Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh, Lost-how I love thee

*Don't read if you haven't seen last night's episode of "Lost"*

Am I the only one who thought "Lost" was outstanding last night? Sawyer's life is like a rollercoaster. Holy hell. He has a daughter!? Yowza. That is quite a twist. I did not see that coming. It was very uncool when he befriended that nerdy inmate and then totally sold him out to get out of jail. But it was very cool that he gave all the money to his baby girl. Something else uncool? Her name is Clementine. Come on, lady. What are you doing? Do you hate your baby?

I totally lost my freakin' mind when they said they put a pacemaker in his chest. Do you think they really did? I know BenHenry said they didn't at the end, but he has a history of being a little bit less than truthful, and by "a little bit" I mean "a whole fucking lot". All I know is that is creepy if they really did it. Actually it's creepy even if they didn't because it means they were diabolical enough just to come up with an idea like that. Freaks.

And you know what, BenHenry? Don't get all holier than thou with your "WE don't kill people, James" bullshit. Oh no-you just kidnap them and hold them as prisoners and torture them and run psychological experiments on them and use intimidation techniques to essentially beat them into submission. No-that makes you good people. And then you're surprised when one of them kills one of you? Get your head out of your ass. If you beat a tamed animal enough, it'll turn on you.

Can you tell I hate The Others with a burning passion? At this point I don't give a rat's ass if they really are good people. They refuse to divulge any information and they refuse to let Jack, Kate and Sawyer go not to mention they tried to take Claire's baby and tried to murder Charlie. They deserve whatever they get at this point. The castaways have to protect themselves based on the information they have. And the information they have is that The Others are a bunch of seriously big a-holes.

I feel Juliette (fertility doctor??) might break. Jack is going to wear her down. I like when he said, "I don't care about making you feel better." You can't have it both ways, hor! You're either his captor or his friend. Decide. And pick 'friend'. Have you seen how hot he is? Um that reminds me-Kate saying she loves Sawyer? I'm not okay with that. And they totally threw that line in where she says, "I just said that so they would stop beating you." for people like me who still want her with Jack, to give us hope. But come on-I wasn't born yesterday. She loves Sawyer. Goddammit, Lost writers. Why did you do this to me. Sawyer's cute and funny and I love him, but he already turned on her once last season when he used her to steal all the guns. He'll do it again. Dammit. Dammit dammit dammit.

I love Desmond. I love him. What is up with him seeing the future. Now's he's cute and smart and has an awesome accent and can see the future. Amazing!! Did Hurley really ask him if he wanted some fruit salad? Fruit salad! God I love Hurley.

One last thing...the tumor!! It's BenHenry, isn't it? I'm freaking out. My how the tables have turned, BenHenry. Now you need Jack which means you'll probably have to give in to some of his demands. Excellent!

I love this effing show!!


Anonymous said...

I don't think they really did the pacemaker. The guys with the needle had a hard enough time giving an injection and their doctoring skills couldn't even save Brokenose's girlfriend.

Have we seen the golfer that Desmond borrowed the club from before? I think they'll bring him back for a few more appearances. He seems to be the "Lost"-type.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was kind of boring last night, except for the spine x-ray. The pacemaker hoax was really obvious (for the reasons stated in the above comment) and the scene where they forced Kate to say she loved Sawyer was dumb. Why did saying that make him stop hitting him? Wouldn't he be like "Oh, you love him, do you? well, let me show you what it's like to see someone you love suffer....", and continue to hit him more? Whatever. And the whole Nikki/Paulo(?) the two new characters they were supposed to introduce last week butkeep cutting out their scenes for whatever reason is really bugging me. The previews for next week seem to feature Nikki prominently and Paulo (the italian golfer)had a scene with Desmond last night with no explanation. Just introduce them already. I read that fans are demanding more focus on the "core characters" and the romantic triangle of Kate-Jack-Sawyer. Cut it out fans, do we not agree that these writers are friggin brilliant? This is the best show to ever be on television (except for perhaps twin peaks)and yet we still find things to complain about. Can we not trust them to unfurl the story the way they see fit? That's my Lost venting for the day.

