Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I am not smart

I have been trying to post for two hours now so I'm starting off small and will post my New Year's story later today if this works. In the meantime:

The most recent places I have burned myself with my hair straightener:

1. Left ear
2. Right ear
3. Left temple
4. Top of left hand
5. Left shoulder

I actually did this, and I still don't know how those last two are possible. My shoulder looks really bad, too. Is there no end to the dumb shit I will do? Apparently not because also last night at the grocery when I was putting something onto the bottom of my cart, I smashed my chin into it. And it hurts.

Being me is hazardous to my health.


russ said...

Maybe curly hair?

The HOR blogger said...

Screw straiteners and SCREW curling irons. Scar inducing bastrads.

Nickel said...

I have a scar on my ankle from where I burnt it with a curling iron 7 years ago(I was 21 but sober at the time). How does one burn their ankle with a curling iron? I don't know either

Orhan Kahn said...


Sarah said...

Nickel-your ankle! OMG that totally trumps my shoulder. Well done-no pun intended.