Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I write this with a space heater blowing on my face

Okay I am officially the worst blogger ever. As soon as I got to work yesterday I got a message from Erik that said, "Hey, Pumpkin Bread-update your blog already." So where have I been? Not home. That's the short answer. Thursday we went to Steph's place. She is organizing a food drive for her apartment building to collect for the Cleveland Foodbank. She kicked it off by having her friends come over to donate food and enjoy a cocktail hour. More like cocktail six hours since that's how long I was there. It was an endless flow of wine, and let me just say this: I love drinking for charity. I think we really did a lot of good for the hungry by stuffing our faces with buffalo chicken dip and potato chips and getting drunk and listening to Chumbawumba. You're welcome, Cleveland's needy!

Friday was Seriously Family Shopping Day. My sister, my parents and I are dorks who take one day off every holiday season, and we go shopping all day. It's awesome. Within the first 2 hours of shopping we had accomplished so much-namely getting hot chocolate, going into JC Penny's and standing around for 20 minutes and eating lunch.

Fifteen minutes before we were meeting my dad, sister and Drew for dinner, my mom and I were sitting at Borders going over everything we still needed to buy. Also I was playing with my right boob. Seriously something was definitely wrong and I was adjusting it and my bra for like 10 minutes straight till finally my mom was like, "What exactly is happening over there?" Then I realized my underwire had busted, and it was jabbing me in the side. Since we were at an outdoor mall, we literally ran down the street to Victoria's Secret. We burst into the store and just started grabbing bras left and right. Then I ran into the dressing room and tried them on in record time. When I found one that worked, my mom grabbed it and ran up to pay for it while I waited in the dressing room. She came back and threw the bra over the top of the door and yelled, "Happy Birthday!" Then we left the store and ran back down the street to the restaurant where my father and Drew told me that I should tell everyone I broke a bra because it gives me automatic bragging rights. Yes-my father and my future brother-in-law. Creepy anyone? But seriously-I broke a piece of metal just with the sheer size of my boobs. I am totally bragging about that.

Saturday we got up and finished our shopping for Christmas at Aloyd's. Then that night I went to Danielle's house for a party where we had to bring a mystery guest that she didn't know. I literally don't know one person who Danielle doesn't know so I just brought cookies instead. I also had to educate some people on the fact that Phil Collins sings "Easy Lover"-not Genesis. And he sings it with Philip Bailey. Come on, people-it's the greatest song ever. You need to know this stuff.

Sunday I got to see my little Baby Gerbs. Our friends Gerbs and Shannon had a baby a month ago. He has a real name, but I call him Baby Gerbs. He is amazing, and he loves Diane and Sharda. Like apparently more than his own mother. Then I went and sang Christmas songs at a retirement home where in between songs you could hear people ordering split pea soup and one guy playing the harmonica. Awesome.

Oh also Denzel Washington's son is on the St. Louis Rams. How did I not know this.


matt said...

this is now the third time in the last week and a half that i've had easy lover stuck in my head. this time though, not as embarassing as when i sang it out loud at lunch on sunday...i'm slowly making progress at becoming a big boy. thank you for this tune to get me through my morning.

Skeezix said...

In my life I've busted several bras with the size of my knockers. The last time I did it was 3 days before my breast reduction, ha!

I love the idea of a cocktail party/canned food drive. Drinking for charity really is your specialty!

The HOR blogger said...

Are you freaking out with me that the Writers Strike has STOPPED production and filming of the office and now Greys????

Seriously. We're going to be getting re-runs.

The HOR blogger said...

Aww OK and are you just so sweet for singing to the old folks. I used to take my dog and visit and let them tell me about stories of their old dogs. I miss that.

Sassy Blondie said...

Aww, Sarah! You're a woman now! You busted your first underwire! Drinks were definitely in order.. ;)

I love that the Seriously family shops together! I would have to kill my father and brother if this were the deal with the Blondie family. As it is, my sister and I shop with a carefully detailed plan to get everything on our combined list...or rather her list. I shop all year so that I don't have to visit the mall at Christmas. Bah humbug! ;)

citygirl said...

I've busted a bra or two in my day also. That underwire can tear you up! For the past four years I've only worn bras without wires. And when you wear a busty size it can be really challenging to find that. But, it's so very worth it.

Shannon Erin said...

I love Phil Collins!