Thursday, December 07, 2006

Okay so I'm feeling pretty good about 30

And here's why:

1. You guys. Seriously you're awesome. Let's make out.

2. When I got out of bed, I let out a huge groan thinking that is something a 30 year old would do, and I made myself laugh.

3. Peter Cetera. Christmas album. I found out about it right after I wrote down that depressing post. I listened to it all day yesterday. is awesome, you guys. Imagine all your favorite Christmas songs completely Cetera'd out. I couldn't stop laughing/being happy.

4. This was on my dry erase board when I got to work:

5. My friend Katie gave me peppermint hot chocolate.

6. I got to go to lunch with my boys and the hor.

7. My boss surprised me with a cake at work.

8. I got like a million birthday emails from all my friends.

9. I got this in my inbox from Sudha:


You are young and spritely. You have great friends, a great family, a "phat crib," and a good job. You have won 3 bronze medals in the Olympic biathlon (editorial note - combination of skiing and shooting rifles perhaps the best since somebody spilled their chocolate on somebody else's peanut butter). You also rescued the white rhino from near extinction. You have accomplished a lot in such little time. However as I have met you once or twice before, I can predict that you are not taking today's milestone as well as you should. It's just another day, Sarah. Per Sir Paul McCartney:

Every Day She Takes A Morning Bath She Wets Her Hair,
Wraps A Towel Around Her
As She's Heading For The Bedroom Chair,
It's Just Another Day.

Indeed, it IS just another day, and I hope you have a great one. I am sorry I could not be there to celebrate with you. I miss you buddy. Please do something fun today. I will call you later.

Happy birthday!!!

10. My parents took me out to dinner at a freaking awesome restaurant, and I got steak and garlic mashed potatoes. OMG I wish I was still eating it. It was so good. Then the waitress gave me free chocolate mousse. I don't like chocolate mousse all that much, but I would risk going to jail by sneaking back in to this place and stealing some more of it. It was effing delicious.

11. We saw Christmas lights.

12. I was literally showered with presents. Let me say for the record that I could not be any more spoiled. It's not possible.

13. The White House Christmas special was on HGTV last night. Aunt Nancy, did you see it? It was awesome!

14. My sister made me four CDs filled with songs from my first 30 years. They are either songs we listened to a lot or songs that remind her of me because I was obsessed with them (i.e. Chingy - "One Call Away". Seriously.) They're from all eras of my life, and they are effing awesome. She said she had a list twice as long, but had to cut a bunch of songs in order to be done with the CDs before my 40th. This is one of the greatest presents I have ever received. Perhaps another day I will share the song lists with you. I will warn you they contain a lot of Peter Cetera and Kenny Loggins.

15. John sent me this with the message "Happy B-day I wish I knew how to quit you":

Dear 30, whatever you're not the boss of me. I do what I want.


Anonymous said...

I not only saw HGTV Christmas at 8:00, I had to stay up and watch it again at midnight in case I missed something. Next year my house will be in red and silver....I will put the White House to shame. Only one problem....Sarah, will you make the gingerbread house for me?
Aunt N

Sarah said...

If by gingerbread house you mean "stack of empty wine bottles", yes. I will.

Vicky Automobile said...

you are a very very funny girl. i mean that in the least creepy way possible.

CruiserMel said...

Effin awesome! Just reading about your bday made me want to turn 30 all over again. Oh wait, I will. Again.

Glad your day was fun.

Marianne said...

Normally your posts just bring me emotional joy. However, this time you've now introduced me to tangible joy: the Petera Cetera Christmas album.

Happy birthday and thanks so much!

Carly said...

OMG... that is the best picture of John!!

Anonymous said...

i just stopped breathing AGAIN because of this picture. dammit. i am so sorry for all the people who don't have their own chop.

John said...

people don't do nice things for people who suck. You're like a 401k of fun, I make you pee your pants once or twice now but in 20 years or so with compounding interest I expect that investment will allow me to pee my pants multiple times a day when I retire.

Johnny Virgil said...

a 401K of fun? So what you're saying is that you keep putting funny stuff into Sarah, and every month you get back less than you put in until you realize that it's an absolute certainty that you will die penniless, living in a cardboard box over a steam grate?

That doesn't sound right.

Wait, that's just my 401k that seems to work like that.


Golightly said...


Sorry I am a day late, I've been so busy bee lately!

Kick 30's ass! You go. Sounds like you had a great time! whoo hoo

dutchie said...

From the other side of the ocean, happy belated b-day!

They say 40 is the new 30, so I guess i know how you feel.
Or maybe they just say that over here.
Or I so want to think that they say that over here.
I am out of it.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!!!

Enjoy being 30....the 30's are great!

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

That's the best 'stache. I don't know how John did the "V" but it's pure art.

Jay said...

so. . . you're 30. And you haven't written since. Are you still in recovery or leaving such youth-oriented things like blogging in your 20's?

JK. Seriously though. Your interweb fans want your penned pontifications back.