Thursday, November 02, 2006

Re: last night's Lost

Oh no. They. Didn't.

*Stop reading if you haven't seen it.*

Eko?! My beautiful strong built-like-a-brick-shithouse Eko?!? NO!!! Come on he stared down the smoke before. Stared it down! Not to mention he was hot and strong. He was an important part of the castaways. He brought an important element to the mix-spirituality. Locke is the only other one who, unbelievably, has a spiritual side, and I'm not sure his hasn't completely broken at this point. Holy Christ this hurts, Lost writers.

I mean the episode started off very strong with Jack taking off his shirt. I think they put that scene in there after the uproar (by me) from last season's finale when the 3 guys went out to the boat and Jack was the only one who didn't take his shirt off. So I mean they made up for it last night and that was awesome. It's possible I rewound it a couple of times. I'm just saying.

But oh my God the stuff with BenHenry, Juliette and Jack. What the eff is going on! Did you see BenHenry's face when Jack called him out on his tumor and told him he was basically a dead man walking? Fear. Complete fear. I'll tell you what-BenHenry is creepy as all get out, but the actor who plays him may be one of the best actors I've ever seen. By the way-I like how BenHenry's like, "Hey so I know we kidnap all your friends and run experiments and torture them and stuff, but um could you do this one surgery and save my life? I'll let you have a hamburger and watch cartoons in your prison cell." How about no.

Then the thing with Juliette and the video. Holy crap I was losing my mind. I told you she would break! Who knows what is real. BenHenry and Juliette could be conning Jack again I guess, but I hope not. The only reason I don't think it's a con is remember the beginning of this season? Juliette is staring in the mirror and crying then she forces herself to get ready. Then she has book club (seriously-book club?) and doesn't invite him. So there's dissent amongst The Others. It's delicious. I'm seriously flipping out right now.

Can we talk about how Eko made that big awesome speech to his brother about how he confesses to sins he's proud he committed, and then his brother was like, "You talk to me as if I'm your brother." Uh, I'm sorry what? Who are you! I think that all this supernatural stuff and the giant Eko-killing smoke are not being controlled by The Others. I think it's the reason they are not living on that island themselves.

Also-creepy one-eye-eye-patch guy. Yeah that guy's clearly crazy. And here is why I like Locke-he's smiling. He's smiling even though he knows that guy is coming for them. He's smiling because he's knows they are onto something. Dammit Locke is fantastic.

Best ending to a show ever: "He said we're next." I had chills.

Look Lost writers, you guys are really sending me mixed signals of how you feel about me. I mean you give me these amazing scenes with Jack's shirtless body, BenHenry and Juliette, and you write an incredible ending but then you kill off Eko and I see the previews for next week. Oh yeah-don't think I didn't see the goddamn previews. Sawyer and Kate having sex? SAWYER AND KATE HAVING SEX!? I read somewhere before the season started that Kate would finally choose. This is not who she was supposed to choose!! Man this is just like "Felicity" when Felicity ended up with Ben instead of Noel. I mean it was a fine choice but not the right choice. Oh well. It's about time someone got some action on this island again. Also even though I don't want Sawyer and Kate together, Sawyer's one of my favorites, and if they kill him off, ABC will be getting a nasty letter from Sarah. That is for sure.


Anonymous said...

I think Jack looks hotter with his shirt on. Why? Lamest tattoos in the history of tattooing. I keep thinking the stars in his armpits are scabies or something. Bleck.


p.s. is it just me or is Charlie the most worthless peice of crap on the island? oh, and why does Locke speak to him...ever?

Mon said...

I too, appreciated the shirtless Jack. Hot.

Umm yea, that smoke thing, obviously killed the pilot season 1. Remember how the hell did he get up in that tree? And, I think Dave, Jacks dad, and the black horse were also works of this morphing smoke monster from hell.

I'm scared for the other losties to die. No way.
And I seriously thought that new girl or guy would bite it. Eko? I didn't expect that at all. I guess Bernard is the only tailie left? He's next?

I also got excited when Juliette was playing her video, then I thought that bitch is probably tricking Jack.

