Wednesday, November 29, 2006

6 days and counting

- There are no words to describe how happy "A Charlie Brown Christmas" makes me.

- BFHX Day Two pics are up. I couldn't even talk to him at lunch without giggling. Facial hair maybe shouldn't make me this happy. But it really does. I wish you guys could all share in how amazing it is to see strangers' reactions to what he looks like. That is my Christmas wish for all of you this holiday season. Also if you are bored today, just imagine him trying to get through a day of work looking like this. Meetings, offsites, walking through the halls and, as an extra bonus, possibly an interview of a potential coworker. Picturing this stuff is all I do all day.

- Everyone needs to watch these immediately.

- All my effing shows are ending their fall seasons, and I will have to wait for most of them to come back in January or February. Um...that's not cool. Diane said it's good because now I can get back to having a real life. I don't really know what she's talking about. My life is pretty full juggling my internship at Seattle Grace and my boyfriend Skeet Ulrich. Not to mention trying to get off this island and learning to use my new superpower to save the cheerleader. Diane, maybe you're the one who needs a life. All you do is excel at your job and take care of your house with your boyfriend and participate in social activities outside of the home. LAME!

- Seriously BFHX Day Two. Check it out.


CruiserMel said...

OMG, isn't Skeet Ulrich the best skinny thing ever?!?!?! I think he's akin to Johnny Depp - but a dirtier version. Yum. Besides, wouldn't it be cool to moan "Oh Skeet", ifyaknowwhatImean.

Sarah said...

Cruisermel, holy crap he is beautiful. I personally think he's hotter than Johnny Depp, and yes you're right-dirtier. He is just...yummy.

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Paleforce rocks.

It makes fluid shoot out my nose.

Anonymous said...

I have overused this phrase lately...but I heart John. Heart him to pieces. Seriously though, how is he explaining to the kids why daddy looks like this? -Steph

Golightly said...

Pale Force = HILARIOUS!
blinding them with their pale skin and shooting lasers from their nipples!! HA HA HA

Violet said...

I LOVE Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!

John said...

I heart Steph, especially her pickup lines. My kids don't need any explanation, they have so many other questions like "who is my real dad" that "why does daddy (aka the guy who lives with us) look like that" is not even entering their tiny minds.