Friday, September 22, 2006

Is it next Thursday yet?

*Don't read if you haven't seen "The Office" or "Grey's Anatomy" yet. Or if you don't care about those shows.*

The Office
When 8:30 rolled around was anyone else just as giddy as me? I mean seriously I was so happy. Then they show Jim in another office, and it was like somebody punched me in the stomach. What the frick!? I was really angry. Until I saw that Pam didn't marry Roy then I was all, "This could get interesting." Also the fact that Jim is in another office yet still tormenting Dwight is fantastic. By the way how pathetic is Roy right now? I actually felt bad for him. Also I personally think he looks totally hot with that beard. Not that I am taking his side or anything because it is Jim and Pam forever. But still. He looks yummy.

Also Michael was so moronic yesterday that it was simply excruciating-and amazing-to watch. I think Drew was in actual physical pain during the conference room scene because it was just so uncomfortable. Steve Carrell is an effing genius!!!

Other highlights:
- Dwight fake crying about Jim leaving
- Kevin laughing into the camera after finding out Oscar was gay
- Michael calling Angela a lesbian and then saying, "Can't you picture her with another girl?" and Dwight smiling
- Creed: "In the 60's I made love to many, many, many women. Usually outside, in the mud. It's possible a man may have slipped in there. There's really no way of knowing."
- Michael: "Gay used to mean happy. When I was growing up it meant lame."
- Gaydar. I really don't need to say more than that, do I?

I was going to keep listing things, but then I realized I was about to basically write out the entire episode so I'll just say that last night's episode was top-notch, and I am SO happy it's back.

Grey's Anatomy
I thought last night's episode was really good, but it didn't really advance the story as much as I had hoped. That's mainly because I was expecting her to choose someone, and she didn't. And I'm annoyed. The scenes with Izzie were pretty upbeat, though. Not! (Yeah I did just say "Not". What's up 1992?) My favorite one was with George. I've always like Izzie and George's relationship. And personally if it was me, George is the one I would want comforting me. He's so nice.

Don't get me started on the scenes with Dr. Bailey and that poor guy from 588 A.D. who had the plague and then lost his wife. Oh my God. Heart. Wrenched out of my chest. Also Christina crying on Burke's shoulder saying, "Please don't ever die." Um...what! I was actually biting back tears because I didn't want to cry in front of Scott and John. Although John turned to me afterwards and said, "Who's that one actress? Sandra Oh? Yeah she just made me almost cry a little bit there." Awesome.

Could Alex be any hotter? The answer is no. But why doesn't he just admit he loves babies and is going to become a pediatric surgeon like Addison. I mean seriously. I think they even foreshadowed this by showing the flashback of him telling Izzie-in a condescending tone-that he assumed she would go into pedes (is that how you spell it?). I think it would make such a perfect unforeseen twist for his character. This jerky guy who thinks he's too cool for school (Yeah I said that, too) ends up being a baby doctor? Brilliant. And when I say unforeseen, I mean unforeseen by everyone but me. I never make predictions about shows, but I am making this one. If I am wrong, I will erase all traces of this post.

As far as the Meredith love do you pick which hot medically trained guy with 5 o'clock shadow to be with? I mean seriously. If I had at least one hot medically trained man with 5 o'clock shadow after me I would be happy. But two? It's an impossible decision.

And lastly, panties on the bulletin board? Yes. Just yes.

Oh by the way, when George said to McDreamy, "I don't like you." Diane said, "Neither do I." This is now two of the hottest men on my favorite shows that Diane doesn't like-McDreamy and Jack from "Lost". You guys, it's like she's doing it to hurt me. Don't worry I'm having DNA tests done to prove we aren't related.

One last thing, when Meredith started taking off Izzie's dress John said, "I've been waiting for Meredith to undress Izzie for 6 months."


sharda said...

When Michael kissed Oscar I choked on my dinner. When Dwight stood up to do it, I nearly wet myself. It was classic and will be watched many many more times. Also I love George.

Had you followed up the office and grey's with ER, you would not have been disappointed. It was fantastic, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Also Jerry better not die because we all know his new show with Anne Heche (aka Celestia or whatever her space name is) is not going to last long on the air.

Vicky Automobile said...

Sandra Oh + hot fake tv boyfriend + good writing = best scene.

AG said...

Another fab review!

Johnny Virgil said...

They should just move that show to a 2:30pm daily time slot. It would fit right in.

Johnny Virgil said...

Has anyone been watching Standoff? I was always a Ron Livingston fan.

Anonymous said...

Does Diane have a blog? She is sooo right on with the McDreamy/Jack thing. Self-righteousness is a really unattractive quality in a man, I don't care how skilled you are with the beard trimmer.

-Team Locke

slcup said...

Um, no comment on the kitchen seen between Mer/Der and what he said to her? I'll save my reaction for my blog, so make sure you pop on over and give me your thoughts.

Mon said...

Meredith couldn't decide last night. It would have cut out the best part of the whole mcdreamy "I love you" scene. He got to tell her to take her time to decide, because "when I had a decision to make, I made the wrong one" ugh. Classic! plus you know its going to be the cliff hanger this season, theyll never get together.

Alex is gonna be a girlie dr. And win izzies heart!

How funny was it that Addison took the time to wash and dry the panties first? That's what made it awesome!

And, ummmm how can you not like Jack? He is the definition of hotness!

Gordon said...

Yeah, I have to post my Grey's/Office thoughts still, but I have one thought here:

Roy's DUI picture. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

jack from LOST.....very hot. from the office..HOTTEST...b/c can't you just imagine him being one of our friends? But without the annoying stuff or hangups? lol (sorry guys)

Anonymous said...

I thought the office was disappointing - not so funny last night. Almost seemed like they were trying too hard. You may now ban me forever from reading your blog...

Jack = hot, but I get so confused on that show with Jack formerly being Charlie and the hobbit now being Charlie I never know who anyone is referring to...

Diane said...

Dear Anon,
I do not have a blog because I'm not as funny or creative as my sister. I appreciate your support on the "anti-hot-guys-from-good-shows" kick that I'm on. Sarah, here's the deal. Would I have sex with them? Of course. Would I date them? No. They are annoying and have a major attitude problem!

I do love Jim!!

Oh, that girl. said...

DID I EFFING MISS A WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF WITH THE OFFICE??? I didn't see that pam did not marry ROY!!! I did not see ROY with a beard. WHAT THE HELL> Please tell me what happened. I am dying.......

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

I was laughing so hard during Swight's fake crying - holy crap was that funny. I mean, really. Is there a greater character on TV? I say, no.

Sarah said...

Oh that girl, did you miss it!? After Jim and Pam kissed she said she was still going to marry Roy. Now it's I don't know how long later, but Jim works at a different office. Pam did not marry Roy. She lives in an apartment and is taking art classes. And Roy lost a bunch of weight and has a beard. He looks hot. And he is so pathetic and keeps saying how he has to win Pam back and isn't going to take her for granted anymore. Also Dwight's awesome and Michael's a moron.

Shamus, there absolutely is no greater character on TV than Dwight. Did you see him go after Oscar after Oscar semi-pushed Angela? I lost it.

Anonymous said... has to be said. I tivo'd the office and have watched it 15 times and it's still just as funny as it was on thursday. I heart jim.