Friday, November 17, 2006

Thursday shows

*Disclaimer: Don't read if you haven't watched the shows last night.*

The Office
Dammit. Dammit dammit dammit. I was so sad last night with the Pam and Jim stuff. She was so excited he was back and was expecting to slip back into the same routine, and he was so uncomfortable and it was so awkward and oh my God it was awful. At the end he told her he was seeing someone-is that true? I didn't realize he and Karen were an item. Was he just saying that? Then when she said, "That's great. We're friends. We'll always be friends." his reaction was weird. I'm not sure what he expected her to say after he told her he was with someone else. It was just so realistic and so horrible. Sarah is sad.

However, the scenes with Andy and Dwight were more than I could have ever wanted. I knew they would either become best friends or enemies, and I was hoping for enemies. Holy crap-genius. Genius!!! And I love the fact that Michael loves Andy. When Jim saw them being friends he gave the camera a look like, "Seems about right." I don't think I can talk about the Night at the Roxbury scene without soiling my underpants so I'll just say that it was one of the best things I've seen on television ever. Um also...World's Best Dad.

I thought Grey's was excellent last night. Poor Meredith's mother. Getting left by the same man all over again. Did you see Meredith's face when the chief told her he couldn't go see her mother anymore. I kept thinking that she must be absolutely furious and terrified to have to tell her and sad for her and yet this guy's her boss so what can she say to him.

The stuff with George's dad was just so incredibly sad. Every time George was on screen last night I was in tears. When he was trying to tell his dad that he had cancer but couldn't do it so he looked at Christina and just silently pleaded with her to tell him, it was too much for me. Heartwrenching. And of course I was crying when Christina told George's dad that he was the best intern and a great man. Which is totally true and one of the reasons I still love this show: at the beginning of the series George is nervous and insecure in his abilities, but throughout the show he is slowly becoming an absolutely wonderful and confident doctor. It's fantastic.

The scenes with Izzie and Alex were great. It's nice to see Izzie have fun again and Alex be human. And he didn't turn into a jerk when she told him she couldn't be with him right now. Okay really she said she couldn't be with him. I added the "right now" as wishful thinking. My point is, he didn't turn into an ahole when he got rejected which is, I think, how Alex normally would have reacted. Instead he understood and he made it okay and safe for her to still count on him as a friend. Our babies are growing up, you guys. Next week looks totally intense. If that scene where blood explodes all over Christina is George's dad I will lose my mind.

My Name is Earl
Okay so not everyone watches this show, and I didn't see last night's episode yet, but I just have to mention that last week I think I saw what I thought was one of the funniest lines on television. Earl is showing his brother Randy this mixed CD that a girl made for him, and he's complaining that it sends mixed messages about how she feels about him.

Earl: "I can't tell what it is she's trying to say here."
Randy: "I know-George Michael with Tom Petty? I mean are we partying or just hanging out?"

Maybe you had to see it, but pop literally came out of my nose. And Russ, the Mr. Roboto and Time After Time scenes were absolutely hysterical. I am loving this show more and more every week.


russ said...

*Disclaimer: Don't read if you haven't watched Earl last night.*

Yeah -- last night was surprisingly not too funny... I'm not sure if it was Christian Slater, the not-really-funny sight gag of the claymation, or the idea that Earl and buddies don't smoke dope and would get into recycling. :(

O well, Office and 30 Rock made up for it. When they bring Scrubs back into that mix, it'll be actual must-see Tv for me. I never wathed Seinfeld or Friends much and Frazier, ugh. I'm not sure how long this quirky and witty line-up can last but I'll ride it while I can.

slcup said...

Pam and Jim broke my heart. Too real.

I'm capable of pulling my thoughts about GA together yet. Maybe I'll be able to later over at The Blog. What I do know is that I cried at GA last night like I haven't cried at GA in a while. Great episode.

CruiserMel said...

OMG, I actually couldn't wait to see your comments on Grey's last night. Seriously, this is how I woke up this morning: "I wonder what light she'll shed on ALL that went on in Grey's. Where the F is my computer?"

How do they pack so much stuff into one little hour?

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what the hell happened to Izzy's $8 million check? Is it still hanging on the refrigerator?
Aunt N

danielle said...

i felt the exact same way when jim and pam had that awful end exchange. wtf was he expecting out of that disclosure? so real, which is amazing in itself.

danielle said...

oh, and mcdreamy bathtub. good lord. how awesome is callie with george's family?

russ said...

"wtf was he expecting out of that disclosure"

I'm sure he didn't quite know -- half hoping it would clear the air to be friends, half hoping it would miraculously lead to them being together.

In the end it's good that it got out there, the more cards on the table the easier it is to get on with being friends or figure out how they could be more.

As a writing device, it now means that he's hurt her a bit so if they were to get back togehter they'll be on more equal footing.

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

The Office just keeps getting better.

I think it has a good chance of going 6 seasons before jumping the shark. Because eventually it will. They always do.

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