Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I wonder what the kid at Target was thinking when he was developing these

So I realize I haven't posted about Vegas, but I keep getting sidetracked with all this other stuff I have to do (Sudoku. Shopping. Heroin.). So in the meantime I thought I'd post a scary picture.

Tonight I finally got my pictures from New Year's Eve developed. 1 - Six months ago. 2 - Two cameras. 3 - They were disposable (what is it-1997?). 4 - I don't remember taking one picture that night let alone 54. Here's a peak into what I found when I looked at them*:

Yeah he's dancing. In her crotch. Five minutes before he put his head in my chest and 10 minutes before he gave some other girl a hickey. And that's only one person. Multiply this behavior by about 20 people, and you'll start to get the full picture. I'd like to pretend this isn't normal behavior within our group, but, sadly, that would be a lie. Almost 30 years old, gang. Almost 30.

*Faces have been removed to protect the "innocent".

1 comment:

Anonymous said... hiding the faces is going to hide their identities with that fabulous rack. All of Cleveland would know that chest anywhere. No protecting the innocent...but don't worry, look at them, they aren't innocent. -Steph