Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sports break

Obviously we are all still devastated by Katrina and are wishing all the affected cities a speedier recovery than what we've seen so far, but if the Saints don't stop screwing me in my Pro Pick 'Em league I'm gonna lose my mind. 4-1?!? Seriously? This is what I get for betting against a team from a party town. Never bet against the drinkers, Sarah!

P.S. The Tigers beating the Yankees in the Playoffs may have been the greatest moment of my life.


slcup said...

Effing Yankees.

Golightly said...

I hear you loud and'ing Saints!
My pool is suffering b/c of them as well. I know the day I pick them is the day they'll turn it around. Ha

russ said...

30 Rock. s.

russ said...

I haven't been frequenting the theory boards so I'm probably way behind, but I have a prediction:
Something is up with Kate. The time between breakfast and entering the cage last week, something happened (that also scurfed up her arms with the handcuffs). It broke her, seems to have made her more compliant and cooperative.

That's messed up.

Also, I miss Locke. Is that wrong?