Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Liveblogging at you from a power outage

1:41 - Awake suddenly on couch. Sit straight up very aware that something is wrong, but not quite sure what. Then realize I am in sea of darkness. Power outage. Panicking! Panicking!

1:44 - Finally able to justify money spent on so many candles over the years. Looks romantic in here-if I had a boyfriend, that is. Without one it looks like the setting of Friday the 13th. OHMYGODIMGONNADIE.

1:46 - Call electric company. Morgan Freeman answers. Ahahaha. That joke only works if you used to watch "The Electric Company". Maybe not even then. Estimated time of power restoration: 3:48AM.

1:48 - Start to gather anything and everything that doesn't require electricity to keep me busy because I am way too freaked out to sleep. Also absolutely cannot sleep when it's this quiet. Supplies gathered:

- iPod
- Blackberry
- Laptop
- Kakuro book
- Weaving loom
- Canning supplies
- Paper and quill pen
- Long dress, apron and bonnet

1:56 - Tip for the future: toilet still works during blackout.

2:03 - Oh my God why didn't I charge my gdamn iPod!?

2:07 - This liveblogging thing is a good way to use up time. But why didn't I charge my gdamn Blackberry!?

2:13 - Thank you John for sending me Minesweeper to put on my laptop 3 years ago. Note: I am awesome at Minesweeper.

2:20 - Holy crap it's quiet in here. Stupid iPod battery.

2:23 - Hey at least it's not 300 mph winds outside so there aren't any creepy noises. Oh wait...

2:31 - Eureka! Portable cd player found-AA batteries on hand. Let us all rejoice.

2:37 - Jack better take his shirt off on Lost Thursday.

2:51 - Literally using all my energy to will my TV on. Please come back to me, baby. You don't really need electricity, do you?

3:00 - More people should be listening to Jump Little Children.

3:03 - This is kind of like Survivor only without having to sleep and pee outside in a jungle. And without the other contestants. And excitement. And annoying host who I think maybe thinks he is more famous than he really is.

3:10 - I'm making myself laugh by mumbling "I'm stuck in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre!". God I miss Friends. It's probably on somewhere in a land with electricity and television.

3:14 - So Josh Duhamel is really gonna marry Fergie, huh? What is it-the peeing herself? Because I will gladly pee my pants in public if it means Josh Duhamel will marry me.

3:17 - Going to attempt to sleep. Will save this as a draft because I am not abandoning this train ride till we're at our destination, baby. Reminder: destination = electricity.

3:33 - Yeah right. Time for Kakuro-my new crack.

3:48 - Well it's 3:48 and no sign of power returning any time soon. I miss my TV.

7:30 - Apparently I finally fell asleep. Check out all this electricity. And by electricity I mean complete darkness because I STILL have no power. Getting ready should be fun. If you see me on the street just ignore the fact that my makeup makes me look like Pennywise (I won't put the pic up here again)and that my hair is frozen in a Medusa-like mess because it's 3 degrees, and I can't blow dry my hair because it's the GODDAMN 1800'S IN HERE!!

Okay I need to calm down. WWLIWD? (What would Laura Ingalls Wilder do?)


Mon said...

Jinkies! (how retro!) Thats a long time w/no power! I'm glad we didn't lose power. I think the fact that my power is always jacked up helped. it's use to flickering, and going off and on at will.

Totally hilarious post though!

ThatGirl7278 said...

Seriously Sarah - you have turned my frown upside down. :)

Sassy Blondie said...

I'm glad you didn't open the closet when you heard that noise..

Krissyface said...

I am inspired to prepare for a blackout now, with candles and batteries and a long dress and bonnet.

Alexa said...

That was a very funny post.