Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Drunkmas!

Another reason why my new job is awesome: these people love to drink. I have been to happy hour 3 out of the 4 last business days. On Thursday at happy hour a vendor tried to motorboat me. On Friday I crashed John and Scott's happy hour-and stayed 2 hours longer than they did. Yesterday John and I decided another happy hour was in order. Let me just say that this group + Christmas = drinking all the time = best thing ever.

Sadly Friday I really did stay at the boys' happy hour 2 hours longer than they did. I couldn't help it. I was having too much fun. Then I drove out to Tremont to meet my girls where I promptly drank 2 martinis and led an all out verbal assault on their senses. I mean I really didn't stop talking for 2 straight hours after I arrived. The reason we were out was to show how grown up and sophisticated we were by going on the Tremont Art Walk. All the art galleries and shops in the area stay open late, and you walk around and look at it all while drinking free wine-like an adult. Not like how I normally drink it (by the gallon). We made it to roughly 2 galleries before we completely gave up the idea of the art walk and just went barhopping. It was fantastic. We made friends with a married couple and their brother/brother-in-law and made them come with us to another bar.

A random sampling of things that happened there:

- We called Matt to meet us and when he got there he found me walking around in front of the bar aimlessly. And when I looked at him the first time, I had no idea who he was.
- We were the only ones dancing at the bar. The bar without a dance floor, I might add.
- New friend smacked my ass while I was on the phone with my mom.
- Steph asked the bartender to shake his ass for $7. When he said he hadn't had enough to drink yet, Diane offered to pitch in more money.

Seriously you guys should come work here. See if you can get hired quickly because there is another happy hour tomorrow night. Also tomorrow night: Girls' Christmas. You can read about previous Girls' Christmases here and here.


Torrence said...

That's it, movin to Big Cleve.

Skeezix said...

That sounds like the best ever!

I'll be in Cleveland this weekend....if you've got free time email me

Johnny Virgil said...

A motorboat and an ass-smack? That's almost a date.

Mon said...

ive been wanting to work in the big city. Ill be closer to my love muffin too. put in a good word for me. Only, im over this trial of being a secretary. I'm over kissing ass for peanuts. I am cut out for management.