Thursday, September 28, 2006

I know how to read

Since my friends and I are now old and mature (see: every post I've ever posted here), we have started a book club. I have never been in a book club before. My mom is in one, and after almost every meeting I get a call like this, "So guess what Sharon told me at book club last night [insert gossip about someone from my high school here]." And that's awesome. But what's most awesome is that you can always tell my mom had a great time. So when Shannon asked if I wanted to be in one, I was game.

Last night was our first meeting. We read "Angels & Demons" by Dan Brown since most people had already read it, and we wanted to ease everyone into the process. Here are my thoughts on book club.

How it was like school:
- We had to introduce ourselves (there were some new people) and when I said, "As long as we don't have to say a "fun fact" that's fine." immediately Suz was like, "Okay you have to say a fun fact about the person next to you." Dammit Suz.
- Shannon gave us star stickers after we introduced ourselves.
- Shannon prepared questions for discussion! (Did I mention Shannon is a former teacher?)
- We actually talked about the book.
- At 10pm Tuesday night I was only 141 pages into the 568 page book so I scrambled and finished it by 6:30pm yesterday-the time when I was supposed to be at Shannon's house.

How it was not like school:
- I was awake.
- We had wine. And a chocolate fountain. Seriously.
- I wanted to be there.
- I was allowed to swear and make fun of Tom Hanks without someone calling me a smartass and telling me to take off my hat and/or stop chewing gum.
- There was no wrong answer.
- It was fun.

When it started I was really nervous because we were actually talking about the book, and I was like, "Oh my God people are giving their opinion about the book. This is weird. Shouldn't we be talking about hot guys and getting drunk?" But then it was really interesting and obviously my friends are awesome so it was really fun. Shannon, I know you were all nervous about it, but it went great and everyone had a good time. You are super cute and fun and did a good job.

Ladies, we are officially not young anymore, and I expect that very shortly I'll be calling my mom and saying, "Oh my gosh guess what Sharda told me at book club last night [insert gossip about one of my friends here]."

P.S. Visit this site immediately. It's effing fantastic. FANTASTIC.

P.P.S. The Office and Grey's tonight. Get ready.


Mon said...

Yea, you do that stuff when you are old, and you think it's cool. My old activity is bird watching. I never thought that I'd actually tell people...."omg I saw a blue bird, it was BLUE" and think they really cared. Book club sounds fun. Another thing I never thought I'd say.....

Anonymous said...

Shannon directed me here to the land of the bloggers! :) Very cool! Book club was by far very entertaining and wonderful to have so many smart women in one room! :) and the chocolate fountain with all the things to dip it marshmellows....THE BEST! books, wine, and chocolate...3 of my favorite things! :)

StrangerDanger said...

I tried to get the stripper's at Christy's into a book club. Despite the presence of a bubble machine and several large non-Glade plugins, the book thing was a failure. We just ended up reading the Playboy cartoons out loud, which i had to explain, bone-wise.

The marmaduke site is too funny...

Marianne said...

Thanks for another great blog to read.

Congrats on discovering the wonders of old people activities. My choice: Bingo halls that serve beer.

Johnny Virgil said...

are you sure you're not way older than I am?

Adam said...

Holy crap!!

I don't come along here for a few days and now you can read and cook!

You've changed man, you've changed.

This blog has outgrown me, I'm outta here...

Carly said...

Ok, did your pc crash? Giant blackout in c-town??

no post about Grey's yet?

I love Callie, more and more.

And I really love whoever arranged that last towel. LOVE that.

As for the office, I HATE that Jim and Pam are apparently not even speaking but I love Jim for saying "he used to be my boss, now we're friends"....

Anonymous said...

Dear Knower of all that is Grey's Anatomy:
My Tivo stopped recording right after someone stepped out of Addison's bathroom... Who was it? What happened? What did I miss? Help!

Carly said...


it was the guy that Addison originally slept with (Derek's former best friend, plastic surgeon hot guy)

He was barely in a towel. Your Tivo couldn't handle how hot he was.