Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas time is here

Despite some personal things happening in our family, I am in a glorious mood right now for several reasons:

1. I am wearing a Christmas shirt, Christmas earrings and Christmas socks (dork alert).
2. Tomorrow begins my 5 day weekend.
3. Christmas is only 4 days away.
4. I am listening to a fish sing Jingle Bells.

Seriously you guys-I love Christmas so much. It's weird that it's kind of warm and everything's green here, but that means that more people got out to put up Christmas lights this year. And Christmas lights make Sarah very happy. Every night I watch a cheesy Christmas special while I drink eggnog. Every day I listen to Christmas songs all day long. Even when I am cursing out all the jackass drivers around me, it is done with love. I love saying Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to people. I love wrapping presents. I love my Christmas tree. I am bursting with Christmas spirit. Don't you just want to kill me?

In case I don't get to post again before Christmas day, I would like to share my list of Christmas-but-in-a-happy-Christmas-spirit-way-not-in-a-religious-way wishes for you:

May you all feel as happy as I do when I see Christmas lights.

May you all enjoy a warm cup of Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

May you all get lucky under the mistletoe.

May those of you who celebrate Christmas get everything you want.

May those of you who don't celebrate Christmas get everything you want, too.

May you not have a job in retail over the holiday season.

May any separating or extending of your junk be with your permission.

May Bing Crosby come to you in your dreams and sing Christmas songs for you.

May you not have to go to the mall anytime soon.

May you all realize that the reason for the season is to get me an iPod. Oh I mean loving one another. Seriously be nice to each other. Smile. Say thanks. Wave to your neighbor. Understand that everyone here is just trying to get through this thing called life and all that makes it worthwhile are the people you touch and who touch you and not in an inappropriate way, John. And seriously...iPod.

May you all remember that you truly mean something to me.

May you all be safe and warm and surrounded by people you love.

May you all have a chance to hear a singing largemouth bass.

Merry, merry, merry Christmas, everybody! And if you don't celebrate Christmas then merry, merry, merry regular ordinary Monday!


AG said...

#1 is the most beautiful statement in all of your post.

Johnny Virgil said...

Merry Christmast to you too, sarah!

Hey, wanna get lucky under the mistletoe? I kiss like a singing large mouth bass, if that does anything for you. No? Ah, well..

Sgt said...

That JV. What a smooth operator.

Carly said...

Have a good holiday, Sarah. I took pictures of all of my decorations last night, and when I blog it, I will dedicate it to you

Beth said...

aww, you're so sweet. I am SO sick of Christmas right now.....kill me! And I hate snow, but in Ohio, you expect snow at Christmas. So just for the day, snow would be great.

John said...

merry christmas horface

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Enjoy it Sarah!
And thanks for the good wishes about my junk. That was unexpected but appreciated.

Noojes said...

Merry Christmas
Hope you had a blast


Violet said...

Merry Christmas, Sarah!

Adam said...

Merry Christmas little miss Sarah.