Monday, May 15, 2006

Don't bother reading this if you don't watch Grey's

So...I'm irritated. Everything about last night's Grey's was so awesome...except for the main storyline with Izzie and Denny. As I watched, I was finding myself more and more annoyed because that story was absolutely ridiculous. I am aware that most of what happens on Grey's isn't exactly based in reality. I mean it is a television show which means there's dramatic license in everything they do, however, last night's story with Izzie and Denny was so absurd, it took me out of the show. And I am irritated.

1. Everyone knows my hatred of this story anyways because it's just so inappropriate. She should've been pulled off his case weeks ago. And if they wanted to be the least bit realistic, she would've been.
2. This girl who everyone knows is way too close to her patient goes into his room and shuts all the blinds for who knows how long and nobody goes in to check on her? What?
3. She's completely insane. She's lost her mind. She goes from a relatively rational human being to batshit crazy in 5 minutes time.
4. Suddenly she's in love with Denny. They show them flirting and hanging out with a little bit of chemistry and suddenly we're supposed to believe she loves him so much she would go off the deep end and risk her entire career for him? What?
5. George just stands there making no attempt to stop his friend from ruining her life. Let's get it moving, George!

I just hate this storyline. It's so gross. The rest of the show was great (Burke is shot!?!? Derek and Meredith!?!?). But it's time for Denny to go now. Sorry, Denny, but you are effing up my show.

P.S. I have mixed feelings about Callie. She's cute, and she loves George. But she lives in the hospital, and she went into the bathroom in her underwear and peed in front of people she didn't know. She's weird. I do feel bad for her because the female interns aren't nice to her-especially Izzie who used to be the sweetest girl on he show, and now she's a crazy bitch. Also she poors her heart out to George and tells him she loves him, and as soon as Izzie comes running he takes off. Not cool, George! I did like the moment where Callie helped Meredith out about the dog. That was sweet. Overall I think she's getting a raw deal. But seriously she is really weird.


Mon said...

The show is almost over. What ever will we do on Sundays?? I hope Denny dies! It'll teach Izzy a lesson, and you know Dr. Karev will feel like crap for being so mean to her, and they'll get back together in the linen closet! I cant wait for the sheperds to get divorced already!
I think the deal with Callie is to show us how close 'the group' is, and make you love George more for being so you can hate it more when meredith and derek hook up again, and George gets heartbroken.
phew! what a mouthful!

slcup said...

Crazy, I wrote nearly the same thing!

Oh, that girl. said...

I have to say that I would totally pee topless infront of GIRLS I don't know. It wouldn't bother me, but I am just weird. I HATED THE WHOLE STORY WITH IZZIE!!! Hated it. What the hell. That is not izzie. And I liked their relationship, but not now.

russ said...

I totally read that even tho I don't watch Grey's.

You are not the boss of me.

Sassy Blondie said...

AMEN! Denny has got to go, and at this point, he can take crazy shitbag Izzie with him. WTF? They wasted time on that story, and when the obnoxious manager was talking out of his ass the whole show, you knew he was going to bite it. And the forced irony that Dr. Burke is the only person who can clean up the mess Izzie made with her so-called friends watching, and then Burke's lying in a pool of his own blood? Pissing ME OFF already!

Can't wait for tonight least we know the cliff hangers are:
1. Dr. Burke: will he live or die? If he lives, will he be functional mentally, physically, and spiritually?

2. Denny and Izzie: Will she be the reason he dies? Will she be arrested for murder? If he somehow (blegh) survives, will she get arrested for attempted murder? Will she lose her career?

3. The Drs. Shepherd: Will they have it out? Will McDreamy finally tell her that he is still in love with Meredith? Will he tell Meredith?

4. Meredith and McVet: Will she tell him that she is still in love with McDreamy? Will the dog live long enough to bring Meredith and McDreamy together?

These are the questions....
Okay, I'll seriously shut up now...

citygirl said...

I find myself pulled into the Denny/Izzie story because it's so damn unrealistic. I always think, "what dumbass shit will she get away with next?" But, that last scene with Burke was amazing. It even shocked my boyfriend, and he's never shocked by non-sci-fi shows.

mckay said...
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mckay said...

burke won't die, cuz you shouldn't go to sleep angry.

denny will die because he signed the DNR. i like denny, but the plot is getting a bit thick. it's nice to see a manly man instead of all the pretty boys...even if he is a crip in a bed.

izzy is put on paperwork and probation. she thinks about becoming a nun in calcutta.

merideth takes a spa day and actually brushes her hair. it all falls out and we find out she has yul brenner's disease.

actually we find out that calli accidentally mixed up the dog's flea powder and mer's hair care product (as if), which causes a huge allergic reaction and her hair falls out in bunches.

george freaks out over calli's mistake and knocks her over (hard to do, i know) while reaching for the phone. calli thinks he hit her on purpose and she sues for sexual harassment.