Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Jim Gaffigan gets wasted on "My Boys" next week

In the spirit of Christmas I just want to say to everyone in Cleveland: you are all jackass drivers. Especially at the mall. That's sincere from me to you. Merry Christmas.

Okay, Cleveland, I'm getting pretty sick of us getting mentioned on national TV for being really stupid. We are a great city (except for our driving), but no one will ever know how great we are unless we stop getting made fun of on Comedy Central. First the Carl Monday fiasco on The Daily Show and then last night we get mentioned on The Colbert Report for this. Okay first of all I just want to point out that originally that display was in Oberlin which, if you are from Cleveland you know is not considered part of Cleveland. It's considered Oberlin. Which is where all the freaks are. Oh I mean artists. (I'm sorry, Oberlin. I'm just kidding.) But now it sounds like this guy has moved it closer to Cleveland. The town it's in now is technically considered a suburb, but it is waaay out west so it's like barely a suburb. Seriously, let's all stop being assholes. I'm sick of getting made fun of on shows I really like.

Christmas card update: Notable quotes
1. Danielle wrote "You're a giant hor" in my Christmas card, but it still made me feel all warm and fuzzy.
2. My coworker, G, left out a word in his message and ended up writing "It is truly a pleasure working you, Sarah." Whoa, G! That just became a whole different kind of card.


Sgt said...

Only a true friend could write "your a giant hor" on a Christmas card. A truer friend indeed, who appreciates the sentimental value of the words.

I'm a little verklempt right now...
Talk amongst yourselves...

slcup said...

So excited for next week's "My Boys". This show is awesome, consistently funny and so true to life when the majority of your friends are male.

Golightly said...

I am so excited for next week as well!!
Jim does not have enough lines or screen time in My Boys. They need to get rid of the Black Girly Girl and put in more Jim!

danielle said...

ok yes. lots of good things to touch here. ooh, i forgot to put 'on' in that last bit. i meant to write 'touch on', not that i want to touch you, like G 'works you'. you should've told us that you guys are doing it in those printer alcoves.

-gaffigan drunk - (no words)
-nazi cookies - wtf oberlin
-totally lose PJs girl friend. agreed

John said...

It is nice working you. Also thank you for always being there when I get screwed. Your a good one.
You're frend,