Friday, December 01, 2006

Oh my God only 5 days

- BFHX Day Three snuck up behind me while I was in line to get chicken teriyaki. I have no idea how he achieved such straight lines and hard angles, but really how does any artist create their masterpieces? They're born with a talent. John is an artist. And his medium is facial hair. Special note: John took his kid to preschool looking like this. I'm pretty sure Child Protective Services was called as he drove away.

- Is it weird if I never want to leave my Christmas tree? I just want to stare at it all day.

- At what point does it become your obligation to tell someone that they are a giant douchebag? I'm just wondering because it seems like some people reach a level of douchiness so high, that they will actually bring about physical harm to themselves mainly through the process of me punching them, repeatedly, in the face. And possibly the windpipe.

- The Office (Don't read if you haven't watched): Andy playing a banjo and singing Kenny Loggins. Um…yes? Seriously, Jim and Pam. You love each other. "Prison Mike, what's the food like in prison?" Holy shit. HOLY SHIT. That's all I can say about that scene.

- Grey's (Don't read if you haven't watched): Leave it to this show to turn everything on its head. George hires the lady heart surgeon to avoid Christina and Burke performing the surgery, and then Christina gets in on it anyway. Not only that, she saves his dad's life! What!? What an amazing twist! When his dad told him he knows that the real person George is angry with is him, I was crying. I was thinking the same exact thing. Either way, I don't like angry George. Please bring my sweet innocent George back. Thanks.

Poor Meredith having to listen to her mom's psychotic rantings about her wishing she never had a kid. How awful. The hug at the end was beautiful. Honestly. It's the first time I've seen her mother show any affection towards her. Meredith must have been absolutely starving for it. I thought it was really a lovely moment. Another moment I liked was after the surgery on the conjoined twins. McDreamy said, "If only all love triangles could be solved with a scalpel." And McSteamy said, "If that were the case you'd have stabbed me with a 10 blade years ago." Then they both laughed. I liked it because it showed a hint of what their friendship used to be like. McSteamy has called him his brother before. It would be interesting to explore that further-just how close they really were. Plus it would be an excuse for more scenes featuring McDreamy and McSteamy together, and I am a-okay with that.

Um…she got on the elevator, you guys! Christina got on the elevator with Burke! Fantastic, Grey's writers! Fantastic. After the scene with the lady heart surgeon talking about how Christina reminds her of herself as a young surgeon who doesn't need relationships and friends and family, well, it turns out Christina does. Awesome. I loved that.

One last thing to point out: the twins who played the conjoined brothers are stand up comedians-the Sklar brothers. And they are effing hilarious.


AG said...

I am such a dork. I'm making this my desktop wallpaper. It gives me strength during these difficult times after two episodes ago.

Dwight bending over with the bills in his back pocket? Can't. Stop. Giggling.

AG said...

Oops wrong one. This one.

Moeshkie Weighs In said...

Love the office!! However, Sarah, I must point out that Andy wasn't singing Kenny Loggins while playing the banjo, he was singing the Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog. Even better if you ask me! Notice, also, that when Karen wanted to get in on the prank, Jim was protective of Pam. Yey, Jim!

Sarah said...

Moeshkie, yeah sorry! I have a Kenny Loggins CD (which I listen to all the time) on which he sings the Rainbow Connection which is why I said that. That is totally my bad. Also can we talk about how he said, "Ainbowray Onnectioncay"? AWESOME.

CruiserMel said...

Hey, weren't the Sklar brothers on one of those VH1 "I love the 80's" or something? Good call. I never would've figured out why I felt I'd seen them before.

As for George - get over it. Grrrr. Bring back sweet George.