Friday, May 26, 2006

Lost finale = holy cripes

Oh, Lost. How I love thee so. Some people say this show is frustrating and hard to watch *cough*Russ*cough*. However, I believe if you spend less time trying to theorize what's happening and more time just enjoying the ride, you will see the show for what it is: a feast for the imagination. Yes, it gives answers and then raises more questions. Yes, it's cryptic. Yes, it can be frustrating. But that is what I absolutely love about it. It's a thinking man's show. And it has a lot of hot men. Wait. That was not where I was going with this. But you know what? It's where I ended up so that's okay.

The finale, I thought, was terrific. One of the best episodes of the season. Don't read this if you haven't seen it.

I only have one bone to pick with the writers for the entire finale. At the beginning, Sayid, Sawyer and Jack all swim out to the boat which is fantastic. Sayid and Sawyer take their shirts off. Jack leaves his on. What gives, Lost writers? Don't you have any love for Sarah? All you had to write was, "Jack takes his shirt off, too." Come on!!

The boat. I knew it was Desmond. I hardly ever predict anything on this show, but I knew it was him.

What is the deal with Libby? I must know who she is and how she's related to all of this.

Michael is horrible and awful. I was never his biggest fan and especially not now so why doesn't he just take his freaky little kid and get the hell away from us (yes I'm including myself as one of the castaways).

I'm so happy they are bringing back the Claire-Charlie romance. I mean, it will end when she finds out he set the forest on fire, but at least they're together now.

Desmond brought down the plane!!! Maybe I am the only person in the world who didn't see that coming, but that's fine with me. I thought that was so interesting. Oh and I can't deal with the guy who was there before him (Kelvin) being the same guy that interrogated Sayid in the war (or at least he's related to that guy). What is going on??

Whoa-what about Henry Gale not just being an Other but being THE Other!? I didn't see that coming. Here's what I do see when I look at Henry:

Dude's creepy. That's all I'm saying. I like when Michael's like, "Who are you?" And Henry says, "We're the good guys." Oh okay. That was convincing. I believe you, Henry. Just like I believe this*:

I cannot believe Sawyer, Kate and Jack got kidnapped! I'm totally freaking out. What are they going to do to them? Did you see the looks Jack and Kate gave each other before they put the bags on their head at the end? And did you see Sawyer notice the looks and actually seem hurt? Dammit. I love this love triangle. Obviously it must be Kate and Jack. There is no other way. However, I do love me some Sawyer, and I EXTRA LOVE the dynamic between him and Jack lately.

I can't wait for Sayid to figure out where the three of them are and save the day. He is so badass.

I am making this statement right now: If Eko and John are dead, I will...well I'm not going to stop watching the show. But I will write a nasty email. You can count on that. Eko makes me swoon, and John is really the heart of the show. I don't want Desmond to be dead either. In fact, I think he's terrific. Anyone else think he should become a regular on the show?

Desmond's lady is going to find them!!! Do you think it's because of who her father is or because she is looking for Desmond? The romantic in me wants to believe it's because of Desmond. She made a point to say that she has money and resources and could find anyone. Plus-she's always looking for him. She always was, and I'm hoping, she always will. Love this twist.

And the winner for Understatement of the Year goes to.....John Locke! For his meager "I was wrong" admission while the world literally crumbled around him because he didn't want to press the button.

Finally, perhaps the best part of Wednesday's finale was when Johnny Virgil thought the finale was from 8-10 so he watched the 1 hour recap and the first hour of the finale, and then got all pissed because he thought it was false advertising to say it's a 2 hour finale when 1 hour of it was a recap. He even wrote a post about it. Ahahahahahaha. Sorry, JV. The second hour was the best, though, so you should try to get a copy of it from someone.

I'm sure I've missed tons of stuff so feel free to shoot me a comment about it, and we can freak out there.

*If it hasn't become painfully obvious at this point in the blog, I can only use MS Paint to do anything.


Mon said...

This will be long...Just watch the show? Blasphemy! I am one of those freaks who is into the whole lost experience! I analyze each detail,call the numbers on the commercials, visit the sites, youd be suprised what is hidden! The hanso foundation is a whole other aspect! A 105 yr old orangatan? Tests to prolong aging? Anger management? Someone who causes cancer?

What about the damn tube with all those notebooks. Who the hell filled them all out? That is a LOT of writing. Someone should blog them! Oh, thats right, it's a TV show. I forget sometimes!!

Libby...I think she is in the asylum with hurly cus her husband, david, is probably DAVE hurlys 'imaginary friend'. I think it was their plan to drive him crazy! She's not innocent.

I hoped Michael and Walt were going to blow up in that boat as they motored away. He's a traiter!
And where's vincent?

