Thursday, February 05, 2009

So what's new?

Before we talk about Lost, let me tell you what I've been up to.

FIRST I think I just switched cable service because a cute 21 year old hit on me. Look it all happened very fast. He's from AT&T U-verse, and he came to my door because they come door to door all the live long day and call me nonstop. I answered the door supremely pissed off, and I was a total bitch to him. However, I actually have been considering switching to U-verse for a while now and had about 10 million questions for him which he answered very politely. Also the last guy I dealt with was a complete moron and didn't know anything, and this guy did. He clearly knew what he was talking about. Also, he was extremely adorable and put-in-my-pocket worthy and above that, very charming and not complaining that I made him stand out in -10 degree weather for the better part of 20 minutes. I finally realized that I was freezing my effing ass off, but I still had more questions so I told him to come in, and he was like, "Oh my gosh thank you so much. I'll just stand right here by the door. I won't go any futher in." Nice. And you guys, I really don't know what happened next that led me to signing up for the new cable. I really don't. He started asking me all these getting to know you questions and telling me I was young and being really funny and charming, and it's like I lost control of my right hand and just started signing paperwork. Here are a couple of examples of his sales tactics:

Him: "Do you own this place or rent it? Because you look like you're a student."

Him: "Birthdate?"
Me: "December 6th 1976"
Him: "1986?"
Me: "'re good."
Him: "I know, right?" + cute wink
Sidenote: even if I was born in 1986 this would still make me a year older than him. I got a little sad about that.

Him: "Okay I just need you to sign here, initial here, here and here, give me a blood sample, your first born and a date and we'll be all set." + most adorable smile I've ever seen

HE ASKED ME OUT, YOU GUYS!! I am only human! Look I realize now that that is how he got me to sign up. Whatever. I don't care. He was so cute. When he left he was like, "Do you ever go to Pounders in Parma? Everything there is $2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm going there with my friends tonight." Pause. "What are you doing tonight? You should go to Pounders." So okay I do think he at least thought I was cute. Oh God I totally got played. Oh well. Tip to all salesmen: apparently I will buy anything if you are cute and tell me I look young.

On a related note, do any of you have U-verse? What do you think of it? I still have time to cancel. I have no idea what to do.

SECOND Friday we went to see an 80's cover band called Mega 80's. We went to see them last fall, and I have no idea if I wrote about them or not, but they are-in a word-glorious. Talented, entertaining, funny and the white guitarist totally raps like Tone Loc. For those of you in the Detroit area: do yourself a favor and go see them. They are freaking awesome. I've been to see them twice now and they are hands down in my list of top 10 concerts ever. John and I rounded up about 20-25 people for this one which only made it that much more fun. Both times I've seen them I was pretty sober. And by pretty sober I mean filled to the brim with vodka. And both times I left the concert covered in sweat and happiness. I may have blacked out during "Photograph". I'm not sure what happened, but if I punched anyone I'm sorry. I can't be held responsible for my actions during that song. God I love 80s music.
THIRDTuesday night I got a ride home. From a tow truck. John and I got in my car, and as I was driving him to his car I was like, "Holy hell that sounds horrible, right?" and he said, "Yes. You need to pull over." We got out to inspect the damage, and John was basically like, "I don't know what's wrong. Maybe it's that your rear tire is LAYING AT A 30 DEGREE ANGLE!" Awesome. Turns out the shock on my rear driver's side tire went bad which caused the almost completedly rotted through controller arm on my tire assembly to break which then caused my tire to almost punch a hole in my fuel line. Awesome! But don't worry the repairs are pretty cheap and by cheap I mean I may have to resort to stealing copper wire and selling it to get the money to repair my car. do I steal copper? Anyone? I'm not really sure what's involved. Although I think step one is to announce your plan to steal it on the Internet.

LOST Spoilers and my thoughts:

- Was it just me or was this episode kind of slow?

- Ugh-stupid winter storm warning beeping and taking up half the screen!

-Oh my God this was amazing:
Jack: Are you with me?
Kate (moves in close, tears in her eyes): I have always been with you.
Sigh...I love you Jack and Kate.

- It was totally trippy having Sawyer watch Kate and Clair in the forest.

- The dad from "My So Called Life" is an uber-creepy lawyer.

- I don't really understand why Ben would try to take Aaron away from Kate. What is the point? I guess to ensure Aaron goes back to the island, but if he just convinces Kate to go, Aaron goes too. And if he doesn't convince Kate then even if he has custody of Aaron it won't matter because they all have to go back. He's like, "He's not yours." And I was like, "He's not yours either." The only thing that would make this storyline not annoy me is if he's actually doing this for Claire. Like if she's the one who's asking him to do this. Otherwise, D+ on this storyline, writers. Totally lame.

- I'm still gonna need Faraday to be a tad more forthcoming with the deets.

- JIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I jumped out of my chair and clapped.

- A Sun + Jin reunion is the new Desmond + Penny reunion

- One of the french dudes looks like Bob from Biggest Loser. Also I was wondering when we were going to see a young Russeau. She's cute and not scary yet.

- Okay Sun's about to go batshit all up in here.

- Did you guys watch the preview for next week? Did you see when Ben's like, "Jin's still alive."? Why does he talk exactly like Anthony Hopkins in "Silence of the Lambs"? Does he need to continue to be at his creepiest at all times? How is that possibly going to convince anyone to hop on a plane with him to go back to the island?



Jesslyn said...

We have a problem here where people go to unguarded construction sites or foreclosed homes and rip out the plumbing. Just sayin'.

