me:

Really seriously that blonde French guy looks like Bob from "The Biggest Loser".

Jin, I for real missed you so much. Also your English seems to have vastly improved after almost exploding in a boat bomb.

Okay seriously someone tell me what the hell the smoke monster is already. They need to explain this better than "it's a security system".


Okay so anyone who was on the island-our Losties and Others and Scientists-are moving together. How come? Cuz they're all from the same time?


Smoke monster = sickness that Russeau kept yammering on about. Oh and I don't know if you knew this, but it's a security system. Dammit, Lost writers. I know it is a freaking security system! What temple is it guarding? Why does it make people want to kill their friends? Is it manmade? Come on!

Sawyer and Jin! Reunited and it feels so good! Love the hugging. Love the fact these people are really friends who've been through everything together.

"He's Korean. I'm from Encino." Miles is awesome.

Why was Charlotte reluctant to admit she speaks Korean? Could she work for Sun's father? Could he be involved in this as well? If this has been addressed already, please someone tell me.

Kate's annoying me. She's a little bit self righteous for someone who's not only a fugitive of the law but is pretending to be the mother of a child who isn't hers. Okay that's harsh-she clearly loves Aaron and for all intents and purposes is his mother. Her attitude is just a little holier-than-thou is all.

Ben just lost his shit in the car. How come what he says is totally awesome and should make me trust him, but the way he says it makes my skin crawl.

Charlotte's not looking too good, you guys. But at least while she is dying she's being hilarious like that little kid in the YouTube video whose dad taped him while he was high on drugs after having dental surgery. Have you seen it? It's the greatest thing ever.

Oh, Juliet-that is totally my luck, too. If I was on the island and said, "Whoa what are the odds we'd end up in the same time as The Orchid?" it would then immediately disappear. By the way, Sawyer and Juliet = TOTALLY GOING TO DO IT.

Whoa! Charlotte grew up on the island. One of you guessed she'd been on the island before. I can't remember who, but nice guess!

Holy effing crap-Faraday was Scary Guy who told Charlotte she'd die if she came back to the island! My brain cannot take it!

Okay so it looks like he wasn't being scary telling her she was going to die if she came back. He was warning the young Charlotte that he had seen her fate in the future, and that she really shouldn't come back. This is kind of sad. I don't really care about Charlotte, but Faraday-while a tad creepy and obviously hiding something-has won me over. And I believe he really loved Charlotte. And that makes me sad that he lost her.

On an unrelated note: How come they remade Friday the 13th? I don't like horror movies, but this seems pretty sacrilege to me. Also how come the remake looks terrifying?

Jack's dad! I know I shouldn't be scared of him, but I totally am. Especially since I am jumpy after watching the Friday the 13th trailer and listening to the weird noises coming from my kitchen right now.

Okay so everyone's parents are somehow involved in all of this, right? That's what it seems like. Like the parents have a connection with the island therefore so do their children. But even they don't seem to trust Ben even though he appears to be helping them all get back to the island. Seriously what the hell is Ben's deal? I need to know. Hey you know what I need an explanation for? When they brought Locke's dad to the island in the magic box or whatever it was called. Remember he said they were in hell and Sawyer killed him with a chain?

Mah! "Say hello to my son!"

The guy who plays Ben has the creepiest delivery ever. "We're running out of time, Sun. I need you to decide right now. Will you come with me? I will eat your liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti."

Desmond looks wicked hot in a leather coat.

Oh my God what is going on. I have tinglies in my tummy.

Okay no surprise, Eloise/scary old lady is Faraday's mom. Okay you know how I just said that Ben's delivery is the creepiest ever? That is before I saw Faraday's mom. She is not warm and lovely like my mom.

Preview: Kate to Jack: "I am going with you." Yeah you are.

Whoosh. I need a cigarette. A candy cigarette, but a cigarette nonetheless.


Amy said...

I think Charlotte is Ben's daughter. But I don't think Faraday loves her. I think he needed her to believe he loved her so he would be her constant.

Also where is Claire? Why wasn't she with Christian Shepard? Is she dead or isn't she?

I really thought I had a handle on how time has been working but I don't think so anymore. I am so confused.

I have to do more thinking about the episode because I wasn't in analytical mode last night. So I'll post later today. And maybe I'll take the lazy way out and make a few observations and then link to your post!

Fizzgig said...

its awful we have to wait another week.

and yea, where IS claire. shes not dead, she disappeared, big difference.

Erin Jeannine said...

Okay, so yeah, we know Charlotte has been to the island. This IN NO WAY explains why that bitch speaks Korean!!! WTF?!??! And I'm with Amy; Faraday is a sneaky dweeb and he doesn't love her. Wants to get in her pants? Probably. Love? Not so much. And his creepiness is undoubtedly due to his mother, who scares the shit out of me.

I think Christian has Claire locked away somewhere. She'll be back; she has to be reunited with Aaron. Then Jack and Kate can have their own baby. And live down the street from Claire and Aaron, and be like his aunt and uncle.

And what good will it do to bring Sun back to the island and reunite her with Jin, when their daughter is in Korea? This will only make me sad.

Although when I'm sad, I can just think about sleeping with Desmond, which cheers me right up!

What if Miles is the crying baby from the first episode of the season? The baby of the Dharma Initiative video dude? That guy is Asian...

Katie said...


Yeah, this ep was filled with Holy sh*t moments (not the least of which is hot Des is his jacket). I loved how the donkey wheel was 'off its axis'- it was skipping like a record, just like the LOST folks tried to explain time travel. Awesome.

So now only Jack, Locke, and Sun are in- and Des? That's only two of the O6- I thought they all needed to be there? I am not trusting Ben and Ms. Hawking- there is more to this story than we or the Losties know. Also, I think they only have 70 hours (or whatev Ellie said to Ben) to get together because that is when she has determined the island will be in the same time as the survivors currently are (2008). Yeah, it's tricky, but it seems like they only have a small window to get to them.

I feel like the Jack/Kate teary moment in the previews for next week is really a flashback to when they were together on the boat. That's just me. Kate is uber pissed at Jack, so I highly doubt she will go anywhere near him.

weesle909 said...

I turned this one off. I think Lost has jumped the shark for me. The freakin time travel flash now happens about every minute. So now, any character combinations, at any time, can pretty much happen. It must be a blast for the writers and producers. Know how movies scenes are filmed out of sequence, and then they put it together in logical order? Well, with Lost, no need! Film it in any order and just air the fucker like that!

OK, rant is over. Here's what I'm gonna do. I'll rewatch the last episode, but I'll have your 'real time' blog open so I can follow along. Maybe that will help me make sense of it all.

Incidentally, I can't figure out if Charlotte is beautiful or hideous. Sometimes she looks good; other times like the dude from Mask. It's the weirdest thing...

(added note - my word verification just now was 'crabism'. Like some religion for the irritable. Hey, maybe blogger read my comment! I'm totally founding that religion.)