Friday, December 14, 2007

Send help

Somebody please tell me why for the last three nights I have watched "The Nanny" on fucking Lifetime television. Do I hate myself that much? Or am I just that lazy that once "Golden Girls" is over, I can't be bothered to change the channel? How did that show ever get greenlighted in the first place? And if you ever end up in the seventh circle of hell and have to watch it, pay attention to Fran Drescher. She is so obviously looking at cue cards.

On a happier note my lovely, adorable, charming Lee Pace and his perfect show "Pushing Daisies" got nominated for Golden Globes. If they don't win, I will strike. I mean that seems like it works pretty well seeing as the writer's strike has only been going on for over a month, and all it's managed to accomplish is ruining my life. Okay that may be a slight overreaction. But not really.

P.S. I just got to work like 20 minutes ago. New job=awesome.


Orhan Kahn said...

I used to love The Nanny. Used to.. now I can't watch a sitcom with a laugh track or live audience. I think Fraiser and Sienfeld are the only breed of live-LOL shows I could watch since I would most probably be laughing if I was in the audience watching it for the first time. But The Nanny? Plaa-ease!

Mon said...

I'm also a fan of pushing daisies! It's a cute concept! And I love the colors in the show, theyre so vibrant. Did I just say that? I am 32 now you know.

CruiserMel said...

I'm notsomuch into the Nanny show - but did love her in Spinal Tap. That tv show of her's really does send one to hell, doesn't it?

Now, the Golden Girls, that's some great television. I am currently using Blanche as my ideal goal. It would rock my world to be her age and still getting my nasty-on like her. Oh, did I say that out loud?