Thursday, September 14, 2006

Community Education programs being offered in my area that I most likely will not be attending

Searching the Internet for Seniors (Ages 50+)

Getting Paid for Caring for Your Loved Ones

How to Handle Too Many Passions to Pick Just One

Seeing Your Past Lives

The Lipstick, The Handshake and The Wardrobe

Ukulele Workshop

Mountain Dulcimer Workshop

Harmonica Workshop

Dog Massage and Energy Workshop

Global Warming

Lake Erie Weather

Embraced by Angels ("The Crossing Over Workshop")

How to Explore a Cemetery

Pony Camp

Mother/Daughter French Hair Braiding


Adam said...

And this is why you aren't as awesome as you could be. Now, if you excuse me I'll be playing my passion the ukulelarmonica while I cross over and search for my over 50s friends. I'll find you all in the cemetery after global warming has it's wicked way.

AG said...

The last one is downright creepy.

StrangerDanger said...

I need more Mountain Dulcimer, babe.

Pony Camp was also good, bone-wise.

russ said...

I was thinking the last one sounded pretty hot. And WTF is "The Lipstick, The Handshake and The Wardrobe"???? First I think it might be hot, then I think it might be gross.

I like how you can tell that certain classes are taught by the same person -- the freak instruments for instance, and the medium BS. And probably "Searching the Internet" and "dog massage".


Sarah said...

Russ, from the Community Education program guide:

"The Lipstick, The Handshake and The Wardrobe:
This program will coach you through a combination of presentations and interactive demonstrations in 2 important areas:
- Essential skin care and tasteful make-up application
- Wardrobe solutions for a busy lifestyle and business etiquette basics."

What year is it.

TheBizofKnowledge said...

Oh, come on! I think plenty of those classes sound extremely useful. Shouldn't everyone know how to explore a cemetery or how to give their dogs a massage?!

Johnny Virgil said...

I've heard that the best way to explore a cemetery is from the grassy side.

Golightly said...

Embraced by Angels ("The Crossing Over Workshop")


Oh, that girl. said...

Sad I didn't get to make out with you when passing through town a couple of weeks ago. Can I get a rain check? Hornily yours,

Oh, That girl

John said...

I think I should teach "Searching the Internet for Seniors" I am so goddamned awesome at finding Seniors on the internet.