Thursday, November 09, 2006

February? Seriously!?

*Don't read if you didn't watch Lost last night.*

Lost was amazing and infuriating last night. I just cannot deal with Kate and Sawyer. I really can't. Did you see Jack's face when they brought Kate in to see him? Did you see it!? He was so happy. He loves her. That exchange between them was so lovely. When she asked him how he was doing and he smiled and said, "I'm great." and it was so obvious that the words that he wanted to say next but didn't were "Now that you're here". I was a puddle of goo.

Oh man then his face when he saw her and Sawyer together. I could hear his heart breaking through the television. And he decided to do the surgery-just for her. And now he's threatening to kill BenHenry-for her. I mean there is no way The Others will let him go after this. Even if he saves BenHenry, the fact that he pulled this stunt has pretty much sealed his fate with them, and he knows that. But he's still doing it. It's all for Kate. Oh my God he's so in love with her I can't stand it. Damn you, Kate! Damn you, Lost writers!

Best Boo-ya Moment of 2006:
Jack tells BenHenry he won't do the surgery.

BenHenry: Well, Jack, I'm disappointed in your decision.
Jack: Well, Ben, at least you won't have to be disappointed for long.

Oh no he didn't! Awesome.

I don't think I can wait until February. Seriously.


R2K said...

: )

Mon said...

i'm trying to pretend like Lost doesn't exist since its 16 weeks away. And their bribing us to watch daybreak for previews. Well, it is working.

It's obvious what will happen. Jack said "I need to get off this island." Benrys evil mind said "done!" Sure, cus um, their not on the same island as the other Losties. Idiot!!!! Then Benry can say "I kept my word". That's if he makes it. he seemed perfectly ok with the fact that he might die.

Anonymous said...

I guess suspense is just not what it used to be. Even the actors seem bored.

-Sufferer of the Season 3 blah's

Carly said...

I'm just pissed because in the previews they clearedly showed Saywer running with Kate. I mean, it's not like they would kill him off anyway but geeeez.

Nessa Mulheren said...

Mom - my husband totally got that out of it too, and we both screamed and screamed. Did you see the look on Juliette's face when he nicked the liver and then punched that other...other? It was amazing.

Sarah - I feel just as betrayed as you do. Not only did they kill my beloved Eko, but now they've ruined the purity of Jack's love for Kate. The writers just took a steaming dump on poor Jack's heart. It's fucking unforgivable, is what it is.

russ said...

Man! Kate n Sawyer? It's no good, no good I tell you. However, I'm wondering what lesson we're supposed to be taking from the flashback -- remember that Kate broke into a bank just for a trinket from one love, then (I think it was then?) she marries a dude but has to leave him cuz she's not domestic. It cold be an explanation of why she likes the drifter, but I think it just shows she loves a lot of dudes. I think she still loves Jack.

She better.

I also have a bit of Season 3 blahs, and right now my biggest hope is that when they do get cancelled, they can do a special or a movie or something so they wrap the story up a bit.

Also, I don't think they'll resort to semantic dishonesty to eff Jack over, he would've been over-effed anyway.

Lastly, who is Jacob, yo? Where is his list? Who, who?!

Nessa Mulheren said...

Dude, I thought Jacob was the guy who infiltrated the tailies - and when the plane crashed from the Other's perspective you saw Ben tell Jacob, "go etc etc, and I want a list within 24 hours" or something like that.

Also Ben talked about a list of 'good people' that are supposedly the ones they abduct when he was messing with Locke's head.

Sarah said...

The guy who infiltrated the tailies was Goodwin. I'm not sure who Jacob is. Also-who is eye patch guy we saw a couple episodes ago? Dammit I need answers.

And Russ, yes Kate loves every man. Seriously. So maybe there is still hope. But at the end she says she won't leave without Jack. The writers better not be teasing with me. Cuz that's just mean.

matt said...

Sarah, she said, "I won't leave without you." She was talking to Jack on the walkie talkie, but looking at Sawyer. Which did she mean?

Sarah said...

Matt, why are you ruining this for me. When I first saw it I thought she was saying it to Sawyer, but I watched it again last night (obviously), and I think she was saying it to Jack. Or more accurately, I am DECIDING that she was saying it to Jack because I refuse to accept her and Sawyer together.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Sarah, she'll be having sexitime with Jack soon enough, and then back to Sawyer just to keep him interested and then a third person to make them both jealous. It's a Dawson's Creek redux island-style.

Oh, and I never needed to hear Sawyer say "I love you, too". Hey, writers, why don't you just cut his nuts off in the next episode. Have I mentioned how much I think the love triangle stuff blows? Am I the only person who misses the mysteries of the island and the intersection of character backstories?

russ said...

She must've said it to Jack -- there is no reason she would be leaving without Sawyer.

My thing is that missing time from when Kate had breakfast to being cage-ified, they messed with Kate (that's what all the crying when asked what had been done to her was about). The reason she can't leave without Jack is not love, but something they did to her -- like the pacemaker thing or whatnot. Or maybe she really loves Jack and the whole Sawyer thing was due to what happened in that time.

I dunno. Just speculating. Kate and Sawyer in love = wussy Sawyer and less badass Kate.


russ said...


Johnny Virgil said...

Evangeline cleaned up nice,didn't she? Although I have to admit that I kinda like the dirty sweaty version too. Hell, I'd even put up with her fish biscuit breath.

And what the hell is a kidney sac?

Anonymous said...


You forgot to do a post for "The Office" this week.

Future Sarah

Adam said...

Didn't Past Sarah actually write that?

Nessa Mulheren said...

bwa ha ha ha!