Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Happy YOU!

It's the night before my birthday, but I thought I'd give all of you a gift seeing as I have been a lousy blogger recently. You might remember me reluctantly admitting that in high school, I had a tail. A tail coming from behind my right ear. 'Sarah, how does that even happen?', you're probably asking yourself right now. Here's how that happens. Right before 9th grade, six of your friends decide it would be totally sweet to have a tail coming from behind one of your ears, so since you are planning on getting your long hair cut to shoulder length and because at age 14 you will pretty much do anything to fit in, you get one, too. And then your mom cries. So when you first get the tail, it's not that big of a deal because everyone else has them, too.

Here's where things fall apart for someone who doesn't know when to let go of a fad (me). By the next year, everyone has gotten rid of their tail-except you. Yours has grown into one beautiful specimen of a tail that you not only painstakingly braid every other day but also add colored beads at the bottom of because why not take this thing as far as it can go. Before you know it, the tail is down to your belly button, and it is the summer before your junior year in high school.

Yes-I kept the tail for 2 full years. Looking back, I think that there's absolutely no way that's correct, but it's true. I think I am just trying to block it out. As I said, before my junior year I decided it was time for the tail to go. This time my mom cried tears of joy. Before I cut it off, though, I obviously took some pictures of it so that one day I could post them on the web to gross out the Internet.

Here you go. Happy Birthday.

This one's a little hard to see. So I circled it for you. What's that? Oh you're admiring my Tasmanian Devil sweatshirt? Well it was the 90's, and I was a complete dork. Here's a close up of the tail-sans beads:


These will be some good memories for my parents on the anniversary of the day of my birth. I have to think that when you have a baby you probably look at him or her and think only of the promise they hold. And you probably ask yourself questions like Will she be tall? Will she be smart? Will she be funny? Will she love sports or the arts or science? Will she be kind to others and have a good heart? Will she have a tail? Luckily for my parents, they know the answer to that last question. And the first one. I am pretty tall.


Anonymous said...

ok...few things:

1. Happy Birthday

2. I blame Diane. She is cool, she was Prom Queen as she constantly reminds us, how could she not tell you how awful this was?

3. Our friendship might have to end. I can overlook many things: Republican (see: Meg), Michigan fan (see: ALoyd), smells funny (see: Drew)...but I don't know if I can overlook the tail well into high school in the mid 90s. I am giving it careful consideration.


Torrence said...

And again I say unto you, ARE WE THE SAME PERSON?! I am going home this weekend to scrub over some childhood pics.

I see your rattail, and raise you a rattail DYED PINK! That's right, my mum dyed mines pink. Oh just you wait, it's coming!

Mon said...

happy birthday! Um you had a tail? I'm sure it was totally cool though.

Hey, i had the taz aaaaaand bugs bunny on a shirt. Better? It was their fronts on the front, and their backs on the back. That, right there...bad-ass!

citygirl said...

That is amazing. And slightly horrifying...

Tracy Kaply said...

Happy birthday and , ummmm...nice tail?

ThatGirl7278 said...


I hope it's filled with fun, booze and lots of friends... which oddly sounds like your own personal regular ol' day.

PS. I too am a bit freaked out tho. Less so by the sweatshirt, than the tail. Just to clarify.

Sassy Blondie said...

Did your tail come with a bi-level cut with wings? Come can tell me.

Happy Birthday, Sarah! I hate you because you are younger than me! ;)

Can't wait to hear the drunken birthday stories....

Mollie said...

I must admit - I too was guilty of the "rat tail" except thank GOD - I had mine in elementary school - 5th grade.. and cut it off after only a few weeks.... I think. Thanks for the flash back to 1986