Sarah said...

Anon #1, good point about the needle in the chest. By the way, needle in the chest! Gew. The golfer and that other new girl who was on last week are the newbies of the cast (Nikki and Paulo-thanks, Anon #2). This show can just all of a sudden have new cast members because we don't know all of the castaways so we assume they've been there all the time. Personally it's weird. But golfer guy is kind of hot so I'm okay with him.

Anon #2, did you just call me stupid because I didn't think the pacemaker thing was obviously a hoax? Dammit, Anon #2. I agree with you on the Sawyer/Kate/Love You scene. It was kind of forced, and I, too, was like if she admits she loves him wouldn't broken nose guy keep beating Sawyer up more? Weird. Then again, The Others motives are a mystery so who's to say there isn't a good reason for it. I'm sorry to say I am someone who wanted more focus on the love triangle. I think it's a compelling storyline. People trapped on an island would most likely form cliques and relationships, etc., like this. And after such a traumatic event those relationships would form quickly. I'd like to see more of that played out. Okay also Jack is way hot, and I want to see him and Kate get it on. I can't help it. You are right, Anon #2-the writers are brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Most certainly not calling you stupid, Sarah. I just know a mind-game when I see one. I watch too much Hu$tle, I guess. I had a pretty good idea of what Sawyer was up to in prison, too. Of course, that ex-girlfriend proabably just pulled the ultimate long-con on him. Only time will tell.

how did they teach that rabbit to "play dead" anyway? And did he really lug that thing up to the top of a mountian for dramatic effect? Even Sawyer thought that was stupid.


Anonymous said...

they didn't teach the rabbit to pl;ay dead...BenHenry told sawyer at the end that they gave it a sedative so were jsut waiting for it to pass out which explains why it wasn't moving too much to begin with. Also...did you see the preview for next week??? I kept rewinding it to see you they saw on that freaky!!

Mon said...

I personally don't think Clemantine is his kid. I think it's a con. Con the con artist. Like Benry did to Sawyer. I found it adorable that Sawyer said 'bunny'.

I dont think they did the pacemaker they don't have a surgeon. Then again you never know.

I'm also sure there are more 'others' that are 'bad'.

I think it's also NOT Benry with a tumor. Remember in previews for this week they made it look like Benry was beating sawyer 'do you love him?' it wasn't benry at all. It's all a trick. So, they made it look like it's benry's tumor, but I bet it's Jack, or Locke, or Sawyer.

I think if Jack died, Desmond would be my favorite.

Sarah said...

Lo and Mon, I never thought of Clemetine being a con. That's very interesting! I never see this stuff coming.

Mon, you totally just blew my mind with your 'maybe it's a castaway's tumor' theory. Maybe Locke? Would that explain his not being able to walk? Holy crap this has thrown me into a full-on freaking out session. I need to know who it is. And yes-Desmond totally rules. I love him.

Johnny Virgil said...

Evangeline Lilly. So. Effing. Hot.

Anonymous said...

My initial reaction was that it was Locke's x-ray, but the previews certainly make it appear to be Benry's. Plus, I'm still pretty attached to the idea that Locke was the patient on Dr. Christian Shepard's table when Jack had to tell the higher-ups he was intoxicated during surgery.


p.s. I'm dreaming of an episode where Locke and Sayid track down the Others' camp and start slashing throats....and I'm normally a very passive person.

JLD said...

Talk about full-on freaking out - Locke on the table as Foxy's dad is performing drunk surgery? Yes... I'm thinking good theory.

Clementine as a long con - never thought of that, but yes, I'm thinking good theory.

I thought it was Sawyer's xrays with the tumor.

I want to know how Juliet the infertility doctor became a doctor - do they fly their people out to go to school or is there some kind of edumacation they get there? And really - infertility on the island, what is that all about?