I think her crying in the mirror episode one is because she looks different than she normally looks. I think something is up with that 'she looks like your ex wife' crap. I think they can morph too. I dunno, call me crazy!

wtf are we gonna do for 4 months with no lost? I'll be re-watching the first 6.

Anonymous said...

i think the "blak smoke" is a play for heaven and hell. Because when Eko say the black smoke and then locke came....before they got into the hatch locke asked eko.."what did you see??" and then said "i've seen it before it was this bright beautiful light...most beautiful thing i've ever seen" and eko replied "that is not what i saw" so the guy pretending his "brother" could be the devil??

CruiserMel said...

You so totally rock! What do you do, take notes during the show? I swear, by the time the show is over, I'm so confused and can't remember what happened earlier in the hour. Thanks for the wrap-up. You do a fine service for us lost "Lost" watchers. Your blog rocks, too.

Sarah said...

Lo, you're right about one thing - Charlie is pretty worthless. You couldn't be more wrong about shirtless Jack. Wrong, Lo! Wrong!

Mon, you are totally right about Bernard being the last tailie. Interesting. Um and if you're right about Juliette changing her looks-well that's insanity if that's true.

Anon, whoa-nice. I never thought of that. Mind blown.

CruiserMel, welcome to the blog and thanks! Feel free to weigh in with your opinions on the show. Especially on whether or not Jack should go shirtless (hint: he should).

CruiserMel said...

Sarah - he should.

h.justin said...

I like Anonymous' comment re: Locke and Eko - good and evil. In Locke's flashback, he had the opportunity to shoot the undercover cop, and the cop said something like, "you're not a killer John." He isn't. And then we see in Eko's flashback that he is definitely a killer - for good (Yemi) and bad (the vaccine).

russ said...

I'm highly annoyed by the eko killing. He and Locke kicking ass for good/island/fate/coolness was going to be awesome. Effers.

What's more, they totally reversed his character from last season. Why was he silent after killing those Others for 40 days if he wasn't repentant? Why was he building a church? All of a sudden to make us think everyone is a mixture of good and evil he has to pull a switcheroo which denies everything we knew about his character. I call BS.

But we will get at least one more episode with him in it -- they'll have to explain what he did in London.

Anonymous said...

Fyi...while i had the heaven hell combo..I also caught that when he killed those guys in yemi's church..when he walked out and they were boarding up the church the woman said as he was walking away that he needed to repent and she also said "you also owe yemi one church" so that was probably why he was so busy trying to build the church on the island becasue he "owed a church"

Golightly said...

That was one damn good show, I hope next week lives up to the hype of 'best show all year'.

And do we really trust Juliet?

How annoying are the newbies? UGH. There must've been a better way to incorporate them into the show other than having them ask dumb questions & repeating stories that happened. The writers, I think did such a poor job of writing them in. And I want to know who they are, already. Let's get a backstory one the newbies, esp since the guy is HOT.

russ said...

Yes, I know she said he owed a church, but if he's not repentent then why does _he_ feel he owes a church? It's bad writing.

Switcheroo! Switcheroo!

Anonymous said...

I will criticize the writers for one thing-----The newbie-thing is really annoying. They were supposed to be introduced in epi 2 this season but their scenes keep getting cut, so we know nothing about them. The actors are so bad, it's almost as if they are normal people who won a contest for a cameo role on the show with some dumb one-liners.

Russ, Eko was unable to repent even by the end of the episode. "Repent" by Catholic church standards involves more than just feeling bad about it/building a church/taking a vow of silence. That's how we protestants do it. He needed to confess his sins, which is why he went looking for his brother, Yemi.....also why all his visions kept saying "confess"...he had not completed the act of repentance. Interesting, when he saw the image of Yemi at the end, he was still unable to confess his sins, he gave a half-hearted "I did what I had to do" type of explantion. No remorse. Let us not forget he was a VERY bad man before he came to be on the island, even though we like(d) him, now.

russ said...

Thanks for the clarification.

Abby O'Happy-Pants said...

I knew I could count on you to say what I wanted to say about the killing off of our wonderful Mr. Eko.

Jack can stay shirtless all the time!