I predicted Desmond did the plane thing. Cus I'm psychic. Prob, cus I spend too much time on the show.
but it still doesnt explain how they are all connected in the first place.
Desmonds g/f dad is head of that Windmore company.
The company that made Suns preg test. And Fenry's hot air balloon. Innnnteresting!
SAwyer is ruined cus he banged Ana lucia, ick. Kate and Jack would have way cuter babies.
I was all yelling at the TV. WHERE'S SAYID??? SAVE THE DAY! John will live, cus everyone has to blame him for the shit that went down. Plus, I predict he will be unable to walk with the electro magnetic field disabled! He'll become a miserable jerk then!
I also think claire is jacks half sister..jacks dad was in australia looking for her, who else on the island is from there??
Some others think that desmonds woman has a tracking device in that book or on his boat, and she can only see it when the EMfield is disabled...? Her dad is evil though. That's true.

What about the 4 toed statue? Maybe their aliens! Maybe its like planet of the apes and their all in the future?

Ack, someone missed lost? You can watch it for free at!!!! Go go go!

Sarah said...

Mon, I knew I could count on you for this. Awesome! Okay, first off, believe me. I obsess over every detail of this show. EVERY DETAIL. However, for some people that's not how they wish to watch a show so I was directing my "just enjoy the ride" comments to them. I promise. Trust me-I am right there with you!!

OMG the 4-toed statue! How could I forget!? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?

You just blew my mind with your Libby/David theory.

Anonymous said...

This show could not even exist without the supporting websites, podcasts, blogs, etc. It's the only way to pick up on the little hidden gems within each episode. This is the best Lost website I have found. Even if you think you know about all of the interconnections bewteen people, places, and things, you will find things on here that will blow your mind. be prepared to spend like 2 hours reading, though. Check all the tabs, html links, etc. I actually think this website has its own mysteries.

Also, this is my favorite weekly recap article.,11892,3113|102880,00.html

citygirl said...

I heard that Desmond will be a part of the main cast next season. Completely a good thing since I really like the character.

I'm hoping that when Desi blew the hatch it wasn't an explosion in the common sense, but maybe some kind of electromagnetic burst. Otherwise there's no way Ecko and John will get out of that alive.

Ok, did anyone else notice how the two guys looking for the em stuff for Pen were in a really cold, snowy area? It seems odd to me that in Antarctica or Siberia or where ever that they'd be in the best place to pick up on electormagnetic anamolies in the tropics. My thought is that the losties aren't really on a hidden island, but in a giant biosphere type enviornment in the middle of that frozen tundra somewhere. Remember the polar bear sighting? Maybe that wasn't just because of Walt's comic book. And what about the fact that this supposedly tropical landscape has no massive tropical bugs or insects?

Just a thought.

Johnny Virgil said...

dammit. The Dish DVR actually SAYS 9-11, but only recorded an hour and seven minutes. Piece of shit.

~The Goofy Ass Chick said...

I agree with just about everything and I'm a LOST board whore and troll the differnet theories on the other sites available. But the one question that pops out in my mind right now is why Charlie didn't do a freaking thing about Mr. Echo and Locke being still in the hatch!!! I mean come on! I don't care if Charlie was pissed at them or not. They are still living on the island together and you'd think he'd show an ounce of concern for the two. But nooooo. He's too busy getting all kissy faced with Claire. Am I glad they made up? Absolutely! But he needed to go back and find my Locke! :-)

Oh, and I totally noticed that Jack was the only one w/out his shirt off. Maybe he's got some gut action he's hiding.

russ said...

I hear Jack's pregnant.

I like the David/Dave thang... good love there.

No way there's a tracking device -- the electromagnetic anomalies happen when the EM field in the hatch get bigger, not go away. But she may find them anyway.

Biggest new mysteries:
4 toes, and birds that say Hurley. What's up with that schnitt? Crazy intriguing.

Lostpedia is interesting, but allows a lot of half baked, crack pot, and unobservant speculation. Basically, take it with a grain of salt. O, and I edited a page there Wednesday night, too. I'm a d0rk, don't go doubting my devotion OK Sarah-iously. I'm just getting burned out on the extra work, and am settling into the '"enjoy the ride" mentality.

My prediction is Eko and Locke alive (that's a guarantee), but I think they have to kill off Desmond. If he's part of the cast, I guess I'm wrong, but narrative-wise it'd prolly work best to get rid of him.

BTW, Penny's dad is Caleb from the OC... obviously he's evil. I like Fenry's prominence w/ the Others, but I'm not convinced he's The Man there, the "genius" he spoke of.

Lastly, it was freaky how Charlie was acting after returning from the hatch -- way too glib. Something is up there, and I thought the kiss was kind of icky because of it.

russ said...

O, and I'm super-excited that Harold won Top Chef (that's a spoiler, sorry) -- but man hav ethey been overly-harsh on Tiffany or what? Geez, she's not satanic.