Friday, October 13, 2006


Yesterday was a great day. First I opened up my mail and this was in there:

That is my Heinen's preferred customer card. Okay it's not that exciting, but at least it was mail that wasn't a bill. Plus I earn Continental Frequent Flyer miles when I use it. Man, my life is sad.

Also I got a package. When I opened it it was filled with this:

This is wine from this winery. Diane and Drew found it when they went to Florida, and they brought me some back. It is amazing. I drank all of it last night. Okay that's not true. But I wanted to. Instead I just hugged all of it a few times.

When I came home from work my Dad was there putting up these:

Then he showed me the icicle lights and mini colored lights he bought for me for use at Christmas. Then he took me out to dinner. I'm just saying that my future husband has a lot to live up to. Good luck, future husband. I think you are going to need it.

Obviously we need to talk about shows.

I agree with Russ. I would like to know why Kate's wrists are all effed up. What did they do to her before they brought her to that cage? I heart Sawyer. Big time. He is so funny and hot and a jerk but in a good way. If he called me Freckles I would totally be fine with it. Well I mean except for the fact that I don't have freckles so it would be kind of a weird nickname for me, but that's okay. Sun is a badass mother effer. She just went ahead and shot that lady right in the stomach didn't she? Good! Now that we know The Others are actually kind of normal people, I hate them more than ever. It's easier to deal with people you think are totally batshit crazy doing bad stuff to other people. But these people seem normal and are basically just doing experiments on our friends (yes I just said 'our friends' as if we are actually friends). For what purpose? It is absolutely driving me insane. On Wednesday I was like, "I'm gonna need someone to kill one of The Others because I hate them so much." And then Sun totally delivered. I was cheering.

Also is anyone else ready for this bitch to die?

She just keeps getting in the way and messing stuff up.

One last thing-did you see how irritated BenHenry got when Jack didn't believe him that he had contact with the outside world? Jack was laughing at him saying, "If you really wanted to convince me you would've picked a different team besides Boston." And BenHenry got agitated. It stood out for me because he is always so calm and collected. It's probably nothing-I just thought it was interesting.

The Office
I am happy to see Jim smiling again although I'm ready for him to be back in the Scranton branch so he can torture Dwight and make googly eyes at Pam. How cute is he with those chips? He did all that work just to get her some chips. My God do men like this really exist? Also I seriously almost started crying when Pam was giving her speech at the bird funeral, and it was so obvious she wrote that speech for Michael. She is so sweet, and that was such a nice moment. Then I was almost crying with laughter 2 seconds later when Dwight was playing "On the Wings of Love" on his recorder and Pam was singing it. Holy crap. Oh and also Pam rules because when they were sharing their "death of a loved one" experiences she used the plot from Million Dollar Baby. Man-Pam was awesome this episode. Other highlights: Ryan with his Lion King story and Jim's weirdo co-worker ("Did you check your butt?").

Here were my exact thoughts on the first couple minutes of Grey's last night: "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" Did you see that guy's face just light up? I crapped myself.

So McDreamy finally did the right thing. Diane, please do not tell me you didn't like him last night. He was so sweet and caring and finally, finally "got it". He understood that he was being selfish and he let her go, and it was perfect. And not surprisingly she picked him shortly after. But man-Finn. He is AMAZING. How do you let a guy like that go? Because the heart wants what it wants even if it's bad for you. At least he was like, "He's going to hurt you again, and when he does I won't be around anymore." Yeah-cuz he'll be at my house.

Addison, despite the fact that you are a cheating whore, you are smart and pretty and became over the top nice by talking to Meredith about McDreamy. You really didn't owe that to her or to him so good for you. You're a classy lady besides the whole cheating on your husband stuff. You should keep having sex with McSteamy.

Mmmmm....McSteamy. Holy. I feel like this blog has become my 7th grade diary where all I talk about are hot guys but I'm on hottie overload lately, and McSteamy is only making it worse. I won't bore you with pre-teen gushing, I'll just give a shout out to the big man upstairs. Well done, big man. Well done indeed.

Callie, way to go dumping George. You were absolutely right. He drops everything for Izzie and Meredith. I'm glad you stood up for yourself. Also you are my hero because I can think of no better revenge than sleeping with the hottest doctor on the entire planet an hour after you've been dumped. That is how I like to get over my breakups, too. I mean that's not how I actually get over them. My way usually involves ice cream and "Friends", but given the opportunity that is how I would do it, too.

Um...8.7 million dollars, you guys. 8.7 MILLION DOLLARS!!!


Mon said...

Benry is a freak, who is going to snap from lack of outside contact. he also told jack home is right on the other side of that glass and ill take you benry isnt a liar, hes careful with words. I'm sure he'll take him outside and make him become some freaky 'other'. I hate Benry and Juliette, who obviously have some sort of flowers in the attic relationship. Die.

Isn't Callie a friggin surgeon? why on earth does she pretend to be dirt poor? She's totally gonna do McSteamy. Hotness!

Izzie is totally opening up some kind of charity thing, cus she is too nice.

Vicky Automobile said...

with 8.7 million dollars izzie can bake all the muffins she wants for the rest of her freaking life. craziness.

SnogAsh said...

I keep wanting to write Lost off because I don't/can't understand the motives of the Others. I understand that the show would basically end if everything were spelled out, but I need some more info to keep trusting. Too many shows - Alias, X-Files- lost themselves in their own myths.

Also, it's not possible for me to watch Grey's without breathing, "He's so effing hot" at least once when McDreamy's on screen.

Golightly said...

I agree with Mon, I think Ben and Juliette are totally Flowers in The Attic...GROSS.

But I think that Callie told George that the reason she lived in the hospital was b/c she couldn't afford rent anywhere. (?!?!)

russ said...

Re: Lost, I hang my hat on the idea that the fractured cabal behind everything is composed of many people/groups with different goals -- that some (like Benry... who has spent his entire life on the island?!) honestly feel that with the information they have (be it Vinzetti Equations or lies from self-serving arms dealers) things that look cruel or evil to our Losties are actual necessary to achieving their larger goal.

Basically the idea is that while it's highly dramatic on thee island, the world really is a place where many people can be evil to someone else -- from the customer service guy for the phone company to someone who just cut you off on the highway.

The interesting thing, then, is understanding everyone's point of view and figuring out who is evil/good from your point of view. So they slowly feed us info and let us test our own morals.

Plus Kate is smokin' hot.

Nessa Mulheren said...

I cannot believe you did not mention the preview for next week in which that absolute fucker Locke says, "i'm going to go rescue mr. eko." hello! At long last, my Mr. Eko shall return. Joy.

Also, how could you fail to write down the best line of the series so far...kate saying "you taste like fish biscuit" to sawyer?!

Anonymous said...

McSteamy needs to fix his facial hair. I can't handle his thin line beard that does not connect to his mustache - very bothersome to me and so much so that I can't see him as McSteamy, but instead Mcneedsashavey.

Lost boils down to - Foxy good, Sawyer sketchy, Locke annoying - and where is the hobbit? And where did that food drop (from last season) come from and why wasn't there a life-boat drop? Lost, good.

Johnny Virgil said...

Russ -- what the fuck are you talking about? that was like "blah, blah, blah, blah, Kate is hot."

I got that last part though. It's the only reason I watch the damn show.

Ms_Bubble_Head said...

hey um... i was just reading ur blog and i was just wondering how you got your backround to be that color instead of white with dots. can you plaese tell me how??

Nessa Mulheren said...

fish biscuit.