Monday, June 12, 2006

This man is for real

While I was in Vegas, I met the man of my dreams. I saw him from across the bar. He was mature and tan, and I wanted to run my fingers through his jet black hair. Here he is:

His name? Cook E Jar. Please look at this man. He is at least 65 and wearing a Mick Mars wig. He is surrounded by siren lights and a karaoke machine. There are no words, you guys. No. Words.

When we walked by this guy performing at an outdoor bar, first of all he was singing Usher. Second of all my sister and Sharda started going crazy. "It's Cook E Jar. It's Cook E Jar!!" Then I had flashes from a Vegas trip a few years ago. I heard a lot of noise out in the hallway of the hotel. I went out to see what was going on. Diane and Sharda were laying on the floor yelling and laughing. Then Sharda pulled her shirt down to reveal a giant autograph in black marker sprawled across her chest. It said, "Cook E Jar".

So we stopped to buy some drinks where Cook E Jar was performing. Diane asked for a Red Bull and vodka, and Meg "accidentally" bought her a yard of it:

Then we took in some glorious Cook E Jar. What's sad is, this guy actually has a nice voice. He was clearly meant to be a lounge singer but went this route instead. I wonder if he goes home at night, takes off his wig and the chains, puts on his flannel pjs, looks in the mirror and thinks, "God I hate my life."

Well I, for one, salute you, Cook E Jar. At least you know the words to Usher. The only usher my grandpa knows is the one at the movie theater.


Melissa said...

i WANT that glass. It is amazing.

Yamell said...

Is he still with the Crumbs or Krums or however the heck they spell it?

slcup said...

Sarah, I will fight you for him like I'll fight you for Dane Cook.

hector said...

My yearly trip to Vegas consist of visiting Harrah's Casino to see his show at the Carnival Court..I would see his show at midnight and I also bought 2 of his cd's that he sold at the show..Great cd's

Snookie Quinn said...

OMG, Cook E Jarr! I remember seeing him in Delaware 33 years ago when he was first starting out. He had a thing he did called "100 turns". The strobe light would flash and he would turn around on stage 100 times. He had a keyboard player named Frankie and in the summer they would play the big clubs in Wildwood, New Jersey. I was in Vegas last spring but didn't know he was still around, or even alive for that matter. If only I had known.... I don't even know what me think of him today but I googled his name and there were all these sights. I can't believe he's still around. Oh the memories this brings back. He used to pack the house in Delaware!

Mark B. said...

the legendary Cook E. Jarr is still keeping crowds entertained at the Napolean Lounge at the Paris Hotel on the strip. Mondays from 6-8 pm. Come on out, it's always a great time and check him out on I LOVE COOK E. JARR on facebook and support this great cause: