Thursday, December 20, 2007

This was an intense day of work

Here is a rundown of my day yesterday:

8:30am - Get call from John asking me when I'll be in so we can go to Starbucks. Turns out we are entering downtown at the same time so I drive down to his parking spot 7200 miles away to drive him up to our building.

9:00am - John and I go to Starbucks.

9:24am - Back at my desk, reading E!Online. [Ed. note: Jamie Lynn Spears! Pregnant! 16 years old! WTF!?]

10:00am - Call into 10am meeting. Am one of two participants. I cancel the meeting.

10:03am - Seriously Jamie Lynn Spears is totally a teenage pregnancy statistic.

10:20am - Go buy pop. Walk up to John's desk. Watch funny videos, draw things on his white board including this:

11:05am - Back at my desk, I email the above picture to people as proof that John and Scott are in love.

11:12am - Yay! Someone calls with something for me to do.

11:37am -

11:49am - It's go time for lunch.

12:10pm - Keith and I explain our Male Personality Continuum model that he, John and I came up with at happy hour Tuesday. It's awesome. Essentially it's a range from Jock to Nerd with overlap. All the cool people tend to fall in the middle, overlapped area. On either end, there is the risk that you will fall off of the continuum into the Douche area. One day I will draw it for you. Scott tries to change our model to a grid. He is wrong.

12:30pm - Keith almost insults "Back to the Future" but catches the flash of violence in my eyes and backs off.

12:54pm - Am I seriously back at my desk? This sucks.

1:05pm - Tony Parker totally cheated on Eva Longoria, right? I mean who are we kidding here.

1:12pm - Should I get bangs? I haven't had bangs since I was 14.

1:16pm - It seems like Sarah Michelle Gellar hasn't been in a lot recently.

1:19pm - Kill me.

2:00pm - Conference call.

2:15pm - Play Skeeball and pool with Scott and John. Suck at pool. A lot.

2:47pm - Go to Scott's desk and get cookies from his wife. Awesome.

2:52pm - Back at my desk.

3:00pm - Watch upcoming movie trailers. The new "Rambo" movie looks exactly like previous "Rambo" movies just with a really old Rambo. Where the hell is Matthew Fox? I heard he was in this movie.

3:03pm - What the hell is "Cloverfield"? I just peed my pants watching the trailer.

3:14pm - Rapid-fire emails to and from friends about what to do on New Year's Eve. I hate New Year's Eve.

3:27pm - Seriously. Kill me.

4:00pm - Work call! I am useful again.

4:11pm - Usefulness over.

4:27pm - Start shutting down. Enter in PTO time into our timecard system. Fuck it up. Have to call an 800 number.

4:46pm - No one is answering. Pack up and go home.

7:30pm - Matt, Steph and I barhop.

11:00pm - Close down the last bar we go to where we share a pitcher of daiquiris and Steph surveys the staff about the effectiveness of her new pickup line. I start to seriously wonder if my drinking problem has resurfaced. 5 out of the last 7 days. I'm just saying.

11:35pm -Pass out on couch.

3:57am - Wake up on couch and blog. Realize my blog sucks total ass and wonder why the 3 people left reading it are still reading it. Suspect it has something to do with the fact that I used to have a tail.

4:30am - I promise I'll post something better tomorrow.


russ said...

Dang. I gotta get a job where you work.

Anonymous said...

My pick up line rules. I don't know why I had to take a survey, it's so obvious.

I want to work with you too. If you win the lottery, can you hire me to work for you? I'll be a super employee...judging from your definition of an intense day. -Steph

urban princess said...

Seriously, I want to work where you work. And pitchers of daiquiris? We don't have that here. Damn.

Skeezix said...

Ugh, I wish my day went like that. Instead my work likes to torture me with deadlines around every major holiday.

But I'm off in 45 minutes for nearly a week. Thank baby Jesus.

Erica said...

weird... I think I DO work where you work. My day was eerily similar...

Orhan Kahn said...

Seriously Jamie Lynn Spears is totally a teenage pregnancy statistic.

I lol'd.

christian said...

I love your blog and I miss you!