Monday, May 22, 2006

This town is my town

Dear Cavs,
You have nothing to be ashamed of. You were never supposed to make it to game 7. Everyone said you would get completely swept. But you exceeded everyone's expectations because you are AWESOME!!! Being a fan of Cleveland sports isn't always easy, but it is easy supporting a team full of such likeable underdogs. Guys who just want to play basketball and are out there enjoying themselves even when the chips are down. Thanks for a great season and for making the past few weeks so exciting. I believe!!!

Dear LeBron,
I'm sorry the rest of the team didn't really show up yesterday, but it's a testament to your enormous talent that you were able to single-handedly keep it as close as it was for as long as it was. You are good and talented and unselfish and even-keeled and classy and really, really hot. Please don't leave us. Oh and if you need consoling after yesterday's loss, CALL ME.

Dear refs from yesterday's game,
I hope you are able to sleep at night after stealing the game from the Cavs and stripping yourself of your integrity. Cheaters.

Dear TV network that showed the Cavs game,
Was it completely necessary before the game to play a montage of all the completely heartbreaking moments in Cleveland sports history? Oh and was it even more necessary to replay it during the game when it became apparent we were going to lose? Way to kick us when we're down. Like I really needed to see Byner's fumble again. Assholes.

Dear Miami Heat,
Kick some Piston ass. And please do something bad to Rasheed Wallace. Love, your new fan

I received this email from Sudha after the Cavs won last Wednesday:

Michael Stanley just sent me the below e-mail:

"Tonight we're gonna take no prisoners, this time we're gonna live our dream.
Tonight the orange and blue delivers. Hard working town, hard working team...
Whoa, tonight we're gonna take it.
And the Cavs are gonna make it.
Get behind the orange and blue--with all your mi-ight!
CAVS! Cavs basketball, tonight's the night.
Whoaa Whoaaa...c'mon Cavs!!!!!"

I am a f*cking witness!!!!

Amen, Sudha. Amen.

P.S. For those who don't know, that is the Cavs song that Michael Stanley wrote back in the 80's. How Sudha remembers it, I have no idea. But it's awesome.


Mon said...

I've personally found that no one outside of Cleveland knows Michael Stanley. Who? huh?
I heart him. I pay to see him sing. Thank god for the man, who put the white lines on the highway...
And that's cruel, I thought you really got an email from him. Tease.

Anonymous said...

You make me smile. -Steph

Johnny Virgil said...

this post made no sense to me.

russ said...

That is not OK, Virgil.

Where the hell are you from?

Christian said...

Did Michael Stanley write "Power Windows"? If he did, that guy used to be in The Way. Anyway, watching from Phoenix, my heart went out to all my Cleveland friends each time they rolled that montage of the trip down "Almost Lane" as I like to call it. If Cleveland has a curse, it is the curse of almost. The City of Almost. LeBron needs to do something about that.

Go Suns!