Friday, December 15, 2006

The Office, you complete me. No seriously you do.

If you haven't accepted the fact that The Office is the best show on television, find someone who Tivoed last night's episode and watch it. It was effing fantastic. I want to write down highlights, but that means I have to write down the whole episode. Dammit. I have to do it. Okay don't read this if you didn't see it:

- Dwight with the dead goose was amazing, but even more amazing was when Phyllis said, "I mean is it so crazy to cook this up?" and Creed nodded and said, "That's crazy. That's crazy." all matter of factly.

- Michael singing "Two Tickets to Paradise"

- Creed takes a toy from the Toys for Tots box. Holy crap that guy is so insane. His character gets like one or two lines an episode, and they are always the funniest lines ever.

- I really cannot deal with how wonderfully amazing the Andy vs. Dwight storyline is. Could they find two better actors/characters to have a rivalry? It's so pointless and ridiculous and funny as hell. Honestly introducing Andy into this show has made me fall in love with it all over again.

- Holy crap Michael photoshopping his face onto Carol's ex-husband. So creepy. So painfully funny. And then when he comes out and cancels Christmas. "Jim, take New Year's away from Stanley." Oh my God. I was in tears. Plus he was wearing his robe.

- Hands down the most laugh out loud moment, for me anyway, was when Toby who is so miserable with his life was actually excited about the Dundler Mifflin robe and Dwight came and ripped it out of his hands and he squeaked out a meek, "Why?". I almost choked to death from laughing so hard.

- Jim declaring himself a committee who decides the validity of other committees. When Dwight tried to yell at him he said, "Can you please keep it down? I'm in session." Seriously he is so perfect in every way. It actually hurts me.

- I could watch Michael cry all day long. Who cries like that? It's so terrific. Plus he is totally the type of guy that would say "Bros before hos". Then through tears he said, "Not yo ho no mo." Even when he's sad he never stops being an ass.

- Angela is such a bitch but in the best way ever. Best line: when she was talking about how she is good at standing her ground and being mean and she brings up how she hasn't talked to her sister in 16 years and she goes, "So yeah...I'm good."

- I couldn't believe it when Darryl, the warehouse guy who I absolutely love, said he would go down and get his synthesizer. 1 - a synthesizer. 2 - why does he have it at work?? Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

- Kevin in a robe singing Alanis Morissette. Yes.

- Michael and Andy singing John Mayer

- Michael not being able to tell those girls apart. When he marked her arm, my head basically exploded. That is genius writing.

- I loved the Jim and Michael talk on the couch. It was so nice and real and basically Jim was talking about Pam and that is awesome.

- Pam is so nice. She did so many nice things for a lot of people on last night's episode. I loved it. Plus her and Karen getting along makes sense. Jim's panicky faces were great.

- Oscar's back! He had one line when he walked in at the end to Angela singing "The Little Drummer Boy" and he said, "Too soon." But it was a great effing line.

I can't go on or else I will be writing a transcript of the show. Honestly. This was top notch work, Office writers. I am watching it again tonight.


sharda said...

'goodbye my lover' -- brilliant.

Your fan Marianne said...

Thanks for making my morning brighter by reminding me of all the wonder that happened 12 hours ago.

Best show ever.

Anonymous said...

Harold Ramis saves The Office party. I wish he could direct every episode.

Anonymous said...

i txted you at the part where they were singing john mayer. i couldn't believe my eyes when michael was listening to 30seconds of 'goodbye..' over and over and over because he just needed to taste it. dwight detailing how to slaughter a goose at benihana's, kevin with the brownie scale, stanley going to the right party, permission denied. greatest episode so far. they all need to be an hour long.

Anonymous said...

OMG you forgot the following:

The drinker chick drinking straight vodka and having the glass permanently attached to her face.

"We belong. We belong. We belong together. Ryann."

Mission aborted. Destroy phone immediately.

Michael singing to the one chick and then the other walks up and stnads next to her and you see the look of WTF - which one is mine cross his face while he's singing Your Body is a Wonderland.

You're right - too much to handle. Can't include it all - way too good. I'm with you - I'm going to watch it again this weekend and bask in its hilarity.

Carly said...

don't forget Toby stroking Kevin's shoulder wistfully, (K's wearing his robe) and Kevin looks at the camera with a reaction shot....

or Ryan's list of excuses on his blackberry (get your head in the game Jim, welcome back... or whatever he said... it was great)

I was half wondering which DM employee might snap up those Sandals ALL INCLUSIVE tickets and go... Dwangela? Jim & K? Pam & Roy?? Looks like maybe Jan is back!!

PS: Andy reminds me of John every time I see him. Is it just me? It's a vague physical resemblance plus the "will say anything at all" factor

Hugh Janus said...

Here's two exchanges from last night's episode that scratched me where I itched.

In the dead goose scene:

Dwight: We Shrutes use every part of the goose....yada yada...
Plus you can use the molten goose grease and save it in the refrigerator, thus saving you a trip to the store for a can of expensive goose grease.

Jim: Wow. Win. Win.


In the scene where the two separate party committees are putting up their flyers and Kelly and Kevin come over to check it out.

Kelly: Hey, a margarita/karaoke party, that sounds like fun.

Angela: There's only one party...and it starts at 3 o'clock.

Kevin: Then why are there two flyers?

Karen: I understand that this is confusing for everyone, let me explain. There's a party that starts at 3 o'clock and a way more fun party that starts at 2:45.

Pam: Right, and if you're interested in the way more fun party, all the info can be found here on our more brightly colored flyer.

At this point Angela tears down their flyer and vice versa and they all take off before anyone read the details.

Kevin: (camera pans to Kevin and in a disappointed tone) I didn't see where it was.

Honorable mention is when Toby enters the break room and says "Hey Kev" and gives him a pat on the back and then lingers a bit too long fondling Kevin's robe. The camera pans out and Kevin glances uncomfortably at the camera. Priceless. No dialogue necessary.

Hugh Janus said...

carly on the money with Andy reminding me of prunty. I think it every time I see Andy.

Sorry prunty, you apparently look like Ed Helms.

AG said...

It does get better each episode! It is totally insane. And yes, when Jim made that statement about rebounding I almost started to cry when he and I shared an "aha!" moment. I am so nutty about this show that I secretly think they are my friends. OK, so I work alone and have made them my fake office mates. I'm not hurting anyone.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm....Pam's christmas gift to Jim being her months of sending letters to Dwight fromthe CIA....priceless. Plus when they decide he should be picked up by helicopter and he's on the roof waiting! HILARIOUS!!!

Johnny Virgil said...

I am reading this on the runway. That's how much I love you.

KP said...

Yep. This episode shall never be erased off my DVR. Never.

"Why did I give her my bike"?

Hey...I wonder who agreed to go on the Sandals trip with him on the phone?

Johnny Virgil said...

crap. I got home too late friday night to see it.

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Awesome summary, it was like watching it all over again.

I liked the battle of the party planning commitees, and Dwight fighting with the cook about which knife brand was "better".

The only downside is now I want an hour episode every week.

Anonymous said...

ahhh. I missed it@!! Is it on youtube yet???

AG said...

AG said...

Oh and they are going to air it again!

Special Time 9/8c

An encore presentation of a very special one hour Christmas episode!

Tigerlily said...

Um, totally caught it last night, BRILLIANT! I can't believe he photoshopped himself into Carol's old christmas card.

You just keep getting more hilarious-er.