Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yahoo! current top news story headlines + Okay Seriously trying to be funny = no more It clown on top of blog

Grammys get interim deal with writers, hope for cheesy jokes and uncomfortable laughs while award nominees are introduced reignited.

An economy grows around Britney Spears. So does a fungus.

Senate Democrats adding to stimulus-Wiis for everyone!

Asteroid will swing by, but won't stop; it's just "too busy". In related news, the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon.

Researchers seek animal test alternative, decide to test on babies.

Lead linked to aging in older brains so seriously stop eating lead.

Brady gets taped up for Patriots workout. In related news Okay Seriously gets arrested for secretly videotaping Brady getting taped up.

Morrison endorses Obama for president; Okay Seriously immediately assumes this means Van Morrison; "Into the Mystic" still a kick ass song.

No chitchat between Clinton and Obama, just hardcore lovemaking.

At 50, Lego still going strong despite high-tech toy world; At mid-30's, Okay Seriously's male work friends still playing with Legos despite imminent onset of middle age.

Disabled spy satellite threatens Earth, Earth gets restraining order.

Spears has 'mental issues,' friend says. In related news, Spears' friend immediately kicked out of Mensa.

Vegas-style slots arrive in Fla, Okay Seriously already on a plane to Fla.

Making math pay: it killed our father, it should prepare to die.


lengli said...

"In related news, the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon."

Effin' genius. The world needs more Harry Chapin references.

A said...

Also. The world needs more Princess Bride references. Love it.

danni said...

I've been reading for a bit. But not in public, cuz it gets embarassing when I laugh out loud and I'm alone.
Anyway, I've come out of my silent-blog-creeper-dom to agree, the world DOES need more princess bride references!