Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Aunt Nancy rules

Sunday night I received a phone call. It was Steph. Immediately she was saying something like this:

Steph: Okay so I'm at my aunt's house, and I just want to preface what's about to happen by saying I'm sorry and by saying that I was really vulnerable.

At this point I was thinking-yeah she totally just slept with one of our friends, and I cannot wait to find out who it is.

Then her Aunt Nancy got on the phone and explained to me that they were selling someone's condo (not sure whose) and that they were getting rid of stuff. Nancy gave Steph a signed and framed picture of John F. Kennedy. At this point, Steph's entire system broke down. I'm not sure I can explain in words how much this picture actually means to her. But it set her up to being accepting of whatever Nancy was going to throw her way next.

With Steph's defenses down, Nancy, being totally effing awesome, somehow shoved a 6 foot fake tree into Steph's car without any protest from Steph. In case you don't know where I'm going with this, let me introduce you to our new holiday tree:

Yes! The holiday tree lives on!!! Whether or not Steph lets us continue this tradition in her new apartment remains to be seen, but if she doesn't you all know who to blame for ruining the lives of millions of people around the globe.

Thank you, Aunt Nancy, for doing your part to save this important tradition. And for singlehandedly stuffing that tree into Steph's car:

I received that picture on my cell phone. Also I received this on my cell phone from Drew:

This is in no way related to the holiday tree, but I have an urge to decorate it with paper penises.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, how could I not let the Holiday Tree tradition not continue? My life will not be complete unless I can see the Holiday Tree on your blog. This tree will be totally awesome and it even has lights. My only question long will it be before Steph breaks the top of this tree and has to tie it to her curtains. And you are right, her defenses were completely shot once she got the picture. That is the trick to getting Steph to agree to anything! Glad you like the tree.
Aunt N

Oh, that girl. said...

Nice hair!

Mon said...

Is it bad, that I think that tree is freaking awesome, and have a real, live, dead ficus that is just sticks at my house? I refuse to throw it away. It's gonna pull through. I am jealous of the hoiday tree. *sigh*
OMG I had that hair do. When I was 10 ummmm... 20 years ago.

Diane said...

oh my god! I'm so excited about this new tree! I already have decorating ideas for it.

Sarah, I'll make the paper penises.

Anonymous said...

The tree lives on. I've decided I'm nowhere near ready to grow up...we'll keep the holiday tree going, but new rule, only one penis per season (got it diane!)

I also cannot believe my aunt singlehandedly shoved that puppy in the SUV, while I stood by hugging the picture to my chest, smiling in a dopey trance. She is awful. I see where I get it.

And why is it, whenever I do something, Drew has to out do me. I send you an awesome picture of a tree jammed into my car and Drew sends you an even more awesome picture of the girl he is leaving Diane for. Drew you win. -Steph

Gordon said...

I think the cell phone-picture thing is starting to get immensly out of hand. That being said, it's still amazing. Does anyone still have a picture that I took on Steph's phone of the girl who wore lipstick outside her lips? That needs to be posted!

Moeshkie Weighs In said...

Sweet mullet!

Kukka-Maria said...

Ah...the classic bouffant mullet seen in Walmarts and dollar stores across the globe!

Yea for the new Holiday Tree!

Matthew said...

if I ever find myself in ohio, I am making a pilgramage to aunt nancy's to kiss her feet and wallow in her greatness. this proves to me that the greater good is in fact guided by the hand of a supreme this case, aunt nancy.

sarah and co. please dont let me down, i think a part of me died when you told me that the holiday tree would be no longer