And I've never even heard of U-verse, but I was in FREEZING Chicago for a layover this weekend, and holy shit I almost froze my tits off. 16 degrees! HOly crap, I've never loved 75 degrees so much in my life!

Johnny Virgil said...

Jehovah's Witnesses did the same thing to me and I signed up, too. I was able to get out of it though.

Jesslyn, 'almost' seems to be the operative word here.

Erin Jeannine said...

Dude, total bummer on the storm warning. Can't they have a channel where you can go IF YOU WANT to check if there is going to be a flash flood, or ice, or if you have to evacuate because the hillside is burning? I hate it when they take away from my shows for that petty shit.

Okay, maybe Ben sent Mr. Chase to PRETEND to have a client to take Aaron away so he could get Jack to bring Kate to him? Maybe he doesn't really want to take Aaron away.

I am so excited that Jin is alive (although I totally knew he would be) but I don't think the Frenchies have his best interests at heart. They are scary.

Dan is totally lying to my man Miles about the nosebleeds. He knows what is happening and he's keeping secrets. Sawyer needs to beat the shit out of him and make him spill it.

And all of the sudden I notice that Miles has gray sideburns. I don't think he had gray sideburns before. Anyone? And then Dan kinda sorta accused him of having been on the island before. Hmmm...

Erin Jeannine said...

Oh, and can we address the fact that Sun had someone take surveillance photos of Jack and Ben stealing Locke's body? HELL-O!!!! And that the photographer sent her "chocolates"?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that guy asked you out. I was reading and all I could think was -I hope this guy at least asks her out.

Also - it should be noted that there isn't a time that I read your blog and I don't laugh. I don't even watch Lost and I still laugh at the recaps.

Sizzle said...

So THAT is where that creepy lawyer guy on LOST is from! I couldn't place him.

Nickel said...

Did cute cable guy give you anything for free? We only paid $8 a month in college for cable (all the channels) because my roomate flirted with the cable guy. She also gave him some sour patch kids...I think that's what sealed it.

Anonymous said...

On Aaron, the writers made more than one reference/reminder to us that Claire was planning to give up Aaron for adoption. We never knew to whom. Maybe that is what Ben means by "he isn't yours". Maybe Ben was trying to adopt him because he had already been to the future and knew that Aaron would be born on the island and therefore be "special" in some way we don't yet understand. Or the other Others wanted him as a "leader" because future Richard knew he would be born on the island and as Richard said "our leadership requirements are strict and begin at a very young age". Oh, and Locke was similarly adopted...I don't know where I'm going with this.....the trouble with time travel is that ANYTHING can be explained with it, which is why I hate it. It's kind of like tearing off your fake face and voice machine to reveal yourself as someone else as a plot device. I'm discouraged with the show right now because for the last 2 seasons, viewers have said "is this time travel? This better not be time travel" and the show's writers/producers were all "no, no, it's not time travel...something that easy would be insulting to our viewers. Stay tuned to see how NOT about time travel this show really is". I'm paraphrasing but it was in that vein. I love this show, because I'm connected to the characters, but I'm not sure they can continue to hold my attention. The truth needs to be tortured out of Daniel, and I think we all know who is up for the job.

Fizzgig said...

you remembered my so called life dad! Awesome!

ben is gonna take aaron. somethings up with him maybe hes the next chosen one. he was born on the island when all the babies die. AND remember claire came back last season and told kate not to take him back. So maybe he turns into a benry junior!

I bet ben takes sun to see jin and his new wife. and he tells her "you can change this if you go back to the island" muh ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I guess all this "you cant leave the island" business from the others is starting to make sense. if you leave you screw up the past/future. ben wasnt just being a tool, he was protecting the world from mayhem!

Matt said...

I think Ben is trying to take Aaron as a ploy to lure Kate back to the island with the group since she is so adamant about not going back. I'm not sold yet on there being an alterior motive for it yet.

What I do like about the time jumping island right now is that we're learning a lot about the back stories of the other characters that have been involved with this, how they got there or what their interest in the island is.

Idea #527 said...

The My So Called Life Dad is also on another show I just flipping through the other day. But I can't remember which one.

I think you should have went with the young cute guy. I had a young cute Pilot that's 23 suggest to me when I ran into him last Friday that he should make me eggs in the morning. And then later proceeded to call me at midnight, 12:30, and 1am. Awwwww youth! ;) And had I not been exhausted. . . totally would have went!

Katie said...

So I read this (therefore cannot take credit for it as my own)-

So the Indian airlines bottled water Sawyer and Co. find on the beach- one theory is that they had jumped to the future- basically to the point in time where the Oceanic 6 made it back to the island. (And they used the Indian airlines plane to get there) doesnt much explain the boats, but its an interesting thought. To add to that, this article speculates that the mysterious people chasing and firing on Sawyer & Co are actually the Oceanic 6. It seems that the characters in this show have a very difficult time communicating with each other. Just be straight with each other! Information assymetry is killing them.

Michael said...

Sarah - Long time lurker here in Chicago. I thought you might be interested in this. Its the Wikipedia of LOST. Enjoy!


Bridget Callahan said...

I totally agree with the previous comment that Ben is trying to adopt Aaron as a way to frighten Kate back to the island.

This is the only acceptable way to interpret this.

Unless the writers have thought of something so totally cool, we cannot even conceive of it in our obsessiveness...

spaceface01 said...

Awesome! I am totally a cradle-robber though, I just turned 29 and my boyfriend is only 21. Shhhh...don't tell anyone. He is tall. Really tall. I forgive him.