Friday, September 22, 2006

One more thing...

I forgot to mention in my Grey's post the scene in the kitchen with McDreamy and Meredith. It was so nice and lovely, and I kind of was like, "Um-this seems like bullshit?" He said, "You have to make a choice." Aren't you forgetting something, McDreamy? You're still married. I wanted Meredith to say, "Well how about if you choose to divorce your wife first then I'll think about making a choice." Danielle and I are wondering if they are maybe Tarantinoing it. It seems like they skipped some details of the immediate aftermath of the prom-like Addison finding the panties in the first place. I mean last night it started with Meredith running out of the prom after someone and never went back to that. I'm wondering if in the next episode it goes back to right where it left off last season and we see the events leading up to yesterday's episode. Like Addison finding the panties, and McDreamy telling her it's over. So maybe last night when he was giving the "make a choice" speech to Meredith it was already over with Addison, we just didn't know it yet so McDreamy came off looking like McKindOfJackassy*. What do we think about this? Am I grasping at straws to make McDreamy come off as a really good guy still?

Also I want to point out that clearly Finn is the smarter, healthier choice for Meredith. But you know she will pick McDreamy because the heart wants what it wants, and her heart wants McDreamy. I said McDreamy 7 times in this post. Now 8.

P.S. I can't stop talking about "The Office" with people. I can't.

*Despite this he is seriously dreamy.


Anonymous said...

I haven't like McDreamy in a while. Slime. Burke is the one. And they only showed him for 5 mins, which is probably why I thought the show last night failed completely to meet my expectations. It was slow.

The Office however was amazing! Thank you Office for making my world whole. -Steph

slcup said...

Yeah, I need to know what happened between leaving the prom and the next morning with everyone standing outside the bathroom door. I need to know how the panties were discovered and the ensuing conversation/fight. I hope this gets addressed immediately.

I loved the flashbacks to the mixer, Derek discovering Addison, and so on. What a treat for hardcore fans like us. Is it sad that we're "hardcore" fans? I think not.

Carly said...

"McKindOfJackassy" should be trademarked by you. Abso-effin lutely.

What on EARTH were they doing with "I'm sorry you're locked in the room all by yourself, Mr. Not-quite-a-patient (even though you're wearing an IV) but there is tape on the door so I can't come in to tell you IN PERSON that your wife died." WTF??? Miranda didn't take the shiny white suit off that other guy? Please.

I loved that Christina was checking out Burke from the moment she saw him. John is right, Sandra Oh is the best on the show.

Jim needs to get BACK to his own desk!!! I was ready to turn off the tv when I saw him pull his hands away from hers. Ugh. But then I saw her empty ring finger and flipped out. I am going to go rewatch that episode right now. Being on short term leave has its definite advantages.

Matt said...

Listen Sarah...I'm not on this 'McDreamy' band wagon here. When he pulled the shit in the kitchen I thought it was low. There had better be more in the flashbacks that I hope will be a theme for the next few episodes to cover his butt. Otherwise, no good. Not that this makes it any better, but at least when Addison cheated on him she showed some remorse. That being said, still a fan of the show, and some very interesting new sides of characters coming through.

Carly said...

And can I just point out, when George's girlfriend said "I'm going to leave the (kitchen) for a period of time for no particular reason" that was awesome

John said...

McChrisO'Donnell is McKinda McFat.