Friday, June 16, 2006

You think you know, but you have no idea

A few weeks ago I was at Diane's place, and we were cleaning out the attic. I haven't lived there in 2 years. I had almost more stuff than she did up there. Two of the boxes that were unearthed were more of my "memory boxes". Jackpot, people. There is some good stuff in there which I will share with you over time. One of the first things I found was my very first diary.

Now, this blog offers everyone an inside look into my life. And by "my life" I mean "all the times I drink or do something stupid" which, sadly, is mostly what my life is comprised of. But now we have an even bigger sneak peak into who Sarah is or was with this new discovery. Reading through it, I'm fairly sure this will be worth money someday. I compare it to Anne Frank's diary in that it offers up a unique perspective as to the events happening during that era. And if you think I'm a good writer today (i.e., I never use the words "totally" or "awesome"), just wait till you see the writing prodigy stuck inside my preteen body.

With that I give you excerpts from my very first diary, a small red book covered in hearts and teddy bears with a lock that doesn't really lock. I've copied everything exactly how it was written except for where I scratched out every other goddamn word:

Dec. 6, 1985 (now age 9)
I got a camera, a radio, a mug, this diary, 2 barbies, a my little pony, boggle, slippers, socks, clothes and a nice jewelry box for my birthday. My birthday was kind of boring. [editor's note: spoiled brat]

Dec. 13, 1985 3rd 9
Josh now knows that me and Amber like him. And now he smiles at us constantly. Amber fantes and I get under a spell and just stare. [ed. note: Josh is Josh B. who plays a recurring role throughout this diary-and throughout my life-as being the hottest most amazing boy from the 'Ville. Ever.]

April 2nd, 1986
We went to the library and made food and water bowls and container for pound puppys, Scruffy and Fee-Fee. We had a pinic and made a Pound Puppy Club (PPC) for people with pound puppys only.

April 18th
Jill slept over.

Dec. 22, 1986
I have 6 posters hung up in my room.

Jan. 24, 1987
Dear Diary I forgot to say Happy New Year!! By the way, I fell in love with the guy in Iron Eagle (the movie). I don't know what his name is but I'm going to find out. When I do, I'll tell you. Catch ya later. Love, Sarah

May 14, 1987
I hate the guy from Iron Eagle. Total barf bag.

July 18, 1990
Hey! Wuz up? It's about 12:20 in the morning and I'm in bed. Tomorrow I'm dumping Lenny [ed. note: name has been changed]. I hate him. He gets mad at me if I want to do something w/ my friends. I go "Excuse me, but my whole life does not evolve around you." [ed. note: evolve] Like just the other day he got mad at me cuz me + Andrea + Mandy walked over to Booey's house cuz Andrea's obsessed w/ him. Lenny thought I was cheating on him! What a dickhead! He thinks he owns me or something. What a dork. His attitude really stinks. And plus all his friends hate me, all of my friends hate him, I hate all of his friends + he hates all of my friends.

July 19, 1990
Hey! What's happening? I dumped Lenny this morning. He probably hates me now. Now I'm going with Chris. [ed. note: slut]

July 21, 1990
I dumped Chris 2-day. It wasn't bad, but when he kissed me yesterday I knew I shouldn't be giong w/ him. We're just really good friends now. [ed. note: slutty tease]

Only 27 months 'til I drive!! I have 85 NKOTB posters on my walls! I heart Socket Wrench. He's a 15 year old 7th grader.

The diary ends the first day of 9th grade where I admit that I don't like the New Kids quite as much as I used to, that I'll be driving in a little over a year, that "Beverly Hills 90210" is my favorite show and that I'm going to the mall.


Jenny said...

Who is Lenny? I'm dying to know. And is Chris, Chris P.? Oh the good ole days in the 'Ville.

slcup said...

This is like reading my own diaries - the PPCs, the NKOTB posters, hopping from man to man. You were an EXCELLENT writer than, and your skills have just grown and grown.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! The guy from Iron Eagle is on the show Sharda made us watch last night, for like 5 mins, until we all got up and walked outside to get away...Windfall...check it out...

Also, you called me slutty last night...umm...reread your past and apologize to me.


Diane said...

this is awesome!

At least your diary has normal girl stuff in it. Mine's like "today I took a shower. then I emptied the dishwasher. then I played with Chrissy. "

Iron Eagle is on a new show...Windfall. how old is he?!

midwestgrrl said...

OMG. I have the same exact diary.

And yes the 'lock' is for crap.

Johnny Virgil said...

Sarah, I have a confession to make.

My life evolves around you.

John said...

I can't believe you referred to Louis Gossett Jr. at "the guy from Iron Eagle" and then called him a barf bag. Maybe you need to go watch "An Officer and a Gentleman" hor

Sarah said...

Hey-whoa easy, John. Of course I was not talking about Louis Gossett Jr. He is one sexy biatch.

Marianne said...

Is it foolish to want to believe that this Ville of which you speak is Painesville? I guess it could be Strongsville or Brecksville or even Orville......

Mon said...

Classic! My early journals were much the same stuff, I looooooved every boy, broke up, got back togther. Remember how easy it use to be? I also had a lot of hating my brother in mine. Cus, I hated him. He read my journals and that would scare him away.
I would have been exiled from your club. We were poor. I didn't have a pound puppy, I had what was called a "lonley puppy" a generic pound puppy. But my friends still played with me.

Sarah said...

Marianne, it's Strongsville. SHS forever!

Mon, there were only 2 people in our club: me and the other girl who formed it. It's not like we were turning people away because there was no one else. Plus we only did anything for the club on that day. Kids are weird.