Monday, October 02, 2006

Belated Grey's Recap

I wasn't home Thursday night so I had to watch Grey's and The Office on Friday morning before I left to go out of town this weekend. More on both of those events later. Don't read this if you haven't seen The Office or Grey's.

The Office
All I have to say is "DWIGHT GOT A HOOKER!" I seriously almost peed my pants.

Okay I thought Thursday's episode was awesome. That is the most I've seen Meredith smile in a long time, and it was nice.

The underpants scene was fantastic. I love Bailey: "I know it's one of you two. It's always one of mine." Speaking of Bailey, the Nazi is back and in full effect, and it's awesome! She is seriously the best part of this show. The scene with her and Izzie was unbelievable. I was crying like a little baby. I want Bailey to come take care of me.

I love that even though Alex is an ass he is still trying to protect Izzie. He totally still loves her. Also him doing the patient in the bathroom was hilarious. He really is a little man-whore isn't he. A hot little man-whore.

Okay I'm just laying it out there now: I have a crush on Burke's dad. Seriously how awesome is he!? And the scenes with Christina and Burke's mom are priceless. Could his mom be any more opposite than Christina? It's awesome.

I agree with Carly, I'm really starting to like Callie. That was so cool that she covered for Meredith. She is making a huge effort to fit in with George's friends, and he's crazy if he doesn't see that. Um also when Meredith was like, "Callie's hot. She's really really hot-like almost dirty hot." I laughed. Then I was picturing getting caught dancing in my underwear by my boss. And it was a horrifying image, you guys. It really was. And it didn't include my boss and I drinking coffee on my bed-me still in my underwear. What was that about. The first thing you do in that situation besides try to run away is put some pants on. Callie sure does love walking around in her underwear.

Okay did anyone else totally melt when Finn brought Izzie lunch then got all sexy in Meredith's face and was like, "I'm not that sensitive." and pushed her up against a wall to kiss her!? I was like-um....rewind! That was hot. He is hot and nice, and like Meredith said, "He's the guy who brings your roommate lunch when she's sad." Do those guys really exist? If you know of any, please send them my way. Thanks.

Meredith was way more likable this episode, and it's nice to see her smile again. I really do like her. I like that she called McDreamy out on the "you're still married" thing. And I like that she decided to date both of them because honestly how do you choose? You can't so you date both until one of them gets sick of it then it's decided for you. It's what I like to call "the easy way out". I have perfected this method for almost every aspect of my life. I have yet to use it in a situation where 2 medically trained hot men with scruffy 5 'o clock shadow want to date me, but when that situation arises, I will be ready.

And then McDreamy. While I felt his talk with Addison ("I'm going to eat all of these muffins and get really fat.") was late, it was still heartfelt. I really felt bad for both of them that they had to admit their marriage was over. They're not meant to be, and that's pretty obvious, but it doesn't mean they didn't care. I was just really sad for them. And then the bathroom door opened up, and I was blinded by abs and arms and thigh and calves and almost ass. The Hot radiated from the screen and burned with the heat of a thousand suns. Then McSteamy said, "This is awkward." And I said a silent prayer that his towel would magically fall to the floor. I have never seen a more well-placed towel in my life, have you? I'm just saying that man is blessed. And I am blessed that he is going to be on again next week. Hey, writers, can I get a "series regular" please? I think I should be able to see him every week. Preferably in a towel.


Mon said...

totally hot that mcsteamy is back. I think his talents are wasted on addison though...
I loved that alex did the cancer lady!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Mark IS hot. He has signed up a cast regular for season three. I'm happy to see that the show is bringing in some new blood. Unless of course, he falls in love with Meredith, too, in which case I will stop watching. I'm also not looking forward to an entire season of Meredith-wooing leading up to her cliff-hanger decision. I'm bored with it already. But, I'm not a Meredith, I'm an Addision, so who cares what I think, right? Callie is awesome and if George re-falls in love with Meredith, I will stop watching. The underwear thing was weird.

Burke's dad is Shaft. I'm praying he gets to pistol-whip somebody this week.


Gordon said...

Whoa. Burke's dad is Shaft? I'm looking this up, b/c Shaft was defintely on one of the low-grade channels around here last night and I may have watched it when the game turned to a blow out.

Also, Sarah, thank you for being the only other person who still thinks that Derek isn't the worst person in the world.

Sassy Blondie said...

Meredith can have McDreamy...bring on Dr. McSteamy! WOW The heat of a thousands suns? Oh YEAH!

And what's up with Addison all telling him to go home last night? Is she on crack?!