Thursday, October 05, 2006

Some stuff for today

- Meat Part 2: Animal Carcass:

- The name of the new Die Hard movie that's coming out is Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard. Um...YES.

- Did you guys watch Lost last night? Here were my exact thoughts right after it was over:

What the fuck is going on!?!?

Last night was so frustrating in that it again posed so many new questions, but at the same time it was freakin' awesome!!! Am I right or am I right? Seriously who the hell are the Others and WHAT DO THEY WANT!? It is driving me crazy. I must know what they are all about and why they are holding these people hostage for apparently no reason. What threat do the survivors pose? I seriously can't deal. Henry Gale, by the way, is the creepiest guy on television which makes him absolutely fantastic. The guy that plays him is the man. Seriously. Oh also-book club? What? They bake muffins and have book club meetings? WHO ARE YOU, OTHERS!?

I have to concede one point to Diane: Jack is a little bitchy. I mean he really is crabby. However, his wife left him, his dad died before they patched things up, his plane crashed on a weird island, every single person looks to him and relies on him for everything and now he's being held prisoner in a glass box underneath an aquarium filled with sharks while the new lady he cares about is being held captive somewhere else. I think he's earned the right to be crabby. Despite his crabbiness, he is so goddamn hot. I mean honestly. Look at him you guys. Plus he's determined and tough and smart and did I mention hot? I don't care what you say, Diane-I love him.

When Henry Gale told Kate she was not going to have a pleasant 2 weeks, I almost wet myself. What the hell does that mean? Why is he so scary? Sayid needs to get his badass in there and rescue them. Because you know that will be good TV.

It's good to have you back, Lost. I wish you were on again tonight.

- What is happening on Clay Aiken's head:


russ said...

Mmmm... Lost. I like how Sawyer was all proud of himself for figuring out the bear puzzle. Fish biscuit!

Mon said...

Thank God it's back! SO...the whole valenzuesian equation. (i totally butchered that spelling) from the lost experience this summer says the numbers have to do with the end of human existance. Plus, they had a 100 year old orangutan. Some serious experiments going on here! Thats for sure! What does it all mean? Who knows.

Ok and so since im an official freak, i get on the msg boards and lost blogs. If you go to the abc website, and look at the season 3 galleries, there is a pic of jack laying down in that fish hatch and a little girl standing there. yea. plain as day. i dont remember that in the episode.

I felt so bad about Jack. he loved sarah so much. I'd love him back. Bitch.

Maybe you are an other. since you started that whole book club thing?? Remember henry asking last season...dont you have any stephen king? when locke gave him a book to read? Now, hes all too good for the book club cus they were reading 'Carrie'. Whats up with that?

Anonymous said...

I kept thinking that Foxy ended his marriage... didn't he? Wasn't he the one that realized that he didn't love her? What am I forgetting about that whole situation?

I agree - answered no questions and left me with a whole lot more - thats what makes me love it the most.

Golightly said...

LOST makes my brain hurt.
Everytime I watch I need a cheat sheet to follow along...who are those people and why do know everything about Jack?

Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken is quite possibly the best artist from American Idol, however; I believe the following reasons why the CD “A Thousand Different Ways” is NOT selling:

1 - He waited 3 years to put out a sophmore album. When he was on AI, it was early 2003. It is fall of 2006. Some of the fans have assumed he would be a “one-hit-wonder” and kind of moved on.

2 - An album of covers. He has more covers than original songs. That is never a good idea. Also, the covers are very boring and not upbeat. They don’t showcase his potential at all and make him seem rather “karaoke”.

3 - This album is not even close to being as upbeat as “Measure of a Man” and Clay promised many people that he would put out a more upbeat album next time. He put out the opposite.

4 - Obsessed fans of other artists are immature and fear threatened by Clay, so they call in different stores and ask to hold CDs. They, then, go into stores and hide the CDs and some people even resort to the lowest of the low and breaking them. (Apparently this was caught on tape)

5 - This scandal, the rumors, etc are not having a good impact on some of the type of women Clay attracts. Most don’t believe the story, but there are people that do and have seperated the man from the music and chose to believe the lies and shut Clay out, regardless of how good he sings.

6. Promotion. Airplay. etc. I have never heard any new songs from Clay’s new album at all on the radio. He does talk shows, but there many that don’t watch those shows or follow Clay religiously to know he is on those shows.

Clay has so much more potential, than what he is currently delivering. However; he became famous and gained a record deal through a reality show. Even though he is no longer on the contract of American Idol, he is still a "puppet" and a strategy. He only has limited decision making in anything he does. This is what happens when you get a record deal through a television show. It seems too good to be true and it is (as there are many plusses), but there are minuses too.

Nessa Mulheren said...

While watching the show I kept howling at odd intervals, "HOLY CRAP THEY HAVE A GAZEBO!!!" Which my husband stopped thinking was funny after the 12th time.

Also, I am in love with Sawyer and his fish biscuit. But I am MORE in love with previously-bearded-and-now-no-longer-bearded-pirate-Zeke for his wee commentary on the fish biscuit and for telling Sawyer that the bears figured it out in only two hours. However, I do not wish to have any kind of physical relationship with Zeke, beard or no beard. Sawyer is a whole different story.


John said...

I think Clay Aiken looks like Mike Meyers playing Clay Aiken poorly.

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Clay Aiken is a power top. So now he's trying to look the part.

Top, bottom, either way he's still a colon cowboy.