Thursday, December 14, 2006

Girls Gone Christmas

Tonight was our Girls Christmas party. What that entails is a lot of the following: girls, presents, food, wine, screaming, clapping, video games, stealing and murder. Wait-I may have said too much about Girls Christmas.

Anyway, it was excellent as usual. I ate enough for 3 people and feel sick now. However, I scored big time because I am supposed to bring a dessert to our company holiday party on Friday so I just took all the leftover cookies from our party tonight and am going to take those. It's my experience that "corporate hors", as Danielle calls them, will pretty much eat anything you bring in as long as it's free.

Girls Christmas is potluck so everyone brings a dish*. Steph called me on her way to the party for assistance in determining the best way to present what she was bringing. We decided on displaying it in a Christmas mug. Here's how it turned out:

Having trouble seeing what's in the mug? It's a bunch of Slim Jims. Steph brought Slim Jims as her potluck dish to our Girls Christmas party. She bought them at a gas station on the way there. After 45 minutes of no one taking any, she laid that one on its side to better display it. Wouldn't you agree that makes it more appetizing? Perhaps the best part of the Slim Jims is that Danielle remarked that she hadn't ever had one. I told her to try one so she did. She took a bite and let out a sigh of disgust. Ten seconds later she said, "Yeah I'm not going to swallow this." then immediately went into the kitchen and spit it into the garbage can.

Also you guys should know that Steph was wearing a headband that had mistletoe coming out of it and hanging over her face. Dammit Steph you have to at least play a little hard to get. I think what I liked the most was that she was wearing that headband at an all female party.

Diane, thanks for having us over. Sorry Danielle and I rubbed our butts on your tree while listening to my Feliz Navidad ringtone. Actually I'm really not that sorry.

*Inside joke to lunch crowd: dishtopass.


russ said...
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russ said...

My uncle used to call Slim Jims "Tubes o' Fat".

Anonymous said...

With cooking skills like mine to lure the men, I can't begin to understand why I am single. -Steph

Sgt said...

I hear in cases of emergency, they could be burned for heat.

Maybe if you had sliced them into little pieces someone might have confused them for pepperoni or something and put them on crackers.

Anonymous said...

I think you could probably save them, tweak them up a bit and use them as ornaments on your next 5,000 holiday trees.

KP said...

So...basically we learned that Daniell doesn't swallow.... um... slim jims. pepperoni? On the little tiny crackers? Snacks for models!

Anonymous said...

right, KP. i only swallow things that are of value to me and/or someone else, at very, very specific times.

i might be drunk on godiva liqueuer right now.

Carly said...

omg... you didn't miss the Office, Christmas party???

Michael killed me with the Sharpie.

Anonymous said...

oh god, I love me some slim jims! they are so tasty and so not good for you!!