Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Office is Super Sized tonight. FYI.

Hey, did you guys see Lost last night?? Oh wait...

Happy Birthday to all my November babies! You're all old.

To those of you that were at Danielle's on Saturday: I'm sorry if you had to see me on my knees in Danielle's kitchen lip synching to JoJo and/or had to listen to me sing karaoke inserting Diane's name into every song just to piss her off because she wanted to leave. Drew, you singing "On Bended Knee" may have been the greatest moment ever.

Um...Jim and Pam: Reunited tonight. I'm freaking out. By the way, last week's episode was amazing. Dwight and Michael chest pumping at the end had me in tears. I will say I thought it was sweet how when Michael thought the branch was closing he was most upset not for himself but for the people in his office and because he thought he was losing his friends. I thought it was a great little character development. It came up again when Jim made the comment in reference to his new boss leaving, "Say what you will about Michael Scott, but he would never do that." Michael's an effing moron, but he's not an asshole. Also, two weeks ago-Jim getting on his bike and immediately falling into the bushes was amazing. Let's all cross our fingers that crazy guy at Jim's new office who calls him Big Tuna comes to Scranton. I need to see him and Dwight interact. I need it.

I got a new cell phone last night. I can't stop playing with it. I consider myself fiscally irresponsible, and last night was proof of that. I walked into the store determined of several things:

1. I was not going to stay more than 30 minutes.
2. I was there only for information gathering. I was only going to ask questions, not get a phone.
3. If by some chance I did get a phone, I was not going to go over the $100 credit I had. This, I was sure, would be the easiest of the three. I mean all I needed was a regular phone.

Here, in a nutshell, is what transpired last night:

Him: "So can I help you?"
Me: "Okay so here's the deal. I want a new phone. The reason I want a new phone is because I want to be able to download ringers that are the real songs rather than ringers that sound like someone created them in their parents' basement on a Casio."
Him: "Oookaaay..."
Me: "Um also I have to be able to take funny pictures of my friends and send them to people."
Him: "Okay well this phone you're standing by does that."
Me: "Yeah this is the one my sister has. Can I get real ringers on it?"
Him: "Yes. Also you can get [insert sales pitch of all the wonderful accessories available with this phone]."
Me: "No thank you, sir. I have $100 credit toward a phone and will not be going over that!"

I left an hour and a half later after spending an extra $100 on Bluetooth technology. What? Hands free? I don't even need hands free. I make fun of people with hands free. Now I am one? It was $60 for the basic headset, a car charger and a case. But I spent $80. Why? Because I wanted the blue one. Seriously. $20 for a color. Then I spent an extra $10 just to not have to mail in a rebate form for the phone. That is how lazy I am. When I got into the car afterwards I was like, 'What the hell just happened? I miserably failed at all 3 of my goals tonight.' But my new phone is awesome. I'm just trying to decide what ringtone to download first. Any suggestions?

P.S. My dad ended up paying the extra $20 for the blue headset as an early birthday present to me. What a jerk.


Anonymous said...

Hang on Sloopy. You need it Saturday. -Steph

Anonymous said...

You can get the OSU fight song. I bought the "real" one for 2.99. Pricey but worth it. I use it as the personal ring for my dad. You can still get the "casio" version for .99, I think.

Steph, are you going to ANOTHER game without me? I'm so jealous.

Who all is going to the game, Sarah?


Johnny Virgil said...

No Self Control by Peter Gabriel

danielle said...

first off, you will need the silver spoons theme. second, what the hell is wrong with you? i better see you with that headset on 24-effing-7 hor.

KP said...

You might want to start skipping lunch to save for all the ringtones you're gonna buy. Great blog by the way!!

russ said...

Here we are, face to face/a couple of silver spOONS/hopin' to find, we're two of a kind/do do do do, do do do DO!

My phone is all busted and ghetto and cost me $30 originally. I now have a $150 credit and have been delaying the super-cool pruchase which will probably cost me like $200.

I think you should download one of these ringtones.

In particular you should go for the one called "Teeth" or "Kill Deer",

If you're a couple of silver spoons, isn't it more likely you'd be face to back-of-head than face to face?

Silver Spoons together... you and I!

PS I had a big ole crush on Erin Grey.

Carly said...

Ouch... office hurt me. You blew it big time, Pam!!!

russ said...

Office was sad... perfectly illustrating that in romance you never get that moment back.

I hope all the Office fans hung in for 30 Rock. Which I'm finding makes me laugh aloud more than any other sitcom... except for Earl when they did the Mr. Roboto, or when Randy was listening to Time After Time... ok, so Earl + 80s tunez = Crazy Hilarious.