Thursday, February 19, 2009

The rhythm is my life

I didn't get to watch "Lost" last night, and I don't have the pictures I need to post about what we did for Valentine's Day (note: Steph planned it-awesome) so how about a music post?

Here are some songs I can't stop listening to lately:

Brandy - "Torn Down" Brandy isn't traditionally my favorite, but God help me I love this song. I look awesome and soulful singing along to it in my car.

Frightened Rabbit - "Keep Yourself Warm" This song was featured in an important scene on "Chuck", and I was instantly obsessed. Parents beware: they drop the F-bomb in this song. Kind of a lot. It's awesome.

Gomez - "See the World" They sing sha-la-las for like the whole last third of the song. It makes me want to run around barefoot in a field on a sunny day.

Erin McCarley - "Love, Save the Empty" This is a great song which I loved even more after they used it in the "He's Just Not That Into You" trailer. I thought it was a great use of the song. Then I saw the movie. Ladies, who else saw this? What can I say about this movie? I have many conflicting feelings. Here they are: I thought parts of it were really funny. I thought parts of it were really cute. I thought parts of it were absolutely cringe-worthy. I thought Scarlett Johannson was a mothereffing w-hor-e. I thought parts of it hit too close to home. I thought it was pretty depressing. Overall I left feeling pretty sad which I don't think was the intent of the movie. But I am completely willing to concede that my resulting feelings of sadness could just be a symptom of where I'm at right now in my life. Ugh-I need other ladies to weigh in on their thoughts on this movie. Also just to recap, this song rules.

Jack's Mannequin - "Crashin'" I rarely stop listening to Jack's Mannequin.

Jimmy Eat World - "Electable (Give It Up)" I look like I am having convulsions when I dance to this one in my car. It's because I don't have enough room to do what I really want to do. Which is stand up on the roof of my car and jump up and down like a crazy person.

New Kids on the Block - "Twisted" Just come on, people. Get on the New Kids kick. They are awesome. Did I mention we are going to see them again in April? Oh I didn't? WE ARE GOING TO SEE THEM AGAIN IN APRIL!!! Tickets aren't cheap, but as I told my girlfriends, my love of the New Kids is completely recession-proof.

Fiction Family - "Betrayal" One of the guys from Switchfoot and one of the guys from Nickel Creek got together and made an album. And it is lovely. Especially this song. Just FYI for you Switchfoot fans out there, the album leans more toward the style of Nickel Creek. But that is fine with me because Nickel Creek is delicious.

Young Love - "Close Your Eyes" Okay this was on "Scrubs" this season during a scene that I absolutely loved. Also there is fun clapping during the almost whole song. And I like the layered ending that almost sounds like a round-"Row row row your boat" style.

Lady Antebellum - "Lookin' for a Good Time" This entry is for my country fans. Listen I'm going to just lay it out there: I have not been impressed with country music in the past couple years. But this song-and this group-rocks. They have amazing voices and great blend, and this song literally couldn't be more fun. It makes me so happy that when I listened to it this morning I completely forgot I was coming into work and driving in a snowstorm.

David Archuleta - "Crush" You guys, seriously, I listen to this song roughly 15 times a day-usually more. Could this be any catchier? No. It could not.

Motion City Soundtrack - "Fell In Love Without You (Acoustic)" Okay so maybe this song was on "Gossip Girl" earlier this season and maybe it was when Blair was trying to make Chuck jealous and maybe all I want is for Chuck and Blair to be together and maybe I'm 32 and watch "Gossip Girl" and wish I was friends with Serena van der Woodsen. What of it?

Matt Duke - "Sex and Reruns" So the lyrics aren't the happiest, but you would never know it from the music. I bounce to this song. Literally. And try not to sing along when he sings "turn off the lights the lights the li-i-ights!".

Robin Sparkles - "Let's Go to the Mall" Seriously, HIMYM fans-this song is awesome!

Okay, you guys, for this last one I need to provide some explanation. Have you seen the new Geico commercials that show a stack of money with eyes on top of it just staring at people? It is creepy, and the ads are absolutely terrible. But I don't change the channel. I don't fast forward through them. I don't leave the room. And here's why: at the end of each of those horrible commercials, they play a remake of "Somebody's Watching You". And I am obsessed with it. The other day after being frustrated that a) I have to watch those commercials to hear it and b) I only get to hear like 10 seconds of it, I went to the Geico web site. And guess what? You can totally download the song for free there! It is infinitely better than the original which, let's face it, was not a great song. In fact the only reason it ruled was because Michael Jackson sang the chorus and because the video was awesome. Rockwell peering out of the shower all paranoid, anyone? God I loved the 80's. Okay so my last entry is Mysto & Pizzi - "Somebody's Watching Me" I dare you not to dance to this song. It is impossible.


Amy said...

Can't wait for you to watch LOST... I was looking forward to comparing notes on what you thought!!

Idea #527 said...

I am not sure if you have listened to the entire Lady Antebellum album or not. . . but the greatest song on there is "All We'd Ever Need" It's #3. Greatest. Break-up 'when you didn't really want to break-up but did for some reason' Song. Ever.

Jesslyn said...

I read the book "He's Just Not That Into You" in college- mostly because I wanted my roommate to pick up on some things. (She didn't.)I thought it was decent and funny, but I haven't seen the movie yet.

You're seeing NKOTB again?! I’m so jealous...

Lara said...

I saw He's Just Not that into You and I left feeling VERY conflicted. I thought parts of it were hysterical. I thought parts of it left me morally disturbed. I left feeling sad, too. Disclaimer:I am happily married and may not be the "niche" audience they were looking for. But if the intent of the movie was to make everyone love it... I dunno. I think maybe they messed up somewhere along the way. I would still watch it again, tho. :)

Johnny Virgil said...

Hey, thanks. Now I know a movie to avoid. There's not a single laser in that movie, is there?

Fizzgig said...

i am pretty disappointed that on thursday you havnt watched lost. What kind of fan are you? It's gonna blow yer mind man!

CheetaChica said...

I heart Robin Sparkles and I'm just glad someone else listens to this song besides me!

Brandi said...

I loved the movie... loved the "want to dry hump your ass" line, especially.

It made me cringe because I can probably attest to making ALL of those shitty mistakes at one point in my life. Ugh.

It also made me cringe because the dude fully cheated on his wife that he never really wanted to marry in the first place... Is that what I have to look forward to? Ugh. F-ing Scarlett whore.

Lady Antebellum song was JUST on last weekend as my friend and I were going out for a 'ladies night' on V-day. Perfect.

Um, I watch Gossip Girl too... though I am only 30. Maybe it's ok for me because I have the 2 years on you. Yeah, probably not. And I want Blair and Chuck to be 2-gether 4-ever and Serena and what's his face to get over their issues. So your parents date and you share a brother that you think died, but really didn't because the adoptive parents don't want your parents to take him from them... Meh!

Jesslyn said...

Just saw the movie this weekend- and the Hubby and I decided that it would be an awesomely horrible first date movie.

shine (the artist formerly known as meshealle) said...

Yay! Robin Sparkles! I wanna go to the mall.

Her slow jam was pretty lame, but she gets bonus points for having Dawson in her video.

Legen --(wait for it)-- dary!