Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Go vote today. They give you stickers.

- Someone got to my blog the other day by searching on "pooping my pants"

- So how severe do you think my punishment would be if, hypothetically, it was discovered I was watching TV shows on the Internet at work? Hypothetically. Nothing about this question is based in reality or should suggest to you that this is an activity I partake in in any way. I'm just asking, out of curiosity, what would happen if my boss caught me watching online episodes of The Office or Jericho. Hmm? [Insert nervous laughter here]

- So Bob Barker is finally retiring. I think he has to or else CBS risks him dying on live television. I notice that his birthday is very close to mine. We are turning roughly the same age this year.

- There's a new girl who sits in the cube in front of me at work. I walked in this morning giving off the "don't effing talk to me" vibe as usual, and I was setting up my laptop when her head popped over the wall, and she said in a loud upbeat voice, "Hello! Good morning!! My name's Linda!*" Holy crap, Linda. Do you not know what time it is. Nobody is supposed to talk to me until after, like, lunch. Especially when they are cheerful like you. Didn't you see me ignore G when he said hi to me? And he is my own co-worker. Oh well. She's new. She didn't know, you guys. She seems really, really nice. It's too bad I'll have to destroy her.

- Does it make me a bad citizen if I went to vote today and there were about 35 things on the ballot and I voted on, like, 8? If I don't know who someone is or what something's about, I just don't vote on it. I really wish I could write in my own choices for those ones:

  • Yes
  • No
  • WTF

*Not her real name.


Johnny Virgil said...

I would say the phrase "up to or including termination" has a nice ring to it.

Sarah said...

Haha. Awesome. I don't actually watch TV on the Internet at work (I promise, Mom and Dad). I just daydream about it. Constantly.

CruiserMel said...

Okay, I feel gyped. (jyped? jipped? WTF, you know what I'm saying.) Anyway - there were stickers no where in sight today where I voted. F'n A. Is this what they call disenfranchised?

Beth said...

I got my little sticker!!

just go ahead and take out Linda now....better yet, don't...cuz I see some really good posts about her in the future!

russ said...

When I went ot bed last night at like 11:30, supposedly the "Republican firewall" was holding in the Senate. WhateverTF that is. Now, Conrad "Smoke Jumpers are lazy" Burns and George "Macaque" Allen are trailing in recounts... and Jim "I want Alex P. Keaton to suffer and die" Talent took a header. Too bad about Harold "Chicks and Football" Ford, tho...


Not like that much can change (and frankly, I wish Pelosi et al would calm down with the "America voted for change" rhetoric -- it was nearly 50/50 everywhere and I remember how pissed I was in 200 when King George talked about his "mandate") with split government, but it was pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

russ! it's like christmas morning! enjoy the democratic "mandate" for a couple of hours then you can apologize for the pathetic state of political affairs. but come on man, gloat a little. I feel like i was a very good girl and santa gave me everything I ever hoped for. he turned Ohio blue! yay! happy holidays! -steph

Anonymous said...

Hey good thing you watch The Office - Jim has given you some great ideas on how to have fun with Linda. I see some office supplies in jello